Approved – Corrected Minutes

Faculty Policies & Procedures

September 16, 2005

Penthouse CR1

7:30-9:30 a.m.


Members Present: Dr. Theodore Benditt, Dr. Kathleen Berecek, Dr. Madelyn Coar, Dr. Carolyn Conley, Dr. Pat Greenup (Chair), Dr. Philip Musa, Dr. Eduardo Neiva, Dr. Rose Scripa, Dr. Uday Vaidya, Ms. Carolyn Walden

Members Absent With Notice: Provost Eli Capilouto, Dr. Jeanne Hutchison, Dr. Mark Lockhart, Dr. Janice Patterson, Mr. Timothy Pennycuff, Dr. Om Srivastava, Dr. John Waterbor

Alternate Members Present: Dr. Lookman Folami, Dr. John Ehiri, Ms. Pat Higginbottom, Dr. Loucrecia Collins, Dr. Janice O’Malley

Ex-Officio Members Present: Mr. Edward Kennedy

Members Absent Without Notice: None


Agenda Items:


A. Call to Order: Chair Greenup called the meeting to order at 7:35 a.m.


B. Adoption of August 19, 2005 Minutes: Approved as distributed with editorial change.


C. Chair Report:


1. Request for clarification from Provost Eli Capilouto – Chair Greenup reported that according to the Constitution and Bylaws there should be 1 representative from the President’s office and 2 representatives from the office of the Provost at each Faculty Policies and Procedures meeting.  Chair Greenup indicated that she has requested clarification from Provost Capilouto. Provost Capilouto will be working the Dr. Scripa on clarification and an update will be provided to the committee at the next meeting.


2. Handbook Section 2.0 Implementation Plan Status – Chair Greenup and Dr. Scripa are currently working on a draft of an implementation plan and will present this to the Provost when completed.


3. Chair Greenup indicated that she is currently working on the remainder of the approved changes for the handbook and will present a final copy to the Faculty Senate when completed.



4.      Chair Greenup indicated that the recommended changes for student links related to the Direction Student Handbook have occurred.  Mr. Andy Marsh recently sent a notice to the deans of each school and requested that this information be sent to the faculty and staff.


5.      Chair Greenup requested that each member of the FPPC indicate their name and academic unit when addressing the FPPC in the meetings. The name placards are helpful but difficult to see in the seating arrangement in the Penthouse conference room


D. Senate Report (Dr. Benditt)


No Report – [At this time the only requests from the FPPC that are currently

pending a response from the Provost or the President are the recommendations

about the timeline for implementation of Section 2 appendix A, B and C and that

academic units develop a template for unit handbooks that is similar to the UAB



E. Old Business


1.   FPPC Operating Rules- The FPPC committee reviewed the revised

      Operating Rules (see attached handout) Dr. Greenup will incorporate the

      changes and present this at the next meeting of the FPPC for further review

      and possible voting.


      ACTION ITEM: Chair Greenup will update the Operating Rules file and

      incorporate the suggestions for changes as recommended. This document will

      be on the agenda for the October FPPC meeting.


      ACTION ITEM: Chair Greenup will communicate with Dr. Glenna Brown

      to determine the accuracy of some of the language in the Operating Rules

      related to the Office of Institutional Studies and Services.


2.   Family Leave Policies


                 Chair Greenup requested Dr. Madelyn Coar to chair the Family Friendly

                 Policies Subcommittee. Members of this subcommittee are Dr. Janice

                 Patterson, Dr. Eduardo Neiva, Dr. Joan Grant, Dr. Rose Scripa and Dr. Phillip



                 Dr. Greenup will outline the charge/goals/timeline and topics for this

                 subcommittee to review and forward as a letter to the subcommittee members.


                 The following topics will be addressed:

·        Section 7.5 (personal leave, family leave and medical leave)

·        Section 7.5.1 Tenure Clock wording – has been approved by the Chancellor but has not been posted.

·        Section Length of Tenure Earning has been approved by the Chancellor

·        Section 7.3 Sick Leave policy

·        Policy 3.03

·        Policy 305 – Leave without pay

·        Policy 319

·        Section 2.0 - – Forfeiture of tenure status if must convert to part-time  status (this policy has been in practice for years but has only been added to the  Section 2.0 document in the 2005 Chancellor approved version.)

·         Link for You and UAB handbook

·         Suggestions to recruit and retain faculty

·         Tenured faculty – loss of tenure if need to be part-time for a period of time


                   Dr. Scripa requested that copies of the You and UAB Handbook be made

                   available to the FPPC committee.  Stephanie Belcher will request printed

                   copies of the You and UAB Handbook.


                   This subcommittee will need to exam the UAB Faculty Policies and

                   Procedures Handbook, You and UAB Handbook and Human Resource

                   Management policies posted on the HR website.


                   ACTION ITEM: Chair Greenup will prepare a letter to the members of the

                   subcommittee and outline the charges, and projected timeline for reports to

                   the FPPC.


          3.   Student seminars on intellectual property/ ownership


                   Chair Greenup requested that Dr. Berecek chair the subcommittee that will

                   review recommendations for student seminars on intellectual property



                   Members of this subcommittee are: Dr. Kathleen Berecek (Chair), Dr. Om

                   Srivastava, Dr. John Waterbor, Dr. Uday Vaidya, Dr. Carolyn Conley.


