University of Alabama at Birmingham

The Faculty Senate Meeting

Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting

February 10, 2004

7:30 – 9:30 A.M.

Location: HUC Meeting Rooms 411-412



Present:  Dr. John A. Smith (Chair), Dr. Theodore Benditt (Chair-elect), Dr. Tim Heaven (Past Chair), Dr. Pat Greenup (Secretary), Dr. John Wittig (Parliamentarian), Dr. Eli Capilouto (Provost)


Senators: Dr. Peter Anderson, Dr. James Broome, Dr. Alison Chapman, Dr. James Davidson, Dr. Susan Davies, Dr. Daniel Givan, Dr. Adam Gordon, Dr. Sara Grostick, Dr. Timothy Kraft, Ms. Jennifer Long, Dr. Joe March, Mr. Warren Martin, Dr. Jiri Mestecky, Dr. Stephen Moser, Dr. Jacqueline Moss, Dr. Beverly Mulvihill, Dr. William Ogard, Dr. Alan Randich, Dr. Gary Sapp, Ms. Martha Verchot, Dr. Joe Walker


Alternate Senators: Dr. Madelyn Coar, Dr. Zoe Dwyer, Dr. Clyde Guidry, Dr. E. Jay Harris, Dr. David Ku, Dr. Debra Laken, Dr. Mark Lockhart, Dr. Katherine Martin, Dr. Pamela Murray, Dr. Cheryl Palmer, Dr. Jay Smith, Dr. Joseph Telfair, Dr. Kenneth Tilashaliski


Guest:  DeeDee Bruns, Jenny Gauld, Dr. Sadis Matalon, Sheila Moore, Dr. Rose Scripa, Lloyd Hillman (Chair UAH)



Agenda Items


1.      Call to Order


Chair John Smith called the meeting to order at 7:35 A. M. A quorum was present.


2.   Recognition of Guests


a.      UAB community guests – DeeDee Bruns, Dr. Jenny Gauld, Dr. Sadis

      Matalon, Ms. Sheila Moore, Dr. Rose Scripa

b.   Non-UAB guest – Dr. Lloyd Hillman, President of Faculty Senate - UAH


3.   Adoption of Minutes of January 13, 2004 Meeting


The minutes of the January 13, 2004 meeting were approved as distributed.


4.   Chair of the Faculty Report – Chair John Smith updated the Senate on the

      following topics and activities: (1) President Garrison’s presentation to the Board

      of Trustees on February 6, 2004 outlining the strategic plan and the metrics goals

      was well received by the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor and the administrators

      and representatives of the three University of Alabama System campuses; (2)

      Chair Smith presented comments to the Board that included a request to the Board

      to help UAB foster unity among the Academic Units, fraternity among the entire

      Faculty, and creativity with a focus on quality in strategic and operational

      decisions; (3) the Faculty Senate has been asked to nominate a representative to

      the UAB Diversity Council and volunteers from the Senators were requested; (4)

      the Faculty Senate has been asked to attend a diversity workshop in March and

      the purpose is to pilot the workshop contents; (5) linkage of the Faculty to the

      UAB and Academic Unit strategic plans with these unit plans now being available

      in the Sterne Library and each unit’s report in the Office of each Academic Unit

      Head and faculty are encouraged to review these documents; (6) SACS Quality

      Enhancement Plan – Provost Capilouto has asked the Faculty Senate to participate

       in a Preference Ranking for the four proposed QEP projects and all senators have

       received email materials to participate in the ranking and submit to the Chair by

       February 12; (7) Faculty Development Program – Provost Capilouto has

       announced that the program will be reactivated in the Spring of 2004; the

       guidelines and procedures are being developed and will be available soon and the

       Curriculum & Research Committee of the Senate will peer-review faculty grant

       proposals for these awards; (8) Faculty recognition techniques are to be identified

       and Senators were requested to submit suggestions to the Chair and these

       recommendations will be presented to President Garrison; (9) University-wide

       committee reports from some of these committees are now being posted on the

       Faculty Senate web site; (10) Oracle HR/payroll system has been successfully

       implemented; (11) Academic Unit Head Performance survey results have been

       distributed to the Deans and to the faculty in each of the eleven units that

       completed these surveys in fall 2003 and Chair Smith indicated that the Senate

       will proceed to plan the next cycle of evaluations for the President and Provost in

       the fall of 2004; (12) Higher Education Day is February 26 and all Senators were

       encouraged to participate.


