International Status

International Status


If you are on any kind of International Visa (even if it’s not a student visa), please contact Stacye Fraser Thompson in the UAB ISSS Office to make sure that everything is in order for you to register and take classes at UAB and that you are taking the correct number of hours that your visa allows/requires.  You can reach Stacye by e-mail at or by phone at 205-934-8046.

Deferred Admission Information

If you have changed your plans in any way and do not plan to participate in IEM for the Fall, please let us know ASAP. If you let us know before the seminar starts in August, we can probably defer your admission to the next class. If not, you will likely have to go through the entire admission process again. Contact us here

New Clients Questions About Scholarships

IEM Scholarships


Some of you have already inquired about the admissions scholarships and when you expect to receive those.  You can expect those to post to your student account around September 15.  I will get the letters out soon and they should answer all your questions.

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