Summary Minutes of the January 12, 2010 Faculty Senate Meeting



Chair Report


Chair Mark Lockhart reported to the Senate:


  • Discussion by Senate Executive Committee with President Garrison and Provost Capilouto of libraries’ funding sources and decreasing access to new book publications and continuing cancellations of access to journals.


  • Senate receipt of Provost’s quarterly report [October 1 - December 31] with no activities in Termination for Cause Review Panel, no activities in University-wide Grievance Panel, and no Grievance Hearing Committee impaneled.


  • Senate receipt of Provost’s quarterly report [October 1 - December 31] related to UAB Ethics Hotline: Follow up for previous quarter [all cases involving faculty have been reviewed and closed]; new cases for quarter [of 12 incidents reported, 2 involved faculty and these cases are under review.]


  • Members of Senate Executive Committee met with Sabrina Hearn, Director of Internal Audit to address concerns and development of guidelines for process when an individual has been identified to the UAB Ethics Hotline. A draft document and suggestions for improving information on the web site are under discussion. Additional information is available at


  • Senate has received notification from Provost of approval of Senate recommendation for revisions to the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies Section and addition of new section – Temporary Faculty Appointment/Reappointment.


  • Senate Executive Committee recommendation that registering process for text alert messages for emergency situations has been communicated to VP of Information Technology; need for “one-step” registration with access to this link from the UAB home page is the Senate recommendation.


  • Senate has received a request from Provost related to the Textbook Task Force report that faculty improve submission of information for ordering books by established deadlines; Chair Lockhart requested Senators to send suggestions to him on how to encourage faculty to order books according to the scheduled timelines.


  • Executive Committee will identify the Open Forum topics that have not been completed and determine actions needed at the January 27 meeting.


  • Executive Committee approved revisions to the duties of the Chair of Governance and Operations to update the Appendix D.5 of the Senate Constitution and Bylaws Appendices.



Presentation:  Mr. Gordon Stone, Director, Higher Education Partnership


Visit this site for information -


Mr. Stone encouraged faculty interaction with Alabama legislators to tell the story and contributions of higher education to Alabama and to encourage fair and equitable funding for higher education public universities in Alabama. The Faculty Senate was encouraged to consider sponsoring a local legislators’ reception event to offer faculty the opportunity to meet/talk with legislators concerning higher education.



President Report


President Carol Garrison made the following comments:


  • Follow up to Mr. Stone’s comments, connection of faculty and students with legislators is important for assuring that legislators know the need for an equitable funding process for higher education.


  • Availability of H1N1 vaccine clinics on campus this week with access for faculty, staff and students.


  • Recruitment of presidential scholars to UAB emphasizes the importance of the quality of the academic programs, availability of Honors programs and campus appearance; student contact with faculty during recruitment phase is important to student decisions about which university to attend.


  • UAB is transitioning to increasing user-friendly technologies with online forms to replace paper forms and processes. These online forms will enhance compliance with disclosure requirements and compliance with UAB and UA System Board rules.



Presentation:  Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs, Dr. Claire Peel


Dr. Peel updated the Senate on the Office for Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs as to mission to provide faculty development opportunities, process faculty personnel documents, and to coordinate university-wide faculty awards. The presentation reviewed programs and resources and accomplishments during the past year with examples of ongoing activities. All faculty members and the Senate are encouraged to provide suggestions and identify needs and concerns related to the functions of the Associate Provost office.


The presentation is available at



Presentation:  Associate Provost for Administration and Finance, Mr. Harlan Sands


Mr. Sands presented an update on the transitioning of a paper form process to a web-based process for disclosure and approval of foreign travel by UAB employees and students. The new online process will be a “one click signature” approach requiring only three approvers [department chair, dean, and President’s designee.] The online process is currently under pilot testing and the target date for implementation is February. Pre-scheduled and on request educational sessions will be available to help users become familiar with the process. Currently the requirement for this approval is based on university related travel and is not required for personal or professional travel. However, all faculty members are encouraged to utilize the approval process for all types of foreign travel to address insurance coverage and risk management concerns.


The UAB Foreign Travel Policy will be updated to reflect the new online process. The goal is to expedite the foreign travel process and to be able to assist students and faculty in foreign countries under emergency type situations such as restricted travel due to infectious disease outbreaks or international political events.


The presentation is available at



Open Forum


Topics discussed during open forum:


  • Topic # 1:  Senator Michael Loop presented the following: Based on an AP article on December 31, 2009, “Athletes get break on college admission standards”, a question was asked about “UAB’s entrance requirements and the AP findings regarding UAB.”  The AP report indicated that UAB was one of 27 schools “where athletes were at least 10 times more likely to benefit from special admission programs than students in the general population.” The AP report was based on 2004-2006 special admissions program information in a recently released NCAA report.