5.   Ms DeeDee Bruns, Associate Vice-President for Enrollment Management


Ms Bruns presented the proposed admissions policies and the steps to establish new minimum requirements for admission of freshmen. The goals are to increase entering students’ academic profile and to improve retention by implementing services and learning experiences for students with higher academic needs. Ms Bruns responded to questions about admission criteria for transfer students, transfer of credit earned at technical schools, number of students in current UAB Honors Program, yield of admits from applicants, special student category admission criteria, negatives related to the current UAB Honors Program, high school students eligibility to take UAB credit courses, and plans to address retention of the students with higher admission credentials.




6.   Dr. Sadis Matalon – Interim Vice President for Research


Dr. Matalon presented information about the IRB’s activities including policies and procedures, problem detection methods and follow up procedures when problems are identified. Faculty are encouraged to regularly review the materials at the IRB websites:http://www.uab.edu/irb

 and http://main.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=63288 Current issues of concern by Faculty that are being addressed by the IRB include the response time required for expedited reviews, the updating of policies and procedures and the need for electronic submission of applications. Dr. Matalon reviewed current data describing UAB’s NIH funding status and commented about the actions that will be necessary for the UAB to achieve the “top 10” by 2010. Questions addressed by Dr. Matalon included: percentage of complaints to the number of applications to IRB, what is the appeals process, what is the role of the Faculty Senate in the appeals process guidelines development, are the IRB members paid for service on the IRB, what is the flow of the money for members who serve, what are the policies for the transfer of these monies, do the CIRB members receive dollars for service, and how do we get to the top 10 by 2010?


     7.    Dr. Lloyd Hillman, President of the Faculty Senate, UAH Campus


            Dr. Hillman outlined issues before the UAH Faculty Senate including

            reinvolvement of senior faculty in the Senate’s activities to enhance shared

            governance activities, student government concerns, implementation of SACS

            processes in the fall of 2004, review of Faculty promotion policies, exportation of

            intellectual knowledge, impact of homeland defense on Faculty research and

            publications, staff senate concerns, and the importance of Faculty support for

            local college systems in Alabama and to support Higher Education Day on

            February 26.


      8.Faculty Senate Standing Committee Reports


A.     Curriculum & Research Committee – Chair and Senator Pam Murray

      commented on the Faculty Development Program to be implemented this spring

      and has reported to the Senate Executive Committee on the progress addressing

      issues identified by the Senate during the presentation of Phase I reports. These

      issues are being discussed and recommendations will be submitted to the Senate

      Executive Committee.

B.  Faculty Affairs Committee – Chair and Senator Joseph Telfair – reported

      on the response rates by the Faculty in the eleven units that completed the Dean

      evaluation survey in the fall 2003. The response rates increased over a range of

      15 to 35% across the eleven units and this is thought to be due to the use of the

      electronic process for completion of the survey instruments and the use of an

      external agency to conduct the surveys. This committee is reviewing Phase I

      issues and preparing recommendations to be submitted to the Senate Executive


C.  Governance & Operations Committee – Chair and Senator Beverly

      Mulvihill – reported that the committee has completed the review of the

      Senate’s Constitution and Bylaws and is moving forward to prepare proposed

      amendments to this Senate document that will be submitted to the Senate

      Executive Committee and to the Senate. This committee is assisting with the

      implementation and validation of the ballots for the new electronic elections

      process that will roll out to the Faculty on March 1, 2004.

D.  Finance Committee – Chair and Senator Linda Reedrequested and

      received support from the Senate to move forward with the preparation of a

      survey for Faculty using Blazer ID email addresses concerning health benefits.

      This information is needed to prepare for the Fringe Benefits meetings that will

      occur this spring in the review of the health benefits packages for 2004-2005.

      The committee also proposed a revision to the wording of the UAB Sick Leave

      Policy [Sick Leave may be utilized for Attendance upon an ill member of the

      employee’s immediate family (parent, spouse, child, sibling, or significant

      other)]and the Senate approved this proposal. This proposal will be presented

      to the UAB Fringe Benefits Committee.


