University of Alabama at Birmingham

The Faculty Senate

Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting

August 10, 2004

Location: Administration Building – Penthouse CR1

7:30-9:30 a.m.



Officers Present: Dr. Ted Benditt (Chair), Chair-elect Peter