Helpful Hints About LinkedIN for New Clients

If you are new to LinkedIN, you may have some questions. To help our new clients that are just getting started with social media we have compiled a few links that will help you. Many of these links are from the LinkedIN Learning Center. Search the learning center for more helpful articles, and feel free to contact our Social Media Consultant directly at if you have any questions or need help. Welcome to Social Media!


What is LinkedIN?

Creating a LinkedIN Profile

Finding and Joining a Group on LinkedIN

10 Best and Free Sites for Online Video Editing Software

Uploading a Video to YouTube

Video Uploading to My LinkedIN Profile
  - Information about the SlideShare App and how to use it for uploading LinkedIN videos.

Need something Step by Step? Check out the Free LinkedIN Training Opportunities:
LinkedIN offers free webinars to get you started using LinkedIN. Click here for a list of classes and schedules they offer.

Now that you're set up, do you need help knowing what to DO on LinkedIN?
Check out their blog for a great way to plug in, comment, and get to know the community.