University of Alabama at Birmingham

The Faculty Senate

Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting

December 14, 2004

Locations: HUC – Meeting Rooms A&B

7:30 – 9:30 a.m.



Officers Present: Dr. Ted Benditt (Chair), Dr. Peter Anderson (Chair Elect), Dr. John A. Smith (Past Chair), Dr. Pat Greenup (Secretary)


Ex Officio Senators Present: Dr. Carol Garrison (President), Dr. Eli Capilouto (Provost).


Senators Present: Dr. Joe Burrage, Dr. Madelyn Coar, Dr. Shen En Chen, Dr. Karen Dahle, Dr. Jeffrey Engler, Dr. Joseph Fleming, Dr. Roger Gilchrist, Ms. Sara Grostick, Dr. Sue Kim, Ms. Debra Laken, Ms. Jennifer Long, Dr. Joe March, Dr. Warren Martin, Dr. Stephen Mennemeyer, Dr. Beverly Mulvihill, Dr. Gary Sapp, Dr. Donald Urban, Ms. Martha Verchot, Dr. Joe Walker


Alternates Present: Dr. Chris Coffey, Dr. Zoe Dwyer, Dr. Russell Kirby, Dr. Timothy Kraft, Dr. Mark Lockhart,  Dr. Kathleen Martin, Dr. Sonya Mitchell, Dr. William Ogard, Ms. Sondra Pfeiffer, Dr. Mona Shattell, Dr. Elliot Lefkowitz


Guests Present: Mr. Michael Boyd, Mr. James Lowery, Mr. Richard Margison, Dr. Linda Reed


Parliamentarian: Dr. Joseph Telfair



Agenda Items


  1. Call to Order


Chair Ted Benditt called the meeting to order at 7:37 a.m. A quorum was present.


  1. Recognition of Visitors – Guests


Chair Benditt recognized the guests attending the meeting (see listing above.) All attendees are members of the University community.




  1. Adoption of Minutes of November 9, 2004 Senate Meeting


The minutes of the November 9, 2004 Faculty Senate Meeting were approved as distributed.


4.   Chair Report: Chair Ted Benditt presented an update on the status of the IDEA

      Administrator evaluation reports for President Garrison and Acting Provost

      Capilouto. The tables and comments summaries were given to the President and

      Provost on December 8, 2004. The overall response rates were 43% for the

      President and 41% for the Provost. These rates are the highest observed for Senate

      administered evaluations and the number of comments received were in the

      hundreds compared to less than 100 for 93 administrators evaluated in 2000. The

      tables will be distributed to the faculty in January; the Provost’s report will be

      given to the President and the President’s report will be forwarded to the

      Chancellor. Updates were given on QEP report, SACS visit in March 22-24,

      2005, Effort Reporting requirements of faculty

      [], and Senate representative to the

      UAB Status of Women commission will be Dr. Seine Chiang.


  1. President’s Update: President Carol Garrison reported updates on SACS and

      identified the three areas of continuing work [outcomes assessment, faculty

      credentials, and QEP]; search committees for VP- IT [internal search with Chair

      Richard Margison]; VP-Research [internal search with Chair Dean Rich]; Dean of

      Graduate School [national search with Chair Dean Thomas]; Provost [national

      search with Co Chairs Dr. Kahn and Dr. Soni, Senate representative is Senator

      Adam Gordon]; VP-Human Resource Management – position has been filled by

      Cheryl Luck; Chief Operating Officer for University Hospital will be Dr. Michael

      Waldrum. President Garrison announced that in the spring term she will initiate

      these activities- (1) visits with the faculty in each of the academic units; (2) A

      President’s Column in the Reporter; (3) Lunch Series with members of UAB

      community. President Garrison expressed appreciation to faculty for the

      accomplishments during fall term and recognized Dr. Koopman, Dr. Lalor and

      Dr. Wendell for outstanding contributions.


  1. Presentation – Vice President Richard Margison – Mr. Margison reviewed the

      trends in health benefits costs for UAB employees in comparison with national

      average costs and the projected increasing costs for 2005 at 11.2%. The UAB

      Fringe Benefits Committee membership and the process or timeline for the

      committee’s work during the 2004 period were reviewed. Major changes in health

      benefits for UAB employees were reviewed for the Viva UAB, Viva Access and

      Blue Cross/Blue Shield programs. The Fringe Benefits committee will be working

      on these topics during the coming year: (1) Health Savings Accounts; (2)

      reevaluation of the use of debit cards for Flexible Spending Accounts; (3)

      monitoring timely access to providers; and (4) committee procedures with

      recommendations to President Garrison for expansion of the membership and to

      increase the number of meetings during the year. Mr. Margison’s slide

      presentation will be posted on the Senate page at at presentation drop-down.


  1. Section 2.0 – Faculty Handbook Revisions Process – Chair Benditt reviewed the process occurrences since the November Senate meeting [communications with Provost and Executive Committee review of the Provost’s concerns identified at the November Senate meeting]. The Executive Committee accepted a proposal from Acting Provost Capilouto addressing Section 2.7.3 and the inclusion of a default policy/procedure so that all academic units will have guidance if needed for circumstances defined in Section 2.7.3.  Chair Benditt presented the proposal and after explanation, the revised Section 2.7.3 was approved by the Senate. Senator Engler presented a motion [seconded by Senator Ogard] to forward the Senate approved version of Section 2.0 with the revised Section 2.7.3 and Appendices A, B and C to the Acting Provost.



