Faculty Senate


Executive Committee


Dr. Mark Hickson


Dr. John Chatham


Dr. Mark Lockhart


Dr. Pat Greenup


Dr. Majd Zayzafoon, Chair

Curriculum & Research

Dr. Sue Kim, Chair

Faculty Affairs

Dr. Kristi Menear

FPPC Chair

Dr. Jeanne Hutchison


Dr. Janelle Chiasera

Governance & Operations

Dr. Kent Kerley


Dr. Rose Scripa


Dr. John Wittig


Ms. Carol Ray

Senate Office Associate


University of Alabama at Birmingham

Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda

August 10, 2010

Administration Building Penthouse CR1

7:30 9:30 a.m.


1.     Call to Order

2.     Recognition of Visitors Non-Members of Senate Please Sign Attendance Roster

3.     Recording Declaration Notice that Recording of Senate Meeting is Not Permitted

4.     Approval of Minutes July 13, 2010 Faculty Senate Meeting

5.     Chair Report Chair Mark Hickson

6.     President Report President Carol Garrison

7.     Presentations Dr. Marchase Gulf Oil Pilot Projects; Tentative: Ms. Sheila Chaffin -Campus Planning

8.     Open Forum

9.     Senate Standing Committees



a.     Faculty Affairs Senator Sue Kim

b.    Faculty Policies and Procedures Chair-Elect John Chatham


[Second Reading CAS -Representation Recommendation] - VOTE

c.     Finance Senator Jeanne Hutchison


d.    Governance and Operations Senator Janelle Chiasera [Second Reading Constitution Article Amendments CAS Representation] - VOTE


10.  Reports - Senate Representatives to University Committees

          Council of Academic Advisors Jeanne Hutchinson


11.  New Business

12.  Announcements


a.     Next FPPC Meeting Administration Building Penthouse CR1 August 20, 2010

b.    Next Executive Committee Meeting August 25, 2010

c.     Next Executive Committee Meeting with President and Provost

August 31, 2010 [9 am]

d.    Next Senate Meeting Administration Building Penthouse CR1

September 14, 2010

e.     Faculty Forum October 1, 2010

f.     State of University Address October 21, 2010

g.    August 12, 2010 Faculty Development Can Academics Have a Life?

Balancing Work and Family in the Academy Need to register at

13.  Adjournment


The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Senate Office Campbell Hall Room 410G

Birmingham, Al 35294-4370 (205) 934-6619 Fax (205) 934-6834