UAB Faculty Senate

Hill University Center Great Hall A-B

Tuesday September 9, 2003

Senate Meeting Agenda


    1. Call to Order


    1. Recognition of Visitors


    1. Minutes of August 12, 2003 Senate Meeting


    1. Chair Report

        Faculty representatives for SACS audit teams

        Senate representative to Athletics Committee

        Senate representative to CAA

        Introduction of new senators and alternates


    1. Programs Update President Garrison


    1. Senate Standing Committee Reports

        Finance Committee Senator Linda Reed

        FPPC Past-Chair Tim Heaven

1.      Policy Review Guidelines - Revision

2.      James Lowery policy review path and the role of the Senate in policy review - motion

3.      Electronic Access to UAB Faculty Resources - motion

        Standing Committees Bylaws describing activities Secretary Greenup


    1. Academic Unit Reports

        Sterne Library Jennifer Long

        School of Nursing Jackie Moss

        School of Medicine Stephen Moser

        School of Optometry


    1. Open Forum


    1. Announcements

        Next Senate Meeting October 14 HUC A&B; 7:30 AM

        Academic Unit Reports: Public Health; SBS; JHS; Arts &Hum


    1. Adjournment