Implementation Guide

Do Something, Go Somewhere, Try Something New!: Themes, special days, events, programs and “On Your Own” activities are suggested to help you get started.  The “On Your Own” ideas are included because some of us are not able to attend programs during the work day and these ideas can be done anytime!

What I Did: Write it down – what did you do?  Enter notes into your passport to help you keep track of what you did and what you are learning.

What I Learned:  Think about what you did, where you went and what you experienced.  What did you observe and learn about in terms of customs, people, interactions, ideas, rituals, traditions, etc.?  This reflection exercise can help you record new insights and can be a way to express new ideas, information and perspectives.

What I Will Do Differently:  Use this space to document a few key reminder words or phrases about how you can apply what you learned.  For example, I will remember to… I will appreciate… I will be careful to…

Validation Area:  This is a voluntary invitation to have some fun with the passport!  One way you could complete this step is to tell someone what you did, what you thought about it and then ask them to sign in the validation area.




Monthly Theme: Each month features a national or international theme, heritage celebrations, holidays, religious, cultural and/or other events that highlight opportunities to learn something new.

On Your Own: These are suggestions of things you can do, well, “on your own!” The ideas include ways to learn about a lifestyle, culture, celebration, observance, etc. that may be different from your own. Feel free to come up with your own activity, too.

Please Note: Themes, events and activities presented in this passport are simply suggestions to help you participate. Many sources were consulted (websites, calendars, diversity resources, etc.) and every effort was made to insure inclusion and accuracy. The list is not all-inclusive. Feel free to come up with additional activities and ideas!

If you have information to share with the UAB Diversity PASSPORT community, please forward details to the listserv at