2014 Ethnic and Religious Calendar

The calendar that follows was prepared to broaden the University community's recognition of its diverse ethnic perspectives.  The listing is not exhaustive and some variances of dates will exist due to regional differences.  It was prepared based on calendars or information posted on the web.   

Questions regarding the calendar or the University's policy may be directed to:
The Office of the Vice President for Equity and Diversity
(205) 934-8762




Diversity in the Workforce Month














Crime Stoppers Month 














National Blood Donor Month














National Mentoring Month

                      1st New Year's Day / Gantan-sai Gregorian; Shinto
                      1st Feast of Saint Basil (Commemorates the death of St. Basil) Orthodox Christian
                      5th Birth of Guru Gobindh Singh (Last Sikh spiritual master) Sikh
                      5th Twelfth Night (festival marking the coming of the Epiphany and concluding the Twelve Days of Christmas) Christian
                      6th Feast of the Theophany (Commemorates the baptism of our Lord) Orthodox Christian
                      6th Epiphany/Three Kings Day (Celebrates the Three Kings' visit to baby Jesus) Christian
                      6th Festival of the Three Kings/Dia de los Reyes (Celebrates the visit of the Magi) Hispanic Christian
                      7th Nativity of Jesus Christ (Account of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth) Orthodox Christian
                      7th Feast of the Nativity Orthodox Christian
                      7th Eid-al-adha-(Festival of Sacrifice) Islamic
                      13th Mawlid al Nabi (The Prophet Muhammad's Birthday) Islamic
                      14th Makar Sankranti (Festival that signifies the beginning of the Harvest Season) Hindu
                      15th*  Tu B'Shevat (New Year of the Trees) Judaism
                      16th - 19th Mahayana New Year Buddhist
                      17th Blessing of the Animals Hispanic Christian
                      18th - 25th Week of prayer for Christian Unity Christian
                      19th World Religion Day (In celebration of unity and oneness of all world religions) Bahá'í
                      20th Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday Observed United States
                      31st Chinese New Year Cufucian, Daoist, Buddhist















African American History Month














American Heart Month

                      1st National Freedom Day (Honors the signing of the 13th Amendment) United States
                      2nd Candlemas (Celebration of the presentation of Jesus at the Temple) Christian
                      2nd Ground Hog Day United States
                      3rd Setsubun Sai (Celebration of the change of season with the coming of Spring) Shinto
                      4th Vasant Panchami (Hindu festival celebrating Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning) Orthodox Christian
                      8th /15th Parinirvana (Festival marking the anniversary of Buddha's death - Nirvana Day) Buddhist
                      9th Triodion Begins (Lenten Period) Orthodox Christian
                      14th St. Valentine's Day (Day in which lovers express their love for one another) Christian
                      14th Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week (Reaffirmation of human brotherhood) Interfaith
                      14th Maghi (Commemorates the martyrdom of the "Forty Immortals") Sikh
                      14th St. Valentine's Day (Day in which lovers express their love for one another) Christian
                      15th Nirvana Day Buddhist
                      17th President's Day (in honor of great American presidents born in February) United States
                      16th - 22nd Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week (Reaffirmation of human brotherhood) Interfaith
                      17th President's Day (In honor of great American presidents born in February) United States
                      25th - Mar. 1st Ayyam-I-Ha (Intercalary Day in the Bahá'í calendar) Bahá'í
                      28th Maha Shivaratri (Festival celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva)  Orthodox Christian



National Women's History Month














Irish-American and Greek-American Heritage Month
irish           Greek














American Red Cross Month

                      1st St. David's Day (Commemorates St. David, Patron Saint of Wales) Christian
                      2nd Meatfare Sunday (Last day for eating meat before the Great Lent) Orthodox Christian
                      2nd - 20th Nineteen-Day Fast (Observed to reinvigorate the soul and bring one closer to God) Bahá'í
                      3rd Lent Begins (40-day period of fasting and prayer before Easter) Christian
                      3rd Clean Monday (Lent Begins) Orthodox Christian
                      4th  Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday) Christian
                      5th Ash Wednesday Christian
                      8th International Women's Day (Celebrates women's achievements throughout history) -
                      15th* Purim (Commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people from destruction) Judaism
                      16th Magha Puja Day (Celebration in honor of the Sangha or Buddhist community) Buddhist
                      17th St. Patrick's Day Christian
                      17th Holi (Celebrating the joyful spring Festival of Colors) Hindu
                      17th Hola Mohallal Sikh
                      19th St. Joseph's Day (In remembrance of Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary) Christian
                      20th Vernal Equinox (Spring)  
                      21st Naw Ruz (Baha'i New Year) Bahá'í
                      23rd Hindu New Year Hindu
                      25th Feast of Annunciation of the Virgin Mary Christian
                      31st Hindu New Year Hindu
                      31st Daylight Savings Time  



