Comprehensive Minority Faculty Development Program

Faculty Development
  An award of up to $2,500 (based on need and availablitlty of funds) may be provided to qualified tenure/tenure-track African American faculty, particularly junior-level faculty without a Faculty Recruitment Award, for activities designed to assist in preparation for tenure and/ or promotion applications.  Such support may include release-time to allow the faculty member to engage in research activities, the purchase of minor equipment and travel to serve as an invited speaker/ presenter at a professional conference within the United States.

The department must provide matching funds in an amount greater than or equal to the amount requested by the faculty member.

The applicant must have an assigned faculty mentor and an approved professional development plan.

Application Procedures

The following documents should be forwarded to the Vice President for Equity and Diversity prior to the start date of the proposed activities: 

1.  A letter of application for funds from the faculty member detailing how the activities fit into an overall professional development plan:

2.  A professional development plan for the faculty member signed by the mentor.

3.  A completed Faculty/Student Information Coversheet;

4.  A CMFSDP Proposal Summary;

5.  A CMFSDP Faculty Development Award Budget Summary;

6.  A letter of support from the department chair concurring with the budget and the professional development plan submitted by the faculty member;

7.  A curriculum vita of the faulty member.


1.  If the award request involves travel to serve as an invited speaker/presenter at  a professional conference within the United States, the letter of invitation to the faculty   member and a copy of the conference agenda must be attached.

2.  A report from the faculty member on the results of the award as it releates to his or her professional development and  a financial report are due within 60 days after the award's expiration date.

CMFSDP Application Form
(pdf format - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)