What to Report

Everyone at UAB is responsible for creating and maintaining a healthy university environment.  This includes asking questions and raising concerns about something you don't think is right.  Below is a list of the types of ethics concerns to bring to the institution's attention.  Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list.  Other issues and situations that do appear below could arise and should be reported.

  • Conflict of Interest concerns                                            
  • Theft
  • Medical coding and billing issues                                  
  • NCAA violations
  • Health Insurance & Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy or security issues
  • Quality and safety concerns (including OSHA & EPA) 
  • Wage, benefit, or hours abuses; Accounting and auditing irregularities
  • Misuse or waste of American Recovery and Reconstruction Act (ARRA) stimulus fund
  • Deliberate acts to deceive in order to receive gain     
  • Discrimination
  • Violations of UAB policies and procedures                   
  • Export Controls violations
  • Sexual harassment