University of Alabama at Birmingham

The Faculty Senate Meeting

Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting

November 11, 2003

7:30 – 9:30 A. M.

Location: HUC Meeting Rooms A&B



Present: Dr. John Smith (Chair), Dr. Theodore Benditt (Chair-Elect), Dr. Tim Heaven (Past-Chair) , Dr. Pat Greenup (Secretary) , Dr. John Wittig (Parliamentarian), Dr. Carol Garrison (President), Dr. Eli Capilouto (Provost)


Senators: Dr. Peter Anderson, Dr. James Broome, Dr. Alison Chapman, Dr. Edwin Cook, Dr. Susan Davies, Dr. Kurt Denninghoff, Dr. Alan Eberhardt, Dr. Daniel Givan, Ms. Sara Grostick, Dr. Lynn Kirkland, Ms. Jennifer Long, Dr. Joe March, Dr. James Martin, Dr. Warren Martin, Dr. Bruce McComiskey, Dr. Jiri Mestecky, Dr. Stephen Moser, Dr. Jacqueline Moss  Dr. Beverly Mulvihill, Dr. William Ogard, Dr. Linda Reed, Dr. Gary Sapp, Dr. Donald Urban, Ms. Martha Verchot, Dr. Joe Walker


Alternate Senators: Dr. Madelyn Coar, Dr. Zoe Dwyer, Mr. E. Jay Harris, Dr. Russell Kirby, Ms. Debra Laken, Ms. Heather Martin, Dr. Pam Murray, Dr. Cheryl Palmer, Dr. Jay Smith, Dr. Joseph Telfair, Dr. Kenneth Tilashaliski


Guests: Mr. John Bennett, Mr. James Lowery, Dr. Rose Scripa, Mr. Richard Margison



Agenda Items


  1. Call to Order


Chair John Smith called the meeting to order at 7:32 A.M. A quorum was present.


  1. Recognition of Guests


The guests in attendance were from the University community.


  1. Adoption of Minutes of October 14, 2003 Meeting.


The minutes of the October 14, 2003 meeting were approved as distributed.




       4.Chair of the Faculty Report - Chair John Smith discussed the following items:

(1)   Senate standing rules and who is eligible to vote on Senate actions; (2)

(2)   I.D.E.A. evaluation of deans and the process that will be used to review the reports before distribution to faculty in the academic units where evaluations have been conducted;

(3)   Strategic planning notebooks for each of the academic units have been prepared by the Deans and are now available for faculty review in each Dean’s office;

(4)    A Faculty & Staff Resources icon now appears on the UAB Homepage with links to internal and external resources useful to faculty;

(5)   The salary plan for faculty and staff is still under review by the President;

(6)   The Senate has forwarded concerns from faculty and staff about the proposed fees for the new recreation center to the President and Provost;

(7)   The Chair reported that the Faculty Senate and faculty does not have a formal role in the review process to terminate non-degree programs such as UAB Special Studies;

(8)   The Chair of the Faculty has been appointed by the Provost to serve on the Executive Committee of the Academic Programs Council;

(9)   The Chair of the Faculty is representing UAB at the Alabama Council of University Faculty Presidents meeting on November 14-15;

(10)             All faculty members were encouraged to plan to attend the Board of Trustees meeting on the UAB campus on February 5-6, 2004.

(11)             All senators were encouraged to attend President Garrison’s State of the University address on November 13, 2003 at 3:30 pm in the HUC Auditorium.

(12)             The Senate is currently assessing which University-wide committees are active, who chairs the committees, which Senators represent the Senate on each active committee, the frequency of committee meetings, and the issues being addressed by the various committees.


5.  UAB Budget Process Presentation


             Provost Capilouto reported that the Planning Notebooks for each of the

             academic units contain additional budget information. Faculty members were

             encouraged to review these documents. Provost Capilouto stated that future

             planning meetings would include a joint meeting of the Provost, the

             Executive Committee of each academic unit, the faculty governance

             structure leadership in each unit and the unit’s senators.

       Provost Capilouto and Vice-President Margison presented information in a

       Power Point presentation and Attachments-FY 2004 Planning (Spring 2003)

             The Power Point presentation will be posted on the Senate web page at


             Note: See the pull down for presentations and identify by November 11, 2003.

