Faculty Policies and Procedures

August 19, 2005

Penthouse CR1

7:30-9:30 a.m.


Members Present: Dr. Theodore Benditt, Dr. Kathleen Berecek, Dr. Carolyn Conley, Dr. Joan Grant, Dr. Pat Greenup (Chair), Dr. Jeanne Hutchison, Dr. Mark Lockhart, Dr. Janice Patterson, Dr. Rose Scripa, Dr. Om Srivastava, Dr. Uday Vaidya, Ms. Carolyn Walden


Members Absent With Notice: Dr. Eli Capilouto, Dr. Madelyn Coar, Dr. Philip Musa, Dr. Neiva Eduardo, Mr. Timothy Pennycuff, Dr. John Waterbor


Alternate Members Present: Ms. Pat Higginbottom


Ex-Officio Members Present: Mr. Ed Kennedy





Call to Order:


Chair Greenup called the meeting to order at 7:40 a.m.


Adoption of July 15, 2005 FPPC Minutes:


The July 15, 2005 minutes were approved as distributed with minor editorial changes.


Chair Report:


Chair Greenup requested that any FPPC member that has not yet identified an alternate to attend the FPPC meetings in their absence to please do so before the next meeting.


Chair Greenup indicated that a ‘Senate report’ will be added to the FPPC agenda template to ensure exchange of communications between the Senate and the FPPC [especially when the FPPC has forwarded recommendations and requests for Senate action to forward to the President and Provost.] Dr. Benditt (Past Senate Chair) indicated there was no Senate report. Currently one recommendation from the FPPC that the Senate forwarded to the Provost is pending [recommendation for handbook revisions after approval of Section 2 to encourage each academic unit to develop their handbook using the UAB handbook as a template for headings and subheadings; this recommendation is currently under review by the Provost as part of the planning for implementation of the Chancellor approved Section 2.0 and Appendixes A, B and C.]


Old Business:


1.        Operating Rules


                 Discussion of sections for possible revisions as follows:


  1. Operating Rules Item A.2–Membership – Alternates for Members


       The FPPC Operating Rules were last amended April 2003. Chair Greenup

        indicated that the current method of identifying FPPC alternates is working

        based on discussions at the July meeting and no changes to this operating rule

        are needed.  FPPC members can select an alternate from the election ballot (if

        applicable) or select someone from their academic unit. Dr. Scripa suggested

        that an alternate FPPC representative should be a ‘regular faculty member’.


        ACTION ITEM:  Chair Greenup will make this change to the

        Operating Rules in front of faculty appointment the term “Regular full time

        Faculty” will be added.


  1. Operating Rules Item A.3 Excessive absences – Chair Greenup indicated that the FPPC does not have a problem based on July meeting discussions with excessive absences and there is no need to modify this operating rule. The members concurred with this decision.


  1. Operating Rules Item A.4 Member duties and responsibilities – No changes required at this time


  1. Operating Rules Item A.5 Ex-Officio Members – Chair Greenup indicated that Provost Capilouto is in the process of restructuring the Provost office. Dr. Scripa will be representing the Provost office at the FPPC meetings. At this time it is not clear if in the future there will be an ex officio member from the Office of ISS and who will be preparing the updates on the status of policy review and revisions and approval/implementation process for UAB policies.


ACTION ITEM:  Chair Greenup will seek clarification on this ex officio position representation from the Office of ISS via communication with Provost Capilouto.


  1. Operating Rules Item A.6 UAB Faculty Senate Constitution, Bylaw and Standing Rules of the Faculty and Faculty Senate. Section II.2.b. Dr. Greenup and Dr. Scripa will meet at a later date to discuss the tasks that Provost Capilouto reassigns.  Ms. Walden indicated that more discussion about this item needs to occur by the FPPC.


ACTION ITEM:  Chair Greenup will communicate with Provost Capilouto to seek clarification of the representation of the President and Provost at the FPPC meetings as defined in the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies and the Senate Bylaws.


  1. Operating Rules Item A.7 – This section is a copy of the Section 2.10.2 of the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies. – The FPPC is a standing committee of the Senate.  Chair Greenup indicated that the committee needed to establish continuity of communication lines with the Senate. This section was added to the Operating Rules in April 2003 and cannot be independently changed by the FPPC. The process of recommendations for changes must follow the process for changing the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies.


  1. Operating Rules Section B Chair Election and Duties This section will be revised to incorporate suggestions related to changes in descriptions for Vice Chair and Secretary of the FPPC.


ACTION ITEM: Chair Greenup will revise this section and resubmit to the FPPC for consideration.


  1. Operating Rules Section C Vice Chair and Duties Section C is a new section to define the election, role and responsibilities of the proposed Vice Chair position.


ACTION ITEM:  Chair Greenup will revise this section and resubmit to the FPPC for consideration.


  1. Operating Rules Section D Secretary Election and Duties Section D is a new section for the operating rules. The following items will be removed from proposed Section D
    1. Assists the Senate Office Associate to maintain a notebook of all minutes and committee actions during the term of office.
    2. Serve as Chair of the FPPC Nominating Committee


            ACTION ITEM: Chair Greenup will revise this section and resubmit to the

            FPPC for consideration.


