Summary Minutes of the October 13, 2009 Faculty Senate Meeting



Chair Report


Chair Mark Lockhart reported to the Senate concerning:


  • Open Faculty Forum event on October 2, 2009


1.      Estimated 100 faculty attended this event.

2.      Discussion and questions identified 10-14 topic categories with some overlapping of issues identified in these categories; the Executive Committee will be reviewing and determining the disposition of each topic.

3.      Research support and issues were discussed extensively with input of concerns from multiple academic units but with the majority of concerns from medicine and joint health sciences; Chair Lockhart has identified Senator Majd Zayzafoon as the chairman of an ad hoc committee to review the identified issues and make recommendations to the Senate; Senators are being identified who are interested in serving on this ad hoc committee.

4.      Topics identified will be reviewed for possible assignment to one of the Senate standing committees.

5.      Executive Committee will review recommendations for future open faculty forums.


  • Senate recommendations to Provost – follow up from Provost


1.      Recommendation that the Faculty Senate be added to the UAB Organizational Chart has been approved and the revised chart is available at

2.      Recommendation that administration implement a standardized vacation accrual/leave time documentation process for all faculty so that accurate reports are available when needed has been reviewed by Provost and forwarded to the Deans and Chairs.

3.      Recommendation concerning “no changes to vacation, holiday and sick time benefits” has been forwarded by Provost to the Fringe Benefits Committee.

4.      Recommendations for revisions to the UAB Faculty Handbook have been reviewed and will be acted on as the emerging new format for the UAB Faculty Handbook occurs in preparation for the implementation of the new online Policies and Procedures Library.


  • Senate review of draft textbook committee report completed


      Senate representatives have completed review of the draft report.


  • UAB study/survey of gender and salary equity


      On September 30, 2009 members of the Executive Committee met with Dr. Mary Baker to hear plans for survey and data assessment of UAB records concerning salary equity.


  • October 6, 2009 meeting of Executive Committee with President Garrison and Provost Capilouto


1.      Discussions with Dr. Philip Way, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Programs included the following topics of concern to faculty: structure and activities of the Office of Undergraduate Studies, communication and interaction between faculty advisory groups with planning and development of new programs, and the need for increased interaction of a broader group of Senators and faculty early in the decision making processes concerning academic programming decisions.


2.      Sabbaticals and the level of decision making as to approval or non-approval. There is no university level freeze on the approval of sabbaticals; however, sabbatical approval processes require that initial approval be determined at the unit level in compliance with established policies; to date for 2009, 8 sabbaticals have been approved; some requests for sabbaticals have been denied due to financial constraints in some units; Provost Capilouto will have additional information to share with Senate about which schools have granted approval and the number of applications in each school.


  • Senate Sponsored State of the University Address – President Garrison – October 22, 2009 at 3:00 p.m. in Margaret Spain Cameron Auditorium. Senators and faculty are encouraged to attend the address.



President Report


President Carol Garrison announced the following:


  • The 40th Anniversary event was a success with faculty, staff and student participation. The September 24 event celebrated four decades of breakthroughs by faculty, students and staff through the presentations and participation of current members of UAB community and alumni and distinguished guests.


  • The budget for the coming year will require development of ideas to support the strategic mission of protecting current academic and research programs while assuring gains in meeting long-term goals of the University.


  • The undergraduate recruitment activities have been initiated for the fall 2010 class and there is a need for continued faculty involvement with recruitment to address a major factor of applicants wanting to have the opportunity to meet with faculty as part of their decision making about attending UAB.


  • The October 22, 2009 SOU address will focus on “40 great things/breakthroughs” and all faculty members are encouraged to attend.


  • The UAB administration will announce the decision about realignment on October 14, 2009 at 3:00 p.m. and information will be posted at


  • Senators are encouraged to identify ideas for how central recruitment activities of the Graduate School can be enhanced to grow the professional programs in the different academic units.





Mr. Olen Pruitt with UAB Facilities Management presented an update on UAB recycling activities. This presentation was a follow up of a previous presentation “Go Green, Save Gold” for the Senate. This presentation focused on saving energy, conserving natural resources and protecting the environment. Highlights include: new Recycling Center at 620 11th Street South which has a drive-thru for members of the University community to drop off home and work generated paper, # 1 and 2 plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Mr. Pruitt encouraged the Senators to get more faculty involved in the recycling activities and increase savings for the University. The Power Point presentation slides are available at


Discussion following the presentation included questions about UAB programs ongoing and those activities planned such as expanded buildings and faculty participation. Senators were encouraged to communicate with peers and support the UAB recycling activities.  