    President Garrison responded to this question by reviewing current general admission process and requirements for all applicants [ACT 20, 2.25 high school GPA, and pre-college curriculum in high school] and the function of the Special Admissions Committee. This committee is chaired by Dr. Philip Way, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Programs. Dr. Garrison explained about transitioning to new admission requirements in recent years and that the goal is to assure that students are prepared to succeed as UAB students.

    Dr. Garrison reported that of 1500 admits, 62 were special admits. Of the 62, 14 were student athletes across several sports with the highest number for the football program. For all special admits students academic performance and graduation rates are monitored.


  • Topic # 2:  Past Chair Sheri Spaine Long requested an update on the status of the search committee process for the deans’ positions for Medicine, Optometry and the College of Arts and Sciences.


-         School of Medicine – President Garrison reported that the search committee met last week for an organizational meeting, that a search firm is being identified and that an advisory committee to the search committee will have faculty representation of faculty from Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Huntsville and students from each class in the SOM and the Graduate Biomedical Sciences Program will have representation on a student advisory committee with input to the search committee. Additional information is available at [UAB Synopsis, vol. 29, no. 02, January 13, 2010].

-         School of Optometry – Provost Capilouto reported that an interim dean has been appointed but that the search committee process has not yet been implemented.

-         College of Arts & Sciences – Provost Capilouto reported that Dean Harold Jones is serving as the chair of the search committee and that appointments of members are being finalized. Greenwood Associates will be the search firm for this position and it is expected that the first meeting will be held during the week of January 18.



Curriculum and Research Committee Report


No report.



Faculty Affairs Committee Report


Chair Sue Kim reported that a meeting of the committee is planned for next week to address plans for a shared governance survey and to develop a recommendation for the Senate related to the process for faculty feedback for the IDEA administrator evaluations.



Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee Report


Senate Chair-elect Mark Hickson as the Senate representative to the FPPC reported that recommendations will be addressed by the Executive Committee on January 27 and that several subcommittees are continuing work on reviews of issues and preparation of recommendations.



Finance Committee Report


Chair Jeanne Hutchinson reported that members of the committee will be attending a workshop on UAB budgeting process next week to assist the members in development of recommendations.



Governance and Operations Committee Report


No report.



University-wide Committees with Senate Representatives Reports


  • Senator Julio Rivera reported that the Articulation and Curriculum Committee [Undergraduate Programs Council] met on December 16 and is reviewing one program proposal.


  • Senator Annette Wright reported that the Commission on the Status of Women met on December 11 and identified three areas of concern as parental leave, child care, and mentoring program for women on campus. The Suits for Success campaign will be conducted in late February this year.





  • Senator Majd Zayzafoon, Chair of the Senate Ad Hoc Research Committee reported that meetings have been held to address concerns identified at the October 2 Open Faculty Forum. Meetings with Dr. Marchase and Dr. Gerrity have focused on the need to improve communications between faculty and administration on topics such as how to get issues identified to administration, and how administration gets such issues addressed/resolved and then how notification of future appropriate actions by faculty and administration is communicated to faculty throughout the research enterprise of the University. The work of the group is ongoing and Dr. Marchase will present at the March Senate meeting.


  • Secretary Greenup as Chair of the Elections Committee for the Senate requested that current Senators use the 2010 elections files distributed with the January 12 Senate meeting announcement to forward to faculty constituents to encourage nominations for Senate [nominations due January 29, 2010] or FPPC in the six units [Engineering, Nursing, NSM, Medicine, Sterne and Lister Hill libraries] requiring election for the FPPC. Nominations for Chair-elect [from Health Affairs units], Secretary [from any academic unit] are also due on January 29, 2010. The goal is to conduct the elections the first week of March with the online elections process to be completed before mid-April.


  • Next Executive Committee Meeting – January 27, 2010


  • Next Executive Committee Meeting with President and Provost – February 2, 2010


  • Next Senate Meeting – Administration Building Penthouse CR1 – February 9, 2010


  • Next FPPC Meeting – Administration Building Penthouse CR1 – January 16, 2010



UAB Faculty Senate –



Secretary Pat Greenup submits this draft summary of the minutes for distribution via eReporter with a more complete record to appear on the Senate page after approval of expanded minutes at the January Senate meeting. The minutes of the Senate and the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee are posted on the Senate web page.