At the 2012 national Conference on College Composition and Communication (4Cs) in St. Louis, MO., Jennifer L. Greer and Dr. Julia S. Austin, of the UAB Graduate School’s Professional Development Program, assisted Dr. Irwin Weiser, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Purdue University, in offering a half-day workshop on critical thinking and writing strategies that contribute to more effective and ethical authorship practices. Dr. Tracey Baker, Associate Professor of English (Rhetoric & Composition) at UAB contributed to the preparation of the workshop.

 Entitled Yours, Mine, and Ours: Co-Constructing a Scholarship Ethic with Students & Faculty, the 4Cs workshop offered a comprehensive toolkit for ethical scholarship activities with learning objectives and instructions for implementation within local contexts. The materials are offered here for college instructors who want to help students develop individual and team authorship/leadership skills. These activities are applicable across the curriculum, not just in the composition classroom. Specifically, the activities are designed to build ethical authorship expertise in four areas:

  • Sensitivity to ethical dilemmas in authorship: Con-Constructing Scholarship         
  • Problem-Solving ethical dilemmas in authorship: Peer-Mentoring Authorship
  • Motivation to act on a personal/professional ethos in authorship: Why We Cite
  • Action to acquire best practices in authorship: Ethical Summary Protocol (ESP)