      9. Faculty Senate Elections – Secretary and Chair of the Elections Committee

          Greenup requested that all Senators submit nominations from each of the

          Academic Units by February 20, 2004. This information must be available by this

          date so that the electronic ballots and process can be completed by March 1, 2004

          and for the voting that will occur during March 1 – 18, 2004.


10.    Academic Unit Reports


The scheduled academic unit reports summarizing faculty governance practices in the academic units were postponed until the March Faculty Senate Meeting.  The time available was not sufficient to present and discuss the reports.


11.    Open Forum


There was no time available for open forum discussions.


12.    Announcements


a.      The next Faculty Senate meeting is March 9, 2004. Scheduled speakers are President Garrison, and Provost Capilouto and Patricia Raczynski.

b.      The academic units to present Phase III – Faculty Governance reports: Joint Health Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Business, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Health Related Professions, Lister Hill Library, Medicine, and Sterne Library,

c.       Dr. Tim Heaven, Past Chair and Senate representative to the FPPC reported that the FPPC has completed review and revisions of the Conflicts of Commitment Policy and this along with other recommendations for revisions to the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies will be forwarded to the Senate in the coming months.



     13.   Review of Action Items from February 10, 2004 Meeting



a.       The Senate office will send reminders to all Senators about the March 17 and 19th diversity training sessions and encourage Senators to register for one of the sessions.

b.      Senators are to forward their ranking preference for the QEP projects.

c.       The Curriculum & Research Committee will develop guidelines and forms to be used with the Faculty Development Grants Review Process.

d.      Senators are to forward suggestions for “faculty recognition” to Chair Smith. These suggestions will be presented to President Garrison on March 3, 2004.

e.       University-wide committee reports received by the Senate will be posted on the Senate page and the Senators will be informed of the location of these reports on the Senate site.

f.        The Senate will proceed to prepare for administering the evaluations for the President and Provost in the fall of 2004.

g.       Senators were encouraged to get faculty involved with the Higher Education Day on February 26, 2004.

h.       The FSEC will follow up on the questions about money transfers for faculty who serve on the IRB and the status of an appeals process.

i.         All senators are to submit nominations for their academic unit by February 20, 2004.

j.        The Faculty Affairs Committee will prepare recommendations to present to the Senate concerning Phase I report issues.

k.      The Governance & Operations Committee will complete the proposed amendments to the Senate Bylaws for submission to the Senate.

l.         The Finance Committee will submit the approved proposal for wording change in the UAB Sick Leave Policy. This committee will proceed with preparing a survey to be distributed to the faculty using the email listing of faculty in academic units.

m.     Academic Units scheduled to present Phase III reports will present these reports at the March Senate meeting.


  14.  Review of Action Items from the January 13, 2004 Meeting


a.       The Secretary reported a summary for the Part B of the Phase II reports to the FSEC on January 28, 2004. All units are in favor of faculty participation with evaluation of academic administrators. For some of the administrator positions the faculty members have requested information about the position description and the expectations of the administrators. There will be customizing of the administrators to be evaluated by faculty according to the needs of the faculty for positions such as the graduate school dean or the vice president for research. The Secretary is working on the other items to summarize for presentation to the FSEC.

b.      The FSEC is continuing to work with the Provost to establish links between the Senate and the reports from University-wide committees relevant to the Senate.

c.       The Senate FSEC has pilot tested the electronic elections process and the process is to be implemented March 1, 2004.

d.      The FSEC is preparing to present suggestions to President Garrison concerning faculty recognition methods at the March 3, 2004 meeting with the President.


        15. Written Materials Distributed to Senators at Meeting


a.       Agenda – February 10, 2004 meeting

b.      Minutes – January 13, 2004 meeting

c.       Introduction to Diversity at UAB – proposed outline for training workshop

d.      UAB Administrator Reviews – 2003 – Dean/Library Directors – Response Rate for Each Academic Unit – 2000 rate in comparison with 2003 rate.

e.       Faculty Senate Elections – Nominations Status by Academic Unit

f.        Finance Committee report


        16. Adjournment



              The meeting adjourned at 9:30 A.M.


         Minutes prepared by Pat Greenup, Secretary of the Faculty