Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee
June 25, 2004
(June 25, 2004 Minutes amended July 26, 2004)

Members Present: Dr. Dorothy Gauthier, Dr. Pat Greenup, Dr. Jeanne Hutchison, Mr. Timothy Pennycuff, Dr. Rose Scripa, Dr. John Smith, Ms. Carolyn Walden, , Dr. Uday Vaidya, Dr. Michael Wyss (Chair)

Ex-Officio Members Present: Mr. James Lowery, Mr. Edward Kenney

Alternates Present: Dr. Mark Lockhart

Members Absent With Notice: Dr. Eli Capilouto, Dr. Lori Cormier

Members Absent Without Notice: Dr. John Waterbor, Ms. Patricia Higginbottom

Chair Wyss called the meeting to order.

The minutes from the April 23, 2004 meeting were approved with editorial changes.

Chair Report:
Chair Wyss welcomed all new and returning members of the FPPC. Chair Wyss briefly described the functions of the FPPC. The FPPC is a committee of the Faculty Senate and is a free-standing committee. Members of the committee are elected by their schools. The FPPC was formed to bring the University and the faculty together to address policies related to faculty. Up until June 2004, the FPPC Committee has reviewed most of the Faculty Handbook. Appendices B and C are still under review. Section 2 and Appendix A have been reviewed by the Provost and some changes have been made. Chair Wyss indicated that there are several policies remaining to consider for review. The Conflicts of Interest Policy still needs reviewing and Chair Wyss is uncertain about the status of the policy. Mr. Lowery indicated that the “extramurally funded” section re-wording is ready but that he is still waiting for the other section.

Election of Chair:
Dr. Coar conducted the election of the chair for the FPPC Committee. Dr. Coar indicated that one nomination was received. Mr. Pennycuff motioned to accept Dr. Mike Wyss by acclamation. All members were in favor. Dr. Coar will serve as a Senate Executive Committee alternate for Dr. Wyss.

Presentation of Information Items:
Mr. Lowery indicated that the following updates on the form “Status of Sections of the Handbook and Policies Currently Being Reviewed” have been made.
a. Page 3 Conflicts of Interest - Administrative review has been initiated.
b. Page 3 Equal Opportunity – Policy was signed by President Carol Garrison on May 27, 2004
c. UAB – related Foreign Travel – Form changes are being reviewed.
d. Maintenance of High Ethical Standards – Administrative review has been initiated.
e. Nonsmoking Policy – Currently going through review process and probably will be ready to be presented to the FPPC at the next scheduled meeting.

Chair Wyss suggested that the summary sheet submitted to the FPPC at each meeting (Status of Sections of the Handbook and Policies Currently Being Reviewed) should indicate policies that have been revised or changed status since the previous FPPC meeting. Mr. Lowery will take this into consideration.

Revision of Section 2.1
A motion was made to accept the revisions of Section 2.1 of the UAB Handbook (see attached handout). The motion was amended by James Lowery to remove the first paragraph of the draft of Section 2.1 entirely and to insert in its place the following wording: “See Part II for UAB’s Equal Opportunity Policy.” It also was approved to remove “(summary)” from the section heading. The amended policy passed unanimously.
Note: this revision was added to Senate version of Section 2.1. The FPPC must forward a notice to the Senate Chair to recommend this change approved by the FPPC.

Committee Reports:
Dr. Greenup indicated that Sub Committee C has met two times, and the committee is reviewing Section 3.5 and Section 3.8 of the Faculty Handbook. Dr. Greenup indicted that Sub Committee C will make revisions to those sections according to suggestions at today’s meeting. Dr. Greenup recommended that everyone read the Subcommittee C review status chart and be ready to vote at the next meeting.

Dr. Greenup presented a proposal to remove the word “Policy” from several section headings for consistency throughout Section 3. Passed by members present.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 a.m.