Open Forum


Topics discussed during open forum:


  • Research support for faculty and need for mechanism to share information among and between researchers on campus.


  • Health insurance premiums and the concerns for holding health benefits constant; the changes required for some participants in a Viva program were related to the opening of the UAB Women and Infants Center so that the closed plan for OB-GYN has been re-established.


  • Announcement of activities planned on campus for Open Access Week October 19-23; for more information visit or contact Heather Martin, Jeff Graveline or Dana Hettich at Sterne Library.


  • Questions about sabbaticals were identified as to number of applications submitted and the process for approvals; this topic will be monitored and await information from Provost Capilouto.



Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee (FPPC) Recommendations to Senate


Chair-elect Mark Hickson and Senate representative to the FPPC lead the discussion of the second reading for a recommendation/motion from the FPPC concerning these topics:


  • Section Review for Reappointment and Non-reappointment of Non-Tenured Faculty/ Temporary Faculty Appointment, Reappointment. The recommendations were approved by majority vote.


  • Section Annual Faculty Evaluation revision was approved by majority vote of the Senate.



Curriculum and Research Committee Report


  • Senator Kay Clements of Health Professions reported that she will be serving as the Chair and Senator Chris Kyle will serve as the vice chair for the year. The committee will be having a meeting on October 23, 2009.


  • Goals and activities for the year will be identified for the year at the announced meeting.



Faculty Affairs Committee Report


Chair Sue Kim reported the following:


  • The IDEA evaluation process for department chairs has been completed with 65 chairs evaluated and only 7 chairs with <60% participation and of these 7 only 2 had <50% participation by constituent faculty. Reports to chairs and deans will be distributed along with a letter from Chair Mark Lockhart to encourage that chairs share findings with constituent faculty.


  • Topics under discussion by the FAC include future IDEA administrator surveys, shared governance effectiveness study in spring term, gender and equity concerns and issues related to status of non-tenured faculty.



Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee Report


Senate Chair-elect Mark Hickson as the Senate representative to the FPPC presented the following FPPC recommendations to the Senate for the first reading and requested that Senators review and be prepared to discuss and vote at the November Senate meeting.


  • Section – addition of UAB Faculty Participation in Shared Governance
  • Ethics Hotline – UA System and implementation at UAB


Senators were requested to review all of the new Section and to send comments to Chair Lockhart, Chair-elect Hickson or Secretary Greenup prior to the November Senate meeting. Additional information about the Ethics Hotline can be accessed at



Finance Committee Report


Chair Jeanne Hutchinson reported the following:


  • Organizational meeting was held on September 8, 2009 with discussion of concerns related to Fringe Benefits.


  • A meeting to discuss maternity/parental leave proposals by representatives of the Senate, the FPPC, and the Commission on Status of Women and Advance Grant is planned for later this month.



Governance and Operations Committee Report


Chair Janelle Chiasera reported that the committee has completed the initial review of the Senate Constitution and Bylaws to identify sections that need discussion for possible revisions during this year and to complete such by May 2010. Additionally there is a need for Senators and alternates to review the Standing Rules of Senate Appendix B.  Each academic unit should be represented at all Senate meetings and all alternate senators are encouraged to attend all meetings when possible.



University-wide Committees with Senate Representatives’ Reports


  • Secretary Greenup attended the meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women that was held September 22, 2009. The Senate is committed to work collaboratively with the CSW concerning issues related to faculty and the primary issue at this time is the proposal by the CSW for maternity/parental leave.  Senate representative Annette Wright will be serving on the CSW committee on the Child Care Center.


  • Senator Dana Hettich reported that the Faculty Enrichment and Development committee is addressing concerns that faculty are not able to participate in the planned offerings for faculty development. Additional information can be obtained at the BlazerNet site for Faculty Resources and the Faculty Enrichment and Development channel as well as


  • Secretary Greenup reported that all other Senate representatives to University-wide committees have reported no activities/reports to date.





  • Senate Sponsored State of the University Address – President Garrison – October 22, 2009 – 3:00-4:30 p.m. – Margaret Spain Cameron Auditorium
  • Next Executive Committee Meeting – October 28, 2009
  • Next Executive Committee Meeting with President and Provost – November 3, 2009
  • Next Senate Meeting – Administration Building Penthouse CR1 – November 10, 2009
  • Next FPPC Meeting – Administration Building Penthouse CR1 – November 20, 2009



UAB Faculty Senate –



Secretary Pat Greenup submits this draft summary of the minutes for distribution via eReporter with a more complete record to appear on the Senate page after approval of expanded minutes at the November Senate meeting. The minutes of the Senate and the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee are posted on the Senate web page.