Holocaust Remembrance Month














Celebrate Diversity Month














National Arab-American Heritage Month














National Autism Awareness Month

                      3rd Palm Sunday Christian
                      8th Hana Matsuri (Flower Festival celebrating the birth of Buddha) Buddhist
                      8th Ramanavami (Celebration of the birth of Rama) Judaism
                      13th Mahavir Jayanti (Festival honoring the birth of Lord Mahavira) Jain
                      14th-22nd Bisakhi/Vaisakhi (Ancient Harvest Festival which marks the beginning of a New Solar Year) Sikh/Hindu
                      14th-22nd Passover (Pesach) Judaism
                      15th Armenian Martyr's Day(day of remembrance for the one million Armenians) Armenian
                      15th Hanuman Jayanti (Celebration of the birth of Lord Hanuman, Hindu Deity of Power and Energy) Hindu
                      18th Good Friday (Commemorates the crucifixion and eventual death of Jesus) Christian
                      20th Easter Christian
                      20th* Yom Hasho'ah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) Judaism
                      21st Ridvan Begins (12 Days) (Baha'ullah's Prophethood)  
                      22nd  Earth Day (Promotes Environmental Awareness) United Nations
                      29th Ninth Day of Ridvan (Celebration of the arrival of Baha'ullah at a sacred garden) Bahá'í



























South Asian Heritage Month


Haitian Heritage Month


Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month














Jewish American Heritage Month














National Cancer Research Month

                      1st May Day (Celebration of the coming of Spring) United States; Canada
                      1st National Day of Prayer  
                      2nd Twelfth Day of Ridvan Bahá'í
                      3rd National Day of Prayer Interfaith USA
                      4th Yom HaZikaron (Israeli Memorial Day) Judaism
                      6th Yom Ha'atzmaut (Commemorates Israel's Declaration of Independence in 1948) Judaism
                      11th Mother's Day  
                      13th Wesak/Buddha Day (Birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha) Buddhist
                      15th Theravadin New Year Buddhist
                      17th Armed Forces Day United States 
                      17th Lag B'Omer (Holiday celebrated on the 33rd day of the Counting of the Omer) Judaism
                      23rd Declaration of the Bab Bahá'í
                      26th Memorial Day (Commemorates veterans who have died in military service to their country) United States
                      27th Lailat al Miraj (Recall the journey of Muhammad) Islamic
                      28th Jerusalem Day (Commemorates the Reunification of Jerusalem) Judaism
                      29th Ascension of Baha'ullah (Founder of the Bahá'í Faith) Bahá'í





Gay and Lesbian Pride Month














Caribbean American Heritage Month














National Safety Month

                      3rd Shavout (Commemorating the anniversary of the day God gave the Torah to the entire Israelite nation assembled a Mount Sinai) Judaism
                      5th  World Environment Day (Day to stimulate awareness of the environment) United Nations
                      8th Pentecost Day (Commemorating the descent of the Holy spirit upon the disciples) Christian
                      12th Lailat al Bara'at (Night of Repentance) Islam
                      14th Flag Day (Commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States) United States
                      15th Trinity Sunday (The first Sunday after Pentecost) Christian
                      15th Father's Day United States
                      16th Martyrdom Day of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib (5th of the 10 gurus of Sikhism) Sikh
                      19th Corpus Christi Day (Celebrates the Body of Christ, consecrated in the Mass) Anglican; Catholic; Lutheran
                      19th Juneteenth (Abolishment of slavery in Texas) United States
                      21st First Nation's Day (Recognition of the Aboriginal people in Canada) Canadian Native People
                      21st Summer Solstice (The day of the year with the longest period of daylight) United States
                      24th Nativity of St. John the Baptist (Celebrates the birthday of the cousin of Jesus) Christian
                      27th Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith Judaism
                      28th Ramadan Begins Islamic
                      29th St. Peter and St. Paul Day (Liturgical feast in honor of the martyrdom in Rome of the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul) Christian
                      29th Rath Yatra in Puri (Festival commemorates the journey of Krishna from Gokul to Mathural) Hindu
Celebrate Freedom Month
 Mental Illness Awareness Month
Canada Day
Canadian National Day 
Independence Day
United States
Birth of Guru Hargobind (Sixth Sikh Guru) 
Martyrdom of the Bab (Anniversary of the Bab's execution in 1850)
Ramadan Begins
Rath Yatra in Puri (Festival commemorates the journey of Krishna from Gokul to Mathura)
Asalha uja (Honors Buddha's 1st Sermon)
13th - 15th 
Obon (Festival to honor deceased spirits of one's ancestors) 
Birth of Guru Harkrishn (Eight Sikh Guru)
Lailatur-Qadr (Anniversary of the night that the Qur'an is believed to have been revealed)
Pioneer Day (Commemorates the arrival of the first group of Morman Pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley)
                      25th St. James the Great (Disciple of Jesus) Christian
                      29th Eid-al-Fitr (Three-day Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan) Islamic















