Brandon Morgado Alumni Spotlight June 2013

Brandon Morgado Alumni Spotlight June 2013From IEM To Amazon

We know that IEM has clients from all parts of the globe, but we recently caught up with 2011 graduate Brandon Morgado, who is now in Seattle, WA. When Brandon started IEM he lived in Birmingham and worked at Alabama Power as a developer. Following the program he went to work for an IEM Advisory Board member Gary York at a start up called Emergency Callworx. Now he is in Seattle working for Amazon and looking to hire IEM graduates.

IEM: So how did you go from IEM to Amazon?

Brandon: I was working at Alabama Power as a computer engineer/developer when some friends introduced me to the IEM program. I applied and started the program and have to admit that APCO paid for most of my tuition. But, two things happened while I was in the program. The first was Dale really got me thinking about what I wanted to do. I never really thought about it, and what I had thought about was not what I really wanted. Through the contacts in the program I got the job working with Gary, which I really enjoyed. Second, was my church. Church of The Highlands was going to send a team to Seattle to start a new church called Hallows Church. My wife and I really wanted to be a part of that team. So I started looking and found the opportunity with Amazon. If had never been a part of IEM, or worked with Gary, I would never have gotten the job at Amazon.

IEM: What are you doing at Amazon?

Brandon: I am a technical support engineer, which means I do a lot of system administration and cloud computing set up. I also do a lot of applicant screening, which is kind of funny because I think of Dale’s book, “Resumes Are Worthless,” a lot.  It’s a whole different game being on the other side.

IEM: What was your biggest takeaway from the program?

Brandon: A lot of Dale’s classes I really enjoyed. He talked about the responsibility of success being on you and its true. And, you also can’t just let opportunities walk by. If I had not taken the job with the start-up I would not be here. I still think about entrepreneurial ideas all the time, but I’m having a lot of fun at Amazon.

How is your family, are they embracing Seattle?

Brandon: Absolutely, the move here was a joint decision obviously with my wife and two kids, and last month we had another baby. Our life is pretty busy with the move, new job, the kids, and the baby, but we are all having fun.