University of Alabama at Birmingham

Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda

April 10, 2007

Hill University Center Great Hall

7:30 9:30 a.m.



1.           Call to Order


2.           Recognition of Visitors Non-Members of Senate Please Sign Attendance Roster


3.           Approval of Minutes March 13, 2007 Faculty Senate Meeting


4.           Chair Report Chair Joe March


5.           President Report President Carol Garrison


6.           Presentation Dr. Doug Rigney New Student Registration System


7.           Presentation Dr. Pete Anderson New Curriculum for School of Medicine


8.           Senate Standing Committees


a.            Curriculum and Research Senator Nasim Uddin

b.           Faculty Affairs Senator Mark Lockhart

c.            Faculty Policies and Procedures Senate Chair-Elect Pat Greenup

d.           Finance Senator Michael Humber

e.            Governance and Operations Senator Pat Higginbottom


9.           Discussion/Vote Revisions to Section 7.1 (Holidays) of UAB Faculty Handbook


10.       Senate Representatives to University-wide Committees


a.            Academic Advising Committee Laura Hughes

b.           Athletic Advisory Committee William Cockerham

c.            Campus Planning Committee Jonathan Harwell

d.           Commission on the Status of Women Marisa Marques

e.            Diversity Advisory Council Madelyn Coar

f.             Fringe Benefits Committee Linda Reed

g.            Police Advisory Council Tommie Singleton


11.       Open Forum


12.       Announcements


a.            UAB Faculty Senate Reception Woodward House April 17, 2007

b.           Next FPPC Meeting Administration Building Penthouse CR1 April 20, 2007

c.            Next Executive Committee Meeting April 25, 2007

d.           Next Executive Committee Meeting with President and Provost May 1, 2007

e.            Next Senate Meeting Administration Building Penthouse CR1 May 8, 2007