  1. Standing Committee Reports – Curriculum & Research Senator and Chair

      Jeff Engler presented a resolution of Faculty Senate support for the

      QEP proposal related to the SACS review process. The amended resolution of

      support reads:


           Whereas the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Committee has proposed an initial

            plan to further develop UAB’s core curriculum to improve student learning and

            student functioning as individuals and citizens beyond graduation, and


           Whereas this plan has four major elements for the enrichment of the core

            curriculum, including communication, knowledge, problem-solving and

            citizenship, and


           Whereas, the QEP committee has identified three core competencies in writing,

            quantitative literacy, and ethics/civic responsibility as initial targets for this

            enhancement program, and


           Whereas, continued faculty involvement in both implementation and assessment

            strategies will be important to the success of these efforts, and


           Whereas, these proposed changes will require additional resources for faculty

           development, training, and support,


           BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that the UAB Faculty Senate endorses these

           major concepts proposed by the QEP committee and encourages faculty, students

           and staff to support the implementation of these enhancement goals of the UAB

           core curriculum, and


           BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the UAB Faculty Senate request that

           appropriate institutional resources and infrastructure be made available, to assure

             the successful implementation and assessment of the QEP plan.


             Past –Chair John Smith presented a motion to amended the resolution to include

             the words “student learning and student ” in the first paragraph of the resolution.

             The motion was seconded by Senator Jeff Engler and the amendment was

             approved by the Senate.

             A motion was presented by Senator Roger Gilchrist and seconded by Beverly

             Mulvihill for the Senate to approve the amended resolution. The amended

             resolution was approved by the Senate and will be forwarded to the Acting

             Provost Capilouto and President Garrison.


       Finance Committee Senator and Chair Warren Martin reported on the article

       in an October issue of the UAB Reporter describing the advantages of UAB

       health benefits options and flexible savings accounts and reported that the

       committee continues to interact with Dr. John Lyons for ongoing committee



  1. Open Forum -The following topics were presented with the requests that the Senate address these topics during the spring term: (1) the academic calendar [Senator Sue Kim of Arts & Humanities]; (2) metrics and scorecards applications in academic units [Senator Joe Walker.]


  1. Announcements


    1.  Secretary Pat Greenup reviewed the Senate Elections Process for 2005 materials distributed to Senators and encouraged all Senators to communicate with their colleagues in academic units to solicit nominations for Chair-elect [Academic Affairs rotation], Secretary, Senators and Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee elections with nominations due for Chair-elect and Secretary on January 31, 2005 and for Senators and FPPC representatives on February 23, 2005. Visit the Senate web site for an electronic version of the Acceptance of Nomination Form and elections information.
    2. The next Senate meeting will be January 11, 2005 in the HUC A&B.


  1. Review of Action Items from December 14, 2004 Senate Meeting


    1. Chair Benditt and Secretary Greenup will prepare the Senate

       approved version of Section 2.0 and Appendices A, B and C to be

       forwarded to Acting Provost Capilouto.

    1. Secretary Greenup will prepare a letter for Chair Benditt to forward to President Garrison and Acting Provost Capilouto with the Senate approved resolution in support for the QEP proposal.
    2. Secretary Greenup will place the topics presented during Open Forum on the agenda for the January FSEC meeting.
    3. Secretary Greenup will work with Office Associate Stephanie Belcher to post the Senate Elections materials on the Senate web page.
    4. Secretary Greenup and Chair Benditt will prepare the letters and materials needed for distribution of the IDEA summary tables [President and Provosts’ administrator evaluation reports] to the faculty in January 2005.
    5. Office Associate Belcher will post Mr. Margison’s slide presentation of the Senate web page presentations drop-down.


  1.  Review of Action Items from November 9, 2004 Senate Meeting


    1. Chair Benditt communicated with Provost Capilouto to obtain specific concerns related to Section 2.0 and Appendix A.
    2. Chair Benditt presented the Provost’s concerns to the Executive Committee on November 17, 2004.
    3. The topic raised by Senator Mennemeyer was on the agenda for the Executive Committee on November 17 and December 15 but due to other topics requiring immediate attention this topic has been moved to the agenda for the Executive Committee for January 26, 2005.


  1.   Written Materials Distributed to Senators at Meeting – 12-14-04


    1. Revised agenda for Senate meeting – 12-14-04
    2. Schedule of Faculty Senate Meetings with locations January – December 2005.
    3. DRAFT Expanded Minutes of November 9, 2004 Senate Meeting.
    4. Updated 12-8-04 by Provost version – Secretary added underline to Provost changes 12-13-04 – Section 2.7.3
    5. Senate Version –discussed at November 2004 Senate meeting – Section 2.7.3
    6. Elections Process for Spring 2005.




  1.   Adjournment


               The meeting was adjourned at 9:38 a.m.



Secretary Greenup prepared this expanded DRAFT of the minutes on December 18, 2004. After approval at the January Senate meeting these minutes will appear on the Senate web page.