Faculty Policies and Procedures Meeting

September 19, 2003

HOEN 120

7:30 – 9:30 a.m.



MEMBERS PRESENT: Dr. Michael Wyss (Chair), Dr. Madelyn Coar, Dr. Loretta Cormier, Dr. Dorothy Gauthier, Dr. Joseph Gauthier, Dr. Pat Greenup, Dr. Tim Heaven, Dr. Philip Musa, Mr. Timothy Pennycuff, Dr. Joseph Telfair, Ms. Carolyn Walden, Dr. John Waterbor



ALTERNATES PRESENT:  Dr. Mark Lockhart, Dr. Loucrecia Collins






MEMBERS AND EX-OFFICO MEMBERS ABSENT WITH NOTICE:  Dr. Eli Capilouto, Mr. James Lowery, Dr. Sardis Matalon, Dr. Hrudaya Nath, Dr. Janice Patterson, Dr. Rose Scripa, Dr. Om Srivastava, Dr. BJ Stephens



MEMBERS ABSENT: Dr. Sonja Rieger



Chair Wyss called the Faculty Policies Procedure meeting to order at 7:34 a.m. The minutes from the August 22, 2003 FPPC meeting were approved as distributed. 


Chair Wyss reported that the revision of the policy on Policy Review was approved by the Faculty Senate.  Chair Wyss and Sheila Sanders are working together on a possible format for the Faculty Resource Button that will be added to the UAB homepage. Hotlinks that are anticipated to be included on a Faculty Resources page are:


. UAB Employee Handbook

                                    . Faculty Handbook

                                    . Grants and Contracts

                                    . Accounting

                                    . C.I.R.B.

                                    . Hotlinks to each school


Chair Wyss requested that if any members of the FPPC have any ideas or suggestions for the Faculty Resource Page to let him know.


Chair Wyss reported that Section 2.0 and Appendices A, B, C were reviewed in August by the Deans and the Provost at an APC meeting.  Dr. Wyss anticipates that a committee including him and Dr. Greenup and several Deans will be formed to review the final documents.


Presentation of Information Items – (Mr. James Lowery Out with Notice) No changes made since the last FPPC meeting.


Chair Wyss reviewed the following proposal that was unanimously accepted by the FPPC. It is to be sent to Dr. Rose Scripa’s office.


             PROPOSAL:  For ease of reference, in the Table of Contents of the

online Faculty Handbook, add to the Section 8 section the list of

policies that formerly appeared in the Part II section.


RATIONALE:  In the online Faculty Handbook, "Part II" was

eliminated as a separate section, and the policies that were in Part II

were given direct links via the list of those policies in Section 8.  At

the same time, the Table of Contents was changed to reflect that those

policies are now contained in Section 8 AND the LIST of those policies

was removed from Part II in the Table of Contents.  However, the LIST of

the policies was NOT added in Section 8 in the Table of Contents.



Dr. Wyss indicated that Dr. Scripa will compile a list of items that must be addressed in school/library handbooks after the President approves the new sections and appendices of the UAB Faculty Handbook. This list will be presented to the FPCC for comment and forwarded to the deans who will pass the information to the school committee. 


Mr. Tim Pennycuff questioned the status of the “proposal for setting a time limit” for school handbooks to come into compliance with the UAB Handbook.  This was presented to the UAB Faculty Senate.  Dr. Greenup indicated that Dr. Capilouto has seen that report and has reservations about the short time it allows (6 months). Provost Capilouto has indicated that he will define the timeline for Academic Units to bring their faculty handbooks into compliance with the UAB version of Section 2 and Appendix A, B and C when the President makes the final approval of the revisions. 


Committee Reports:

a.       Subcommittee A – No report

b.       Subcommittee C – Dr. Greenup indicated that Subcommittee C cannot move forward until a report from the C.I.R.B. is received.

c.       Ad Hoc Subcommittee – (Handout Given) Mr. Pennycuff reported a recommendation that HTML and PDF files be used for the electronic archival version of the UAB Faculty Handbook.  Further, they recommended that a printed copy of Section 2.0 be maintained in the Sterne and Lister Hill Libraries and that all policy changes be sent to the libraries within 3 days of their effective date.  Superseded versions will be archived.  Mr. Pennycuff indicated that a printed copy will also be kept in the office of the Provost.


A table will be maintained that will track changes and it will also be archived when another issue is completed.


Chair Wyss recommended that a change be added to Section 2 “All changes be submitted to Lister Hill and Sterne Libraries within three days.”


The FPPC voted unanimously to recommend the amended policy to the UAB Faculty Senate.


The next meeting of the FPPC – October 24, 2003 HOEN 120 7:30-9:30 a.m.


The meeting adjourned at 8:05 a.m.