UAB Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda

June 8, 2004

Penthouse CR1 7:30-9:30 A. M.



  1. Call to Order


  1. Recognition of Visitors Please Sign Attendance Roster


  1. Approval of Minutes May 11, 2004 Meeting


  1. Introduction of In-coming Chair Ted Benditt Past-Chair John Smith


  1. Election of Senators-at-Large Call for Nominations from Floor Add to Ballot


  1. Senate Standing Committees Membership and Chair appointments


    1. Curriculum & Research


    1. Faculty Affairs


    1. Governance & Operations


    1. Finance


    1. Faculty Policies and Procedures FPPC



  1. New Business


    1. Senate Liaison
    2. Appendix A-F for Senate Bylaws Location on Senate Web Page
    3. Suggestions for Presentations During Senate Year


8. Announcements

a.       Next Senate Meeting July 13, 2004 Penthouse CR1

b.      Orientation of Chairs of Standing Committees Chair Benditt