The African American Faculty Association (AAFA) has been in existence informally on the UAB campus for nearly 20 years and as an official organization for the past four years. The association was formed for three reasons

  • To provide a forum for association among African American faculty at UAB
  • To function as an advisory board on behalf of the African American community at UAB.
  • To support and maintain the cultural traditions of persons of African descent within the context of UAB and the Birmingham community.


Michael S. Fitts - President
Loucrecia Collins- Vice President
Sylvia McAphee - Secretary
Eric P. Jack - Treasurer
Heather Martin - Historian
Mubenga N. Nkashama - Parliamentarian

The AAFA has supported numerous groups in the community in recent years, including the Birmingham Housing Authority, students who came to UAB after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina and the Black Graduate Student Association

One of the AAFA’s objectives for the new endowment is to encourage graduates of public high schools in the Birmingham metro area to pursue their educational goals at UAB. The endowed scholarship is also a symbol for many things, perhaps none more important than the AAFA’s commitment to making opportunities for students better at UAB.

AAFA Endowed Scholarship Campaign