In the Lab: Mentors and Students Behind the Scenes

This DVD provides video case studies focusing on issues of relevance to graduate students working within research labs. Issues covered include: Mentoring, Scientific Misconduct, Authorship and Collaboration, etc.

The Center for Ethics and Values in the Sciences also offers an accompany Guidebook containing discussion questions for each video, commentaries on the case studies, and additional recommended readings for each topic.


Best Practices for Communicating with Participants from Minority Communities

This DVD focuses on issues regarding communicating with minority communities who participate in clinical trials. Real-life case studies are utilized. The DVD contains six sections:
  1. History of Minority Research
  2. Trustworthiness
  3. Establishing Cultural  Humility
  4. Being a Good Communicator
  5. Informed Consent
  6. Community Consultation

Human Population Genetics Research: A Case for Community Consultation
This DVD focuses on human population genetics research where race is used as a variable in clinical trials aimed at identifying genetic foundations for disease. The aim of this DVD is to offer strategies and guidelines for avoiding overly simplistic categories as race and minimize harms related to human population genetic research. The DVD is divided into four sections:
  1. What Does "Race" Mean in Science?
  2. Measuring Genetic Ancestry
  3. Racial Profiling and Discrimination
  4. Consulting with the Community