Meet Terry White, Owner and Founder Sports Tech

As you can tell, we were pretty excited about SportsTech.
So we sat down today with Terry White and asked him a
 few questions. Here's the Q&A:

IEM: Who are you  and what are your roles with SportsTech?

Terry: I’m Terry White, the CEO & Founder.

IEM : Where do you work? (location)
Terry: Blue Cross Blue Shield in Birmingham

IEM: What services/products does your company provide?
Terry: Sports applications which will run on mobile devices (e.g., iPad, iPhone, etc)

IEM: Where did you get the idea of SportsTech?
Terry: In one of Dale’s classes

IEM: What was the biggest fear you had to overcome to get where you are right now?
Terry: Didn’t really have a fear.   It was making the financial commitments; still is a challenge

IEM: What do you look towards as you move forward, are you concerned at all that your venture

will not work somewhere down the road?
Terry: Not concerned that this will be successful as long as I am enthusiastically committed and continually

improve what I have.   I don’t have a backup plan.

IEM: Do you think other business-startup hopefuls need to have a backup plan for their ideas,

or just dive right in? If you had a backup plan, what is/was it?
Terry: I’m certain everyone thinks about it, but for me there’s so many other things to do.  

I feel that this tends to have a lower priority initially.

IEM; What's the greatest benefit to starting your own company?
Terry: Really hadn’t thought about it before taking Dale’s class.   Once I had committed to this, it was the feeling of accomplishment.    Although it’s just a “company of one”, there’s a sense of achievement that I actually took the first steps and finished them.   Pretty excited that the foundation has been laid for me to envision other products in the future

IEM: What's the biggest hurdle?
Terry: Costs

IEM: The "buzz book" right now at IEM is Dale Callahan's "Resumes are Worthless" in that book

Dale says that fear and a certain "comfort zone" are the main reasons why people find themselves

"Cemented" into their desk jobs. Do you feel that description is accurate? What about you?

Did you escape your own pair of the proverbial corporate concrete shoes when you chose to start your own business?
Terry: I would agree that many of us are reluctant to start because of our current comfort zone.  

For me, I am happy with my current job and lifestyle.

IEM: Are there negatives to being in business for yourself, what are they?
Terry: Finding the time.   I spend time with my sons, grand-daughters; and I still am coaching baseball.

IEM: What is your advice for others who are wanting to start a business as well?
Terry: If you feel strongly about your business, then educate yourself on what needs to be done and go for it.  

Don’t procrastinate.   Had it not been for the graduation deadline, I still would have tasks to do.

IEM: What role did IEM play in starting your company?
Terry: It provided me with the motivation, information and support.    It was a combination of Dale’s knowledge,

the class support & feedback; and the guest speakers who told their stories which continually inspired me.

IEM; Do you think you would have taken this route with your career without what you learned at IEM?
Terry: Absolutely not.


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