  1. Operating Rules Section E Nominating Committee – This section will be revised to incorporate suggestions from the committee members.


ACTION ITEM: Chair Greenup will revise and resubmit to the FPPC.



  1. Operating Rules Page 8 item #10 – (The following line has been added) FPPC meeting minutes template – refer to section 9.0 agenda template as a guide. The minutes of each meeting should reflect the subheadings of the specific meeting’s agenda. This is to establish continuity and consistency for documents of the committee and facilitate future searching and reviews of the FPPC minutes.





2.        Family Friendly Leave Policies – Dr. Scripa requested that the FPPC members review the “Family Friendly Leave Policies” and provide any suggestions or comments to her.  In September UAB will be sending a 4 person team to the University of Chicago for a family friendly workshop to bring back ideas for UAB. More information about this workshop can be found on the “UAB Advance Website”. 


Other topics discussed at this point in the meeting included reviewing the tenure status of part-time faculty [current policy is that full-time faculty who change to part-time faculty status must give up tenure] sick leave policy and tenure clock stoppage policy statements.


ACTION ITEMS:  Chair Greenup will place these items on the agenda for next FPPC meeting.


3.        Distance Learning Copyright Rules – This topic was deferred to the September 16th FPPC meeting.


Note: Mr. Ed Kennedy had requested deferring this topic to the September meeting and Chair Greenup agreed.


             ACTION ITEM: Chair Greenup will place this topic on the agenda for the

             September meeting.


       Related Information Item Distributed electronically to FPPC – initial broad cast

       on August 23, 2005. Fair Use Web Cast will be archived for 30 days for

       viewing. Pat Higgingbottom will send out the email link where the Fair Use Web

       cast can be found online.


       ACTION ITEM:  Chair Greenup will attend this session. Chair Greenup will

       contact Pat Higginbottom for the archive information.


4.        Student Ownership


Handout Attached – “University Regulations and Policies” was distributed to the FPPC as an informational item. Official copy attached to these minutes. Discussion was held about what types of items a student owns and may take with them when they leave the University.  Dr. Berecek suggested that seminars be given to students about “property ownership”.


Mr. Ed Kennedy discussed examples of types of materials that student’s own and that they do not own.



ACTION ITEM:  The suggestion for student seminars will be explored as to processes or venues available for such activities. Chair Greenup will follow up on this suggestion with Mr. Kennedy and Dr. Scripa.


5.        Handbook Section 2.0 implementation planning – A meeting was held on August 18, 2005 by Chair Greenup, Dr. Scripa and Provost Capilouto to discuss the implementation of Section 2.0.  Dr. Scripa and Chair Greenup will work together to identify the major changes to Section 2.0.  The tentative target date for a plan of implementation is October 1, 2005.


ACTION ITEM:  Chair Greenup will keep the FPPC members informed.


      6.    Notification of FPPC meetings/minutes – UAB Reporter


              Chair Greenup reported that a statement is being added to the DRAFT Summary

              Minutes of the Senate that appears in the UAB Reporter. The Senate web page

              has been modified to add a specific link to the minutes of the FPPC and

              announce the next meeting.


F. New Business


1. Faculty Handbook Review cycle/process - Chair Greenup indicated that the official UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies is online and reviews to the handbook have been done on a 5 year cycle. With the current administratively approved handbook online it is appropriate that the FPPC review recommendations for the future review processes for the handbook. Discussion included these comments: (1) no need to review on a 5 year cycle if changes are not needed; (2) need to address issues as they arise and (3) need to have some process in place to assure that sections are current and address the current work environment of the faculty. Chair Greenup asked the committee members to submit suggestions for future review processes at the next meeting of the FPPC.


ACTION ITEM: Chair Greenup will follow up with the FPPC members to solicit suggestions for future review processes.


2. Attendance review process for FPPC representatives – Chair Greenup indicated that this topic was addressed by the discussion of the Operating Rules.


G. Presentation of Informational Items


      This report was not available to the FPPC this month.






H. Action Items:


      Please refer to the action items listed in the specific sections above of these minutes.


I. Action Items from the July FPPC Meeting


1. Process for informing faculty and administrators about the changes in Section 2.0

    and Appendices A, B and C – this is pending – discussions with Dr. Scripa by Chair of  

    FPPC; development of recommendations to be submitted to Provost Capilouto.


2. Distance Learning Copyright Rules – pending.


3. Family Friendly policies – pending.


4.  Student ownership – intellectual property – this topic was discussed at the August 19,

     2005 meeting pf the FPPC. Policies for students are in the undergraduate, graduate

     catalogues and the Direction Student Handbook.


5.  Chair preparation of Faculty Handbook [all sections except 2.0/ABC] is ongoing to

then submit document to Senate.


J. Announcements


Next FPPC meeting Friday September 16, 2005 7:30-9:30 a.m. in the Penthouse    Room Cr1


K. Adjournment


      The meeting adjourned at 9:25 a.m.



The minutes were drafted by Office Associate Stephanie Belcher and revised by Chair Greenup. Completion date: September 3, 2005.