Equal Opportunity Month














National Immunization Awareness Month

                      1st Lammas (Festival of the 1st Fruits of the Harvest) Christian
                      6th Transfiguration of the Lord Islamic
                      10th Raksha Bandhan (Celebrates Brother and Sisters) Hindu
                      15th Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic; Christian
                      17th Krishna Janmashtami (Celebrates Birth of Krishna) Hindu
                      29th Beheading of John the Baptist Catholic; Christian
                      29th Ganesh Chaturthi (Celebration of the birth of Ganesh-God of Wisdom) Hindu
                      29th Beheading of John the Baptist Christian
                      30th Paryushana- Parva (8 day festival signifying human emergence into a new world of spiritual and moral refinement) Jain





National Hispanic Heritage Month



 Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month



National Preparedness Month

                      1st Ecclesiastical Year Begins Orthodox Christian
                      1st Labor Day United States
                      11th Patriot Day (Designated in memory of the 2,977 killed in the September 11, 2011 attacks) United States
                      16th 16 de Septiembré (Mexican Independence Day) Mexico
                      17th Constitution Day (Recognizes the ratification of the U.S. Constitution) United States
                      17th Citizenship Day (Recognizes those who have become U.S. citizens) United States
                      19th San Gennaro Day (Commemorates the day Saint Gennaro was martyred for the faith) Italian American
                      22nd Autumnal Equinox (First day of Fall) Judaism
                      24th-25th Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) Judaism
                      25th Navaratri (Festival of the Divine Mother) Hindu















German-American (Sept 15th - Oct 15), Italian-American and Polish-American Heritage Month














American Culture and Heritage Month














LGBT History Month














National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

                      1st-7th Eid-al-Adha-(Festival of Sacrifice) Islamic
                      2nd -6th Hajj (Annual Pilgrimage to Mecca) Islamic
                      3rd Yom Kippur (Day of the Atonement) Judaism
                      3rd Birthday of Guru Ram Das, Fourth of the Sikh Gurus Sikh
                      3rd Wagf al arafa (Observance day during Hajj when Muslim pilgrims pray for forgiveness and mercy) Islamic
                      4th Dussehra (Dasera) (10 day celebration of Lord Rama's victory over  Evil Ravana) Hindu; Jain
                      4th St. Francis Day (Commemorates the life of St Francis, the patron saint of animals and the environment) Catholic
                      11th National Coming Out Day (Celebrating individuals who publicly identify as bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgender) Worldwide
                      13th Columbus Day Observance United States
                      15th Simchart Torah (Celebration marking the conclusion of the annual cycle of public Torah readings Judaism
                      18th Sukkoth (7 day Feast of Tabernacles) Judaism
                      20th Birth of the Bab (Birth of Siyyid Ali-Muhammad) Bahá'í
                      23rd Diwali/Deppavali (Festival of Lights) Hindu; Jain; Sikh
                      24th United Nations Day Worldwide
                      25th-Nov 22nd Al Hijra/Muharram (First month of the Islam Year) Islamic
                      27th Reformation Day (the great rediscovery of the doctrine of justification) Lutheran; Protestant Christian
                      31st All Hallows Eve Christian






National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month




National Alzheimer's Disease Month

                      1st All Saints Day (Honors all Saints who do not have their own special Feast Day) Christian
                      2nd All Soul's Day (Solemn feast commemorating the faithful departed) Christian
                      2nd Ashural (Day of mourning commemorating the martyrdom of Iman Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad) Islamic
                      12th Birth of Bahá'u'lláh (Founder of the Bahá'í faith) Bahá'í
                      17th  Birth of Guru Nanak Dev Sahib (Founder of the Sikhism) Sikh
                      22nd Veteran's Day (Armistice Day) United States
                      24th Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sikh
                      25th  Nativity Fast (Period of abstinence and penance in preparation for the Nativity of Christ) Orthodox Christian
                      26th Day of the Covenant (Festival celebrating the appointment of 'Abdu'l-Bahá as the Centre of Bahá'u'lláh's Covenant) Bahá'í
                      27th Thanksgiving United States
                      28th Ascension of 'Abdu'l-Bahá (Commemorates the passing of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, the eldest son and successor of Bahá’u’lláh) Bahá'í
                      30th Saint Andrew's Day (Coming of Christianity to area now known as Scotland) Christian



World AIDS Awareness Month



 National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month

                      6th St. Nicholas Day (Celebrates the life of Saint Nicholas of Myra) Christian
                      7th Pearl Harbor Day (National observance of the attacks on Pearl Harbor) -
                      8th Bodhi Day (Rohatsu) (Buddha's Enlightenment) Buddhist
                      8th Immaculate Conception of Mary Roman Catholic
                      12th Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Catholic
                      17th-24th Hanukkah (Chanukah) Festival of Lights Judaism
                      21st Winter Solstice (The shortest day and the longest night of the year) -
                      25th Christmas (Celebrates the Birth of Jesus) Christian
                      26th Boxing Day (Giving of gifts to the less fortunate and those in service positions) Canada; United Kingdom
                      26th Kwanzaa (7 day ceremony honoring African Heritage) African/Interfaith
                      28th Holy Innocents (Celebrates the memory of the infant Christian martyrs)  
                      30th Feast of the Holy Family (Celebrates the family unit and the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary and Joseph) Christian
                      31st Watch Night (Occasion to thank God for bringing people safely through the year) Christian