                  The charge to the subcommittee will be defined in a letter and will include

                   these questions:

–        What is currently being done to inform students and faculty?

–        What should UAB be doing to better inform students and faculty?


                  ACTION ITEM: Chair Greenup will prepare a letter to the members of the

                  subcommittee and outline the charges and the projected timeline for reports to

                  the FPPC.




           4.   UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies review cycle/process


                Dr. Greenup requested Dr. Benditt to chair this subcommittee.

                The primary charge will be to review the “Cycle/Process of the FPPC review of

                the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies.”


                Members of this subcommittee are: Dr. Theodore Benditt (Chair), Ms. Carolyn

                Walden, Mr. Timothy Pennycuff, Dr. Jean Hutchison, Dr. Mark Lockhart. Dr.

                Scripa will serve as resource for the subcommittee.


                Dr. Scripa indicated that the President’s statement in the online UAB Faculty   

                Handbook and Policies needs to be updated. Dr. Greenup requested that Dr.

                Scripa request a statement from President Garrison. 


               ACTION ITEM: Chair Greenup will prepare a letter to the members of the

               subcommittee and outline the charges and the projected timeline for reports to

               the FPPC.


          5.   Distant Learning Copyright Rules


                Chair Greenup indicated that John Daniel and Ina Leonard are currently

                 working with the Provost office on UAB copyright policies. Chair

                Greenup hopes to have an update at the October FPPC meeting, at which

                 time formation of a subcommittee will be considered to discuss these policies

                 and identified concerns from the FPPC and the Curriculum & Research

                Committee of the Faculty Senate. These issues need to be addressed in

                preparation for the University’s conversion to the Web CT Vista and increased

                focus on blended and distance learning goals for multiple academic units.


                ACTION ITEM: Chair Greenup will communicate with John Daniel to obtain

                an update on the status of Counsel and Provost discussions about copyright

                policies at UAB and particularly responses to the questions identified and sent

                to Counsel by FPPC in the last several months.


F. New Business       


1.                          Election time for Chair of FPPC and the election cycle conducted by the Senate for FPPC representatives.

The discussion focused on absence of 9 month faculty members during June, July, and August of the FPPC so that they are not present to participate in the election of the Chair of the FPPC.


ACTION ITEM:  Chair Greenup will prepare a letter to the Chair of the Faculty Pete Anderson (copy to Past-Chair Ted Benditt) outlining a request for review of the Election Time Cycle by the Senate Governance & Operations Committee.

2.                          Chair Greenup encouraged the FPPC membership to support the

                 following activities:


–        Tuesday September 20th at 3:30 p.m. Dr. Garrison will be giving

              the State of the University Address at the Spain Auditorium. 


–        Wednesday September 21st a representative from IDEA will be at the Hill University Center for an open forum on student evaluation of teaching.


–        Dr. Greenup encouraged the members of the FPPC committee to attend and to share the information with their colleagues.


3.                          Dr. Scripa indicated the student rating project is linked with faculty

                development to improve teaching. Other faculty development activities

                scheduled are: October 6, 2005 - Dr. Peter Seldin will present a seminar

                on student ratings and will return in December for a 3 ½ day faculty

                portfolio workshop for 12 selected faculty members. 


G. Presentation of Informational Items:


        This report was not available to the FPPC for this meeting.


        ACTION ITEM: Chair Greenup will communicate with Dr. Glenna Brown to

        determine the status of the FPPC for receiving these reports. This request will

        additionally inquire for information pertaining to:


–        FPPC contact person in the Provost Office for information about policies and procedures related to the duties of the FPPC

–        FPPC contact in the HR who can assist with questions about HR policy


H. Review of Action Items for September FPPC Meeting:


   Please refer to the Action Items described in each of the sections of these minutes.


I. Review of Actions Items from August FPPC Meeting:


    1. Action item pertaining to request to Provost Capilouto pertaining for clarification of

        the representation of the President and Provost at the FPPC meetings is currently


    2.  All other listed action items have been completed.






J. Materials Distributed to FPPC Members Electronically Prior to Meeting


–        Agenda

–        Draft of August FPPC Minutes

–        Operating Rules – Working Draft

–        Section 7.5 – Faculty Handbook – 2000

–        Section 7.5.1

–        Length of Tenure Earning Period  Section Chancellor Approved

–        Policy 303 Sick Leave

–        Policy 305 Leave Without Pay

–        Handbook Review Cycle

–        Section 7.3 – Sick Leave – Faculty Handbook

–        Family Medical Leave of Absence Policy


K. Materials Distributed at the Meeting


–        Introduction of current Faculty Handbook – statements pertaining to Faculty Handbook review cycle

–        FPPC - October 23, 2004 Recommendation to Provost – Report of the Committee on Handbook Issues and Archival Process”; documentation of President Garrison approval of the recommendation.


L. Announcements:


            Next FPPC meeting October 14, 2005 – Penthouse CR1- 7:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.


M. Adjourned


            Meeting adjourned at 9:15 a.m.