E-mail #5 – 8/4/14

·         IEM Checklist

·         Seminar Agenda

·         Seminar Assignment #4

·         Seminar Assignment Reminders

·         Seminar Tips

·         Canvas

·         UAB Student ID

·         UAB Wi-Fi

·         Tuition and Fees

·         Paying for College/Financial Assistance

·         IEM Regular Class Meetings

In case you can’t locate some of the previous emails that have been sent to new clients, here is the link to all the previous e-mail correspondence: https://www.uab.edu/engineering/iem/component/content/article/168-current-clients/354-welcome-to-new-clients. Please note that this link is not on a published site so be sure to bookmark it.

IEM Checklist


There is also a checklist at the link above that will be helpful to you at this point in time to make sure you are ready for the seminar and for Fall classes. It will be updated as new tasks/deadlines are set throughout the first semester.

Seminar Agenda


To give you an idea of what to expect in IEM 601, we’ve attached a DRAFT agenda.

We have some great speakers and fun teambuilding activities scheduled during the seminar. We will provide a copy of this agenda for you at the seminar, but thought you might want to look it over before arriving.

A few of the outstanding speakers we have lined up are:

·         Col Howard Ward, Director, LeMay Center Wargaming Institute

·         Patrick Hymel, CEO, MedSnap

·         Walter Maddox, Mayor, City of Tuscaloosa

Seminar Assignment #4


You will need to be registered for classes to be able to complete this assignment in Canvas. It is due by midnight on August 11.

Review the bios for each of the seminar speakers/panelists and post at least one question you have for each speaker in Canvas (you should have 7-10 questions total). To view the speaker bio’s you will need to login to Canvas à IEM 601 Introduction to IEM à “Assignments” à “Speaker Questions.”

Seminar Assignment Reminders (if you missed any of these deadlines, please complete these assignments as soon as possible)


Assignment #4 – Submit Questions for seminar speakers/panelists in Canvas due August 11 (see above)

Assignment #3 – IEM Survey about Seminar Attendance due August 5 (see 7/25/14 email for details).

Assignment #2 – video is due July 31 (see 7/10/14 email for details)

Assignment #1 – make sure you have read the Strengthsfinder 2.0 book by August 14 (see 6/27/14 email for details).

Seminar Tips


Dress code for the seminar is business casual.  The days are long and action-packed so we want you to be comfortable and we don’t expect coats, ties, and dresses.  Remember though that you are entering a professional program.  You are being watched and evaluated all the time, so how you dress is often the first impression you’re making.  Be aware of your appearance and the brand you are selling.

We will have breakfast items each morning and a full lunch each day, offering traditional fare and vegetarian options (caterers are listed on the agenda).  There will also be more snacks, coffee, water, and soft drinks than you can possibly consume, so we’ll be taking care of your appetite each day.

IEM will provide you with pad and paper at the seminar. We understand that everyone here is a working professional.  You may bring your technology with you but we encourage you to put it away and devote your attention to the seminar.  You are paying a lot of money and making a significant time investment so we want you to get the most out of IEM.  There are a lot of activities and interaction that will take place during the seminar so the less you can be interrupted the better.  We have scheduled breaks where you can check in with the office. 

Everyone will be assigned to a team for a group project which will be handed out on Friday afternoon, and these teams will be a mix of online and in-class clients. 



Canvas is now open for IEM 601 (seminar course) so if you log into Canvas and have registered for Fall courses, you should see this course. You will see the IEM 610 and IEM 620 courses closer to their start date.

NOTE: You won’t be able to see any courses in Canvas (even after you register) until the course officially opens. Any content that you submit in Canvas will be available the duration of the degree.

UAB OneCard (Student ID)


The UAB OneCard is your official University student ID card and is the key for enrolled students to gain admission to athletic events, access the UAB Campus Recreation Center, receive discounts on food, retail goods and services, purchase discounted software from the bookstore, purchase discounted tickets to a variety of community events and check out materials from UAB libraries. More benefits are listed here - http://www.uab.edu/engineering/iem/client-info/benefits

For those of you who are local, you can have your ID made as soon as you have enrolled in fall classes. The committee has designated some time on Friday around lunchtime for you to have your UAB OneCard made. There are 2 locations on campus to get yours:

·         Physical Security Office at the Burleson Building; 909 18th Street South, Suite 230; Birmingham, AL 35294-4370; 205.934.3708; open Monday - Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (should be easier to park here)

·         Residence Life Center of Blazer Hall; 920 16th Street South; Birmingham, Alabama 35233; 205.934.4300; 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday – Thursday; 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Friday

If you are a current UAB employee, you should have a UAB OneCard and will not be issued a student ID card.



UAB IT introduced a faster, stronger and more secure Wi-Fi network for the campus community on July 31. The new network offers more convenience and security for campus users with BlazerIDs and will greatly streamline the Wi-Fi access for guest users. Read more about it here and make plans to connect all your devices: http://www.uab.edu/it/home/about-uab-it/announcements/item/512-new-wifi-networks

IEM Tuition and Fees


If you need a breakdown of IEM tuition/fees for your employer, you can find that information on the IEM website Tuition and Fees page, but if you need something more detailed, just let us know.

Don’t forget the pre-payment deadline for Fall 2014 is August 14.  If you have not paid ½ of your balance by August 14, you will be dropped from all classes and will have to re-enroll and pay a $75 late registration fee.

Paying for College


Several of you have asked about financial assistance. Visit the UAB Financial Aid website at http://www.uab.edu/students/paying-for-uab for more information. Personal notes to keep in mind when applying: some students have found that they have to be a full-time student when receiving financial aid and that financial aid doesn’t always cover the summer semester.

IEM Regular Class Meetings


IEM’s regular class meetings will begin September 12-13. These are the classes you will be participating in on Friday and again on Saturday during the Fall semester. Fall is a busy time at UAB so please make note of the classroom schedule below:

·         IEM 610 – Communication for Technology Professionals - TBD, BEC 116, 1 – 5 pm, CRN #57366

·         IEM 620 – Technical Entrepreneurship - Callahan, BEC 115, 8 am – 12 pm, CRN #57368

Just a reminder that when these classes begin, IEM will not be feeding you!

Here are some popular restaurants in the area:

·         Newk's: 611 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. South; Birmingham, AL 35233

·         Jim N' Nicks: 1908 11th Avenue South; Birmingham, AL 35205

·         Dreamland BBQ: 1427 14th Avenue South; Birmingham, AL 35205

·         Giuseppe's Cafe: 925 8th Street South; Birmingham, AL 35205

·         Taziki's: 301 18th Street South; Birmingham, AL 35233

·         The Pita Stop: 1106 12th Street South; Birmingham, AL 35205

·         The Fishmarket Restaurant: 612 22nd Street South; Birmingham, AL 35233

We are excited about the seminar and getting to know you! Please let us know if you have any questions!