University of Alabama at Birmingham

The Faculty Senate

Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting

September 14, 2004

Location: HUC – Meeting Rooms A & B

7:30-9:30 a.m.


Officers Present: Dr. Theodore Benditt (Chair), Dr. Peter Anderson (Chair Elect), Dr. John Smith (Past Chair), Dr. Pat Greenup (Secretary)


Ex Officio Senators Present:  Dr. Carol Garrison (President), Dr. Eli Capilouto (Provost); Dr. Mike Wyss


Senators Present: Dr. Joe Burrage, Dr. Madelyn Coar, Dr. Seine Chiang, Dr. Karen Dahle, Dr. Jeffrey Engler, Dr. Joseph Fleming, Mr. E. Jay Harris, Ms. Sara Grostick, Ms. Debra Laken, Ms. Jennifer Long, Dr. Joe March, Dr. Marisa Marques, Dr. Warren Martin, Dr. Stephen Mennemeyer, Dr. Jacqueline Moss, Dr. Gary Sapp, Dr. Joe Walker, Dr. Alison Chapman


Alternates Present: Dr. Pam Bounelis, Dr. Chris Coffey, Dr. Zoe Dwyer, Ms. Kay Emfinger, Dr. Clyde Guidry, Dr. Chris Klug, Dr. Timothy Kraft, Dr. Mark Lockhart, Dr. Kathleen Martin, Dr. Sonya Mitchell, Dr. William Ogard, Dr. Nandor Simanyi, Dr. Kenneth Tilashaliski


Guests Present: Mr. Jim Broome, Ms. DeeDee Bruns, Mr. James McClintock, Ms. Jenny Gauld, Mr. James Lowery, Dr. Rose Scripa.


Parliamentarian: Not present.


Agenda Items


  1. Call to Order


Chair Ted Benditt called the meeting to order at 7:35 a.m. A quorum was present.


  1. Recognition of Visitors-Guests


Chair Benditt recognized the guests attending the meeting (see listing above.) All attendees are members of the University community.


  1. Adoption of Minutes of August 10, 2004 Meeting


             The minutes of the August 10, 2004 Faculty Senate meeting were approved as





  1. Chair Report: Chair Ted Benditt presented a summary of topics discussed by the

       Executive Committee with President Carol Garrison and Acting Provost Eli

       Capilouto on September 6, 2004. Topics included (1) Senate plans for evaluation

       of the President and Acting Provost during the last two weeks of October;

       Faculty will receive information with details prior to the distribution of the

       evaluation forms; (2) UAB Fringe Benefits Committee activities; (3) Status of

       Senate review of the Section 2.0 and Appendices A, B and C of the Faculty

       Handbook. Chair Benditt updated the Senate on the QEP/SACS process and that

       the focus will be on three competencies: (1) writing, (2) quantitative literacy, and

       (3) ethics and civic responsibility.


  1. President Update: President Garrison announced the appointment of Dr. Robert

      Rich as the Vice President for Medicine and Dean of the School of Medicine, the

      opening of the North Pavilion hospital, the SACS audit report completion and

      submission to SACS, the fall 2004 enrollment status and recognized faculty who

      have recently received state, national and international recognitions and awards.

      The SACS reports will be available at

            President Garrison encouraged faculty to attend the State of the University   

            address on September 14, 2004. This address will be posted on the




  1. Chair-Elect Report: Chair-elect Pete Anderson updated the Senate on the

      progress for the implementation of Effort Reporting. All faculty and staff are

      required to complete the process described at  

            Senators were encouraged to communicate with colleagues about the importance

            of this process and the need for everyone to comply. Phase II with education

            about the process will be implemented in the near future and all new employees

            will complete the effort reporting requirements as part of orientation.


  1. Presentation: Acting Dean of the Graduate School James McClintock reviewed

      the current services and operations of the Graduate School. This presentation will

      be posted on the Faculty Senate site at

            Dr. McClintock shared information about the SEVIS Fee Information for

            international students and exchange visitors. For additional information on the

            SEVIS fee contact the International Scholar and Student Services office.


  1. Second Senate Review of the University-wide Nonsmoking Policy: James

      Lowery had forwarded information to Chair Benditt for the Nonsmoking Policy

      second review round by the Senate. There were no changes made at any

      administrative review level after the Senate’s first review round. The Faculty

      Senate voted to concur with the policy as previously approved by the Senate.

  1. Senate Standing Committee Reports


    1. Curriculum & Research – Senator/Chair Jeff Engler reported that the committee has reviewed the fall enrollment data, is continuing discussion on the scorecard metrics related to faculty development, teaching productivity, and related topics, and that the committee is planning review of infrastructure support for research and mentoring of junior faculty for teaching and research skills.