             The paper document for the handout distributed by Mr. Margison entitled Budget

             Planning Review with attachments FY 2004 Planning and these attachments:

             State, Tuition & Fee, IER Projected Changes, Detail on State Allocation

             Changes, Detail on IER Allocations, and Proposed Research Infrastructure

             Allocations is available in the Senate office (contact Stephanie Belcher at 934-



        6.  Senate Standing Committee Reports


           a. Senate Standing Committee Report – Governance and Operations 


               Senator and Chair Beverly Mulvihill reported that the committee met on

               October 21 and continued review of the Senate Constitution & Bylaws. The

               committee has reviewed the attendance reports for senators and alternates and

               all academic units have been represented by a senator or alternate at the Senate

               meetings to date during the 2003 term. The committee is continuing the review

               of the links of Senate committees with University-wide committees.


           b. Senate Standing Committee Report – Faculty Affairs Committee

               Chair Smith reported that the committee is continuing the work of Dean

               evaluations and working with I.D.E.A. to move forward with the data analysis

               and report generation.


           c.  Senate Standing Committee Report – Curriculum & Research Committee

                Senator and Chair Pam Murray reported that four subcommittees are

                reviewing concerns related to elements of the Strategic Plan linked to

                undergraduate programs, graduate programs and the types of metrics to be

                used in some of the academic units. The committee plans to have

                recommendations to present to the Senate at the February meeting.


        7.  Academic Unit Reports


             Chair Smith reported that the information submitted by academic units during

             Phase I of the unit reports is being summarized, that the Senate Executive

             Committee will review all issues, and make committee disposition decisions at

             the November Faculty Senate Executive Committee meeting. The Executive

             Committee has previously discussed these concerns and presented some of these

             concerns to President Garrison and Provost Capilouto; the Executive committee

             will prepare a summary report for the Senate and identify any proposed Senate

             actions. For the Phase II reports, Senators were requested to prepare a report

             related to two items: (1) periodic review of tenured faculty over and above the

             merit review process and (2) the interest of faculty to be involved in Faculty

             Senate conducted evaluations of identified academic administrators. Written and

             oral reports were submitted by Arts & Humanities, Business, Dentistry,

             Education and Engineering. When all of the academic units have completed

             Phase II reports, the reports will be summarized and posted on the Senate web

             site and presented to the Senate for future discussion and actions.



       8.  Open Forum


             No new information or items were presented.





          Chair Smith announced

a.       The next Senate meeting is December 9, 2003

b.      The academic units scheduled for reporting Phase II information are Health Related Professions, Lister Hill Library, Medicine, Joint Health Sciences, and Sterne Library.

c.       Senators were reminded of the Senate elections process information and to begin to consider possible candidates for the Chair-elect, Secretary and Senator positions as well as election of representatives to the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee for Engineering, Lister Hill Library, Natural Sciences and Math, Nursing, and Mervyn Sterne Library.

d.      Senators were encouraged to assist the Senate in the identification of faculty serving on University-wide committees.


   10. Review of Action Items from November 11, 2003 Meeting


a.       The Executive Committee will review the Phase II reports when all academic units have reported on the Phase II questions.

b.      The Secretary will request permission for the PowerPoint materials and Mr. Margison’s handout to be posted on the Senate web site.

c.       The Chair will communicate with Provost Capilouto to invite to speak to Senate in the spring term to address in more detail the Provost’s line on the budget.

d.      Senators from Dentistry and Engineering will submit revised Phase II reports to the Secretary.


    11. Review of Action Items from October 14, 2003 Meeting


a.       All of the actions items listed in the minutes of the October 14, 2003 meeting were completed.

b.      The appointment of Alternate Senator Debra Laken to the Athletics Advisory Committee is pending.


    12. Written Materials Distributed to Senators


a.          Agenda – November 11, 2003 meeting

b.          Minutes – October 14, 2003 meeting

c.          Senators Survey – Representative to University-wide Committees

d.          UAB Faculty Senate Elections Process 2004

e.          Memorandum to Senators concerning Elections for 2004

f.            Phase II – Academic Unit Reports to Faculty Senate Question Form

g.          The Faculty Senate Standing Rules

h.          University-Wide committees and Councils Listing – September 2003


     13.  Adjournment


             The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 A. M.



             Minutes prepared by Pat Greenup, the Secretary of the Faculty.