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Paul_MCGuire_CroppedMeet Paul

Paul is a Technical Manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama and the founder of Affluent Student, a site dedicated to enriching student's lives through proactive parenting. He has over 15 years of progressive IT experience and since enrolling in IEM has assumed management of the Mainframe and Storage Engineering team, and he is 2012 graduate of the UAB IEM program. He is now involved in departmental and division-wide initiatives at Blue Cross and is involved in the company's cloud computing initiative.
Paul is also a Dave Ramsey Certified Coach. He helps individuals and families create a clear-cut action plan for getting out of debt and building wealth. His motivation for enrolling in IEM was simple - to learn about the principles of how business and technology work together and broaden his perspective on leadership. "I am a person who's always on the lookout for what is next," Paul says. "I came to IEM expecting a fresh outlook on my career and how I can improve my own personal brand, and I got much more than expected. IEM is the perfect incubator for the company of one - you get all sorts of exposure to business, technology, and leadership principles and you'll come away with a new appreciation for intentional management of your career."

About Affluentstudent.com

Paul started his website in 2011 after about a year in the IEM program. His original goal was to blend his love for education with his desire to teach others about financial freedom. What started as a blog to teach others about college and scholarship opportunities has evolved into a full-fledged parenting site with practical applications for parents of all ages.

Through his 20 years of parenting and observations on what just seems to work, Paul has assembled a terrific site full of articles and content designed to impact parents. "Just like anything else in life, you are the most successful at parenting when you are intentional about it. Too many parents have given up, content to let the schools raise their children. I want to teach parents how to effectively do what is arguably the most difficult job they will ever have." Paul is working on publishing his first book, due out in 2012, and offers coaching and speaking services to parent and teacher audiences alike,

"Without IEM, I would have never taken the steps to make this happen. I learned about managing your brand, becoming an expert in your field, putting in the work necessary to make something like this come together, and about the financial aspects of running a business." Like many others, Paul credits IEM with giving him the desire and the tools to strategically own his career.

A married father of three, Paul also runs recreationally and provides social media content for small businesses. He is a native of Birmingham and a veteran of the United States Coast Guard. His desire is to build Affluent Student to a national brand and transition into full-time speaking, coaching, and writing.

Learn more about Affluent Student at their homepage. Click Here.

"Through what I learned in the IEM program, I am on the constant lookout for ways to manage my brand. I work with people and projects much differently now. Thanks to IEM, I'll never leave my career to chance anymore."
~ Paul McGuire