Curriculum and Research Committee

Report to the Faculty Senate

September 14, 2004


1.  The members of the Curriculum and Research Committee met on Sept 2, 2004, to review the activities that had arisen during the summer semester.  The committee reviewed the new enrollment data that was provided by Dr. Gauld and DeeDee Bruns:



FALL 2004


















Fall 2003


Fall 2004




Total Class















Mean ACT
















Mean High School GPA















Conditionally Admitted















Percentage of Class







2.  Discussions regarding the scorecards are continuing.  Issues that are currently “on the table” include:

1.  How can investments in faculty development be included?

2.  How can teaching productivity best be included?

3.  How do efforts to improve research productivity affect the efforts to measure teaching productivity?

4.  What constitutes an FTE?  How does one measure teaching productivity of faculty who have portions of their effort supported by extramural funding?


Dr. Benditt and Dr. Engler will be meeting with the Deans tomorrow to discuss these issues to further the dialog about work environment issues and the scorecard metrics.


3.  Other issues that we are considering for further discussion in the coming year are:

1.  Infrastructure support for research

2.  Mentoring of junior faculty for teaching and for research skills.



    1. Finance – Senator/Chair Warren Martin reported that the committee has organized into teams for addressing these projects during the year: (1) SUG salary averages as a UAB metric; (2) Health Insurance rates; (3) UAB Economic Rules under the scorecard system; (4) UAB metrics and cost allocation; and (5) promotion of flexible spending accounts.


                         Finance Committee Report - Corrected


                          On September 2nd, the Finance Committee met and discussed plans for the

                          upcoming year.


                         The general direction discussed was for the Finance Committee to:


            Gather, review and share relevant financial information with the  

            Faculty Senate, and when appropriate UAB administration and/or

            Faculty. The mission is to aid in faculty governance and the

            enhancement of UAB.


                         Several projects were discussed. The committee was divided into teams to

                         implement each project: 



1.      SUG (Southern University Group) faculty salary averages

      (and appropriate health sciences associations information

      on faculty salaries) and SUG averages as a UAB Metric: 


                               This project will consist of developing a comparison of UAB salaries of the

                               SUG averages.  The comparison will follow the general format of a prior report

                               to be supplied by Linda Reed.  Then the report will be updated using

                               information from John Lyon’s office. 


                     2. Health Care Insurance Rates:


                             This project will involve a comparison of health insurance rates at UAB with

                              Birmingham area employers  and national trends.


                     3. Economic Rules (distribution Indices):


                             This project will be to review the economic rules under the new UAB Scorecard

                             and to try to get a better understanding of those rules.


                     4. UAB Metrics and Cost Allocation


                              This project will be to review the UAB metrics under the new UAB Scorecard

                              and to try to get a better understanding of those metrics.


                     5. Promotion of Flexible Spending Accounts


                              Only about 40% of UAB faculty current use Flexible Spending accounts in

                              spite of the advantages.  The goal of this committee is to develop some

                              models/examples/case studies of how Flexible Spending Accounts can benefit

                              the faculty.


                              On September 7th during a Faculty Senate Executive Committee meeting with

                              President Garrison, several issues concerning the faculty Senate getting

                              better information for decision making concerning health insurance premiums

                              were discussed.  President Garrison committed to adding another

                              representative of the Faculty Senate to the Fringe Benefits Committee.  She

                              said we could have Richard Margison (VP of Financial Affairs and

                              Administration) come and talk to us to answer some of the other information



    1.  Faculty Affairs – Senator/Chair Gary Sapp reported on the committee’s meeting of September 10 and the topics addressed included: (1) administrator evaluation process as to which administrators, frequency of evaluations, follow up and use of data and how to link the process to the SACS process. The written report follows:


                        The Faculty Affairs committee met at 10:00 A.M. on September 10, 2004.

                        Members attending included: Nanda Simary, Joe Burrage, Jeffrey Clair,

                        Alan Randich, Marisa Marques, Madelyn Coar, John Baddley, Clyde

                        Guidry, and Vicki Johnson. Pat Greenup also attended, having been

                        invited by the chairman. Pat provided the Committee with the background

                        and history leading up to the current process of evaluation of academic

                        administrators by the Senate. After Pat concluded her comments, the

                        committee considered a number of questions related to the nature of the



                        The first question concerned who should be included in the evaluation.

                        The committee affirmed that the President, Provost, Vice President for

                        Research, Vice President for Student Affairs, Graduate School Dean,

                        Academic Deans/Library Directors, and Department Chairs should be

                        included. The vote was 7 in favor of, 1 opposed, and 1 abstention.


                        A second issued concerned whether the Department Chairs should be

                        evaluated by the Faculty Senate or under the direction of the respective

                        Dean and the Provost. The committee was reluctant to relinquish the

                        opportunity to evaluate the Department Chairs and was concerned that the

                         faculty might not have access to the outcome data. The committee voted

                         to support the inclusion of the Department Chairs in the evaluation

                         process of the Faculty Senate. The vote was 6 in favor of and 2 opposed


                         There was an extended discussion regarding the frequency of the

                         evaluation. There was strong support for evaluating administrators as

                         often as was feasible. A number of ancillary factors impacting the

                         evaluation process were raised. These included the cost of the process,

                         the amount of time required to prepare and conduct the evaluation, and

                         the fact that many faculty may have little or no contact with some of the

                         administrators. The issue of cost was particularly troublesome as the

                         funds for the evaluation are take from the Senate's budget .It was noted

                         that 20-25% of the budget could be consumed by the process if all

                         administrators were evaluated in a given year. Subsequently, the

                         committee voted 8 in favor of with no opposition that all administrators

                         would be evaluated every two years. It was suggested that all

                         administrators be evaluated at the same time in alternate years.


                         Other points that were discussed concerned ways to enhance the

                          significance of the evaluations, particularly those of the Deans, by having

                          members of a School's Faculty Affairs Committee, or the equivalent, to

                          meet with the Dean and discuss the implications of the evaluation for

                          School policies and procedures. Another suggestion was to examine

                          alternatives to the current evaluation process and explore ways to lower

                          the cost. Senator Jeffrey Clair proposed that the evaluation could be set

                          up on a University web site. He will talk with University personnel to

                          better determine the feasibility of this process. A third suggestion was to

                          link the evaluation process to the various metrics set up for the SACS

                          accreditation visit. SACS does require that Universities present evidence

                          of a functional evaluation process that provides feedback to the system.

                          Linking the process to SACS could provide a compelling rationale for

                          participation by both faculty and administrators and also enhance its

                          significance. The committee adjourned at noon.



    1.  Faculty Policies and Procedures – Past-Chair John Smith reported that the committee is continuing with review of Section 3.0 of the Faculty Handbook.



  1. Open Forum: Acting Provost Capilouto indicated that the UAB Emergency Plan was under review to address the need for decisions related to hurricane Ivan and that information would be distributed to the faculty on 9-15-04. The WBHM 90.3 is the official source for information about closing of UAB.


  1. Faculty Senate Representatives to University-wide committees: No

             reports to present.


       12. Announcements


             (1) The next Faculty Senate meeting is October 12, 2004 HUC–A& B at 7:30 am.       

             (2) The Senate conducted evaluation for the President and Acting Provost will

                   occur during October 18-November 10, 2004. Announcements will be sent to


             (3) President Garrison has approved the amended Bylaws as submitted by the

                   Senate and the amended bylaws will be posted on the Senate web site and

                  distributed to senators as PDF documents.

              (4) James Lowery reported that the revised You and UAB Handbook will soon be

                    available online (See Faculty and Staff Resources icon on UAB homepage)

                    and paper versions will be given to new employees.



13.   Review of Action Items from September 14, 2004 Meeting


a.       The slide presentation by Dr. McClintock will be posted on the Senate web


b.      Chair Benditt will follow up with James Lowery concerning the UAB Non-smoking Policy.

c.       The Executive Committee will continue to prepare the Section 2.0 and Appendices A, B and C for presentation to the Senate.

d.      The Executive Committee will consider Dr. Jeannette Doeller as a future presenter for a Senate meeting.

e.       Chair-elect Anderson will keep the Senate informed of the status of the Effort Reporting activities and deadlines for faculty activities.

f.        James Lowery will be asked to notify the Senate when the revised You and UAB is posted online.

g.       The revised and approved by President Garrison Senate Bylaws will be distributed electronically to Senators and will be posted on the Senate web site.



      14.  Review of Action Items from August 10, 2004 Meeting


a.       Chair Benditt will be asked about the status of the Books for Baghdad

       project and the article for the UAB Reporter.


      15.  Written Materials Distributed to Senators at Meeting


a.        Agenda – September 14, 2004 Senate Meeting

b.        Draft Minutes – August 10, 2004 Senate Meeting

c.        The September 13, 2004 version of the UAB Non-smoking policy.

d.        SEVIS Fee Information


   16.   Adjournment


              The meeting adjourned at 9:04 a.m.


Secretary Greenup prepared this expanded DRAFT of the minutes on September 25, 2004. After approval at the October Senate meeting these minutes will appear on the Senate web page