Faculty Policies and Procedures

January 28, 2005

HOEN 100

7:30-9:30 a.m.



Members Present: Dr. Madelyn Coar, Dr. Loretta Cormier, Dr. Dorothy Gauthier, Dr. Pat Greenup, Dr. Jeanne Hutchison, Dr. Philip Musa, Dr. Rose Scripa, Dr. John Smith, Dr. Uday Vaidya, Ms. Carolyn Walden, Dr. Michael Wyss


Alternates Present: Ms. Pat Higginbottom, Dr. Mark Lockhart


Ex-Offico Members Present: Mr. James Lowery


Members Absent With Notice: Dr. Eli Capilouto, Dr. Janice Patterson, Mr. Timothy Pennycuff, Dr. John Waterbor


Members Absent Without Notice: Dr. Sonya Rieger, Dr. Gary Sapp


Ex-Officio Members Absent With Notice: Mr. Ed Kennedy


Call to Order: Chair Wyss called the meeting to order at 7:35 a.m.


Adoption of December 18, 2004 Minutes: The minutes of the December 18, 2004 meeting were approved as distributed.


Chair Report:  Chair Wyss reported that Section 2.0 has been forwarded to President Garrison and Provost Capilouto for further review.  Dr. Greenup indicated that the FSEC will ask for a timeline update for Section 2.0.  (Section 2.0, Appendices A, B, and C were sent to the FPPC as information items)


Presentation of Information Items: No changes or updates.


Grade Distribution Policy: (Handout attached to official copy of minutes) The FPPC committee reviewed the November 17, 2004 Grade Distribution Policy against the revised Grade Distribution Policy dated December 28, 2004. The title of the Grade Distribution Policy will be changed to Posting of Grades. Dr. Scripa indicated that the revised Grade Distribution Policy will appear online as a link from the faculty handbook.  Dr. Greenup asked if the revised policy will be forwarded to the deans. Dr. Scripa indicated that a recommendation needs to be made that the policy be distributed.


Distant Learning Policy: Due to time constraints Dr. Capilouto and Mr. Lowery drafted a Distant Learning Policy that has been signed by President Garrison and sent to SACS. Mr. Lowery indicated that this is rule not policy.  Dr. Greenup indicated that the Curriculum and Research Committee will review the Distant Learning Policy to see if any further input is needed from the faculty.


Section 7.5.1: (Handout attached to official copy of minutes) Dr. Smith indicated that the Faculty Senate will vote on Section 7.5.1 at the February 8, 2005 meeting.  Dr. Smith motioned to move Section 7.5.1 to the Faculty Senate.  Motion approved, all members of the FPPC were in favor.


New Business: Chair Wyss indicated that a nomination committee will be appointed at the next meeting of the FPPC.


Next meeting of FPPC: February 18, 2005


Meeting Adjourned: 8:25 a.m.