January 2008 - Alumni Spotlight - Rusty Hyde

This alumni spotlight was originally shown in the January 2008 IEM Newsletter.

January’s featured IEM alumnus is Rusty Hyde, vice president and chief engineer for Hyde Engineering. Hyde Engineering is an engineering and consulting company based here in Birmingham, Alabama. They specialize in designing electrical and mechanical systems for construction projects. While Hyde Engineering may be small in size, their list of clients is not, working with local giants such as UAB.

Rusty graduated from UAB with a BS in Electrical Engineering back in the eighties. Since then he has received his PE designation and graduated from the IEM program. This past semester he co-taught EE 606 Technical Project Management. Rusty is a life-long leaner and inventor; he actually hold a US patent for an Aircraft-Based Topographical Data Collection and Processing System.

Rusty served for a number of years in the United States Air Force (USAF) as a rated navigator and electronic warfare officer. Rusty holds a number of designations from the USAF and taught for them in a number of capacities. Rusty is extremely interesting speaker, as anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing his command and control lecture knows. After leaving the USAF Rusty spent a number of years founding and then selling several small businesses.

Rusty lives with his wife Liz in Mountain Brook. They have two daughters, the eldest attends Auburn University. One of Rusty’s greatest challenges these days is finding ways around Auburn’s no WIFI policy in their dorms. Rusty has many hobbies, including finding new ways to be green and snow skiing across the US.