Summary of the December 9, 2008 Faculty Senate Meeting



Chair Report


Chair Warren Martin announced the following items:


1)      Faculty Senate elections process has begun and nominations are needed for senate officers, senators, and FPPC representatives. (more info)


2)      Academic calendar for 2009-2010 is posted on the Office of Planning and Analysis web site under academic planning. (more info)


3)      Faculty Senate Chair is working with Mr. Scott Plutchak, Director of the Lister Hill Library, on the Textbook Task Force. The taskforce was established by Provost Capilouto to consider the new Federal Higher Education Act which calls for disclosure of the price of textbooks to students when registering and calls for universities to attempt to reduce the cost of textbooks. The focus right now is on the technical aspects of delivering textbook prices and volunteers will be needed in the future to help with the best practices for reducing textbook costs.


4)      Provost reported no activities in the termination for cause review panel, grievance hearing committee, and university-wide grievance panel during the last quarter.


5)      Salary book available at the UAB libraries provides state salaries and includes university sources of funding and does not include Health Services Foundation or other outside sources of funding.


6)      Proration is a looming problem and we do not know its full extent at this time.



President Report


President Carol Garrison announced the following items:


1)      Fall commencement will be held on December 13, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. in the Bartow Arena and the Fall doctoral hooding ceremony will be held on December 14, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. in the Alys Stephens Center.


2)      Dr. Jeffrey Gray has been named the 2008 Alabama Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. (more info)


3)      Dr. Diane Tucker was recognized by the National Collegiate Honors Council at its annual conference. (more info)





Health Services Foundation


Dr. Ray Watts, President of the Health Services Foundation, provided an overview of the University of Alabama Health Services Foundation and the UAB Health System. Topics covered were history, organization, mission, vision, goals, and general endowment fund.  (slides as presentation / handout)


Graduate Student Association


Mr. Mick Edmonds, President of the Graduate Student Association, discussed the UAB Graduate Student Association. Topics covered were senators, travel grants, and activities. Some activities mentioned were graduate student health care survey, benevolent fund, career fair, corporate collaborations, and mentoring program. Senators were asked to make colleagues aware of the Graduate Student Association and to encourage students to participate in the Graduate Student Association. (more info)



Curriculum and Research Committee Report


Chair of the Curriculum and Research Committee Sally Anne McInerny reported that the committee is compiling the feedback from faculty about the IDEA survey for student evaluation of faculty teaching into three categories of responses. The feedback will be shared with Dr. Claire Peel, Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs, as part of the three year pilot program being conducted by the university.



Finance Committee Report


Chair of the Finance Committee Linda Reed reported that a meeting of the committee will be scheduled. She mentioned that the results of the faculty senate survey on fringe benefits have been shared with appropriate health care administrators and that programs are under development that may address some of the areas identified by the survey as needing improvement. Senators were encouraged to think about possible recommendations for improving access in preparation for the presentation next month by Dr. Nancy Dunlap, Chief of Staff of the Kirklin Clinic.



Senate Representatives to University-wide Committees


Senate representative to the UAB Academic Advising Committee Jeanne Hutchison reported that advisors have been busy during the fall semester with the many new initiatives aimed at retaining students. These initiatives include a new advising curriculum model where students are given assignments requiring them to see advisors, early alert system where advisors contact students with alerts and QEP violations, college student inventory survey results where advisors work with students who are targeted as potential dropouts, and advisor tracking system where contacts and activities are recorded as evidence that schools are addressing retention issues for the award of incentives. An advising task force has been set up to reorganize advisor training to include all of the new initiatives and to incorporate information from diversity seminars. (handout)


Senate representative to the UAB Undergraduate Programs Council Sally Anne McInerny reported that the council approved recommendations on the removal of the requirement for ACT/SAT scores for international students from countries where the tests are not available, revision of the requirement for ACT/SAT scores for entering freshmen who are adults to also include COMPASS scores, and requirement of capstone and freshman year experience courses.



Open Forum


Chair Warren Martin asked the senators to break into small groups to share information about research such as how research is conducted, what type of research is done, and how much time is spent on research. A representative from each group summarized the information and presented it to the senators.





The next senate meeting is January 13, 2009 in the Administration Building Penthouse CR1, the next executive committee meeting is December 17, 2008, the next executive committee meeting with the President and Provost is January 6, 2009, and the next FPPC meeting is December 19, 2008.



UAB Faculty Senate



Secretary Jennifer Long submits this draft summary of the minutes and a more complete record will appear on the senate page after approval at the January senate meeting.