Summary Minutes of the February 9, 2010 Faculty Senate Meeting



Chair Report:


Chair Mark Lockhart reported to the Senate concerning:

·        Request to Senators to complete UAB Events Office information form and submit to Secretary Greenup

·        Request to Senators to reply to UAB Events Office’s RSVP for the January 12 ASC reception

·        Need for nominations for Senate elections to complete ballot for some academic units; closing date for receipt of nominations is February 18

·        Chair Lockhart’s report to the February 5 Board of Trustees as part of the UAB Institutional Report; presentation is posted on Senate page ; presentation focused on Senate working relationship with President Garrison and Provost Capilouto

·        Chair Lockhart’s invitation to President Garrison to present to Senate the presentation made to the Board of Trustees on UAB’s economic contributions to community and state; the tentative date for presentation is Senate meeting, April 13, 2010

·        Monthly meeting with President Garrison and Provost Capilouto included discussions related to laptop encryption policy and practices and library funding; discussions are ongoing

·        Chair Lockhart’s participation with a committee addressing compensation analysis study and another committee to follow up on Senate recommendation concerning UAB Ethics Hotline and work with Sabrina Hearn to enhance the website information to better inform faculty of the internal processes

·        Dr. Pat Bucy will serve as the Senate representative to a UAB- IT committee for Payment Card Industry (PCI) addressing compliance with standards and policies relate to use of credit card transactions related to UAB business transactions

·        Chair Lockhart has been appointed to the InfoEd executive committee that will oversee the implementation of the electronic research administration (eRA) software that will allow electronic submission and routing of applications for funding and associated regulatory review documents


President Report:


President Carol Garrison was not able to attend this meeting due to a scheduling conflict.


Presentation:  Mr. Brian Mackin UAB Athletic Director and Dr. Frank Messina Faculty Athletics Representative:


Athletic Director Brian Mackin presented an overview of the Athletics Department’s activities to assure the academic performance for all UAB athletes. The emphasis on academics for all athletes is a primary charge from President Garrison. The goal of the department is academic excellence and accountability for all participants including coaches, athletes, mentors, tutors and faculty for reporting academic performance during terms that athletes are taking specific courses. The mission of the department is described at;

In addition to the role of the Academic Reform Group and the Athletic Advisory Board, the Associate Director of Athletic Compliance’s activities assure that accountability supports the requirements for internal and external compliance. Senators were asked to encourage faculty to report student athlete performance in a timely manner and to encourage faculty to attend athletic events. Senators requested Director Mackin to consider incentives to encourage and expedite faculty reporting mechanisms that assist faculty to meet the needs of student athletes. Director Mackin closed his comments by thanking the faculty for support of the students and the academics accountability initiatives.

Information about academics and athletes is available at these links:

Representatives from all sports meet to discuss academic, service-related issues.


Dr. Frank Messina with the Department of Accounting in the School of Business was appointed in 2008 by President Garrison as the Faculty Athletics Representative. The responsibilities of the representative include serving as the internal auditor for athletics academic performance and this includes monthly reports to President Garrison.


Dr. Messina reviewed information about UAB student athletes [350 student-athletes; 46 majors represented; 16 sports {10 women and 6 men} and that all coaches, administrators, student-athletes all take academic performance very seriously.

Accolades for fall 2009 and 2008-2009 were reviewed. [Note: listings of these accolades will be included in the expanded minutes for the Senate and posted to the Senate page.]


UAB does have a degree-completion program where former student-athletes can return to complete degree requirements.


Faculty members are encouraged to support student-athletes by signing the travel accommodations form before the drop-add period ends.


Faculty who have questions or concerns are encouraged to contact Dr. Messina at


Open Forum:


No topics were introduced for discussion during open forum.





Curriculum and Research Committee Report:


Chair Kay Clements announced that initial planning is occurring for announcing the Faculty Development Grants Program application process for this year.


Faculty Affairs Committee Report:


Chair Sue Kim indicated that the committee is working on development of a shared governance survey and reviewed the following motion from the FAC meeting of 1-20-10:


MOTION: Move that the quantitative results of the IDEA administrator evaluations be released to the faculty who evaluated that administrator. Both numerical data and written comments will be released only to the evaluated administrator and his/her immediate supervisor.



Releasing the numerical data to evaluating faculty provides a compromise between full release of the survey results and a complete lack of feedback to the faculty. Ideally, the numerical survey results would be combined with the evaluated administrator’s summary of written evaluations and future plans.


Furthermore, releasing the written comments to only the evaluated administrator and his/her immediate supervisor protects the confidentiality of both the evaluated administrator and faculty evaluator.


Discussion of the motion included questions about the current process and that faculty want access to the quantitative report for administrators evaluated through the periodic Senate sponsored IDEA administrator evaluations. Issues to be discussed further are related to confidentiality, privacy, implementation process, follow up that occurred after fall 2009 department chair evaluations. Comments by Senators indicated that faculty members want feedback related to administrators’ evaluation either in the form of the quantitative data or via a report from the administrator evaluated. There was also discussion about the distribution of the comments and the potential use of comments and quantitative data by an administrator’s supervising administrator. The goal is to generate information that will be utilized by an administrator to improve performance with some type of feedback to constituents without having a perceived negative enforcement process. There is the need for the Senate to work with President Garrison and Provost Capilouto in a collaborative manner to assure that the conduct the administrator evaluations support all faculty, students, staff and administrators to improve the daily operations and long term goals of the University. Senators were encouraged to determine what mechanisms of feedback were used in represented departments and bring this information to the March Senate meeting for the continued discussion of the FAC motion. The ultimate goal is to assure faculty that the IDEA administrator evaluation reports are not ignored and that they are utilized to improve the productivity of administrators and respective faculty working with specific administrators.




Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee Report:


Senate Chair-elect Mark Hickson as the Senate representative to the FPPC presented for first reading a FPPC recommendation for an advisory working group to examine the vision, scope, organization, and tentative working plan for the online University Policies and Procedures Library that is in development. The recommendation includes suggested stakeholder positions that are directly related to production and review processes for current and new policies and procedures. Discussion included questions about the future role of the FPPC with the library and the plans for addressing archives and update documentation for existing, revised and new policies and procedures. The Senate will have the second reading and discussion for this recommendation at the March meeting.


Finance Committee Report:


Chair Jeanne Hutchinson indicated there was no report from the committee for this meeting.


Governance and Operations Committee Report:


Chair Janelle Chiasera reported that the committee is preparing for the election validation process when the election ballots are submitted and a meeting is being planned.


University-wide Committees with Senate representatives’ reports:


Senator Julio Rivera, representative to the Undergraduate Programs Council and a member of the Articulation and Curriculum Committee (ACC) reported that the ACC recently met to review two program proposals. One proposal was forwarded to the UPC for consideration and a second proposal was returned to the submitting academic unit for revisions. The next meeting of the UPC is February 10, 2010.


Elections Update:


Secretary Greenup, as chair of the Senate Elections Committee, announced that an elections nominations status report is available at

Senators and faculty members can review the updated listing of nominees and the remaining number of nominees needed per academic unit.

The closing date for submission of nomination forms is February 18, 2010.

The ballots will be distributed electronically during March 8-12 and election results will be announced early April.




a.    President’s Reception for Senate/FPPC – April 22, 2010; 5:30 – 7:00pm Woodward House

b.     Next FPPC Meeting – Administration Building Penthouse CR1 – February 19, 2010

c.     Next Executive Committee Meeting – February 24, 2010

d.     Next Executive Committee Meeting with President and Provost – March  2, 2010

e.     Next Senate Meeting – Administration Building Penthouse CR1 – March 9, 2010



UAB Faculty Senate –

Secretary Pat Greenup submits this draft summary of the minutes for distribution via eReporter with  a more complete record to appear on the Senate page after approval of expanded minutes at the March Senate meeting. The minutes of the Senate and the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee are posted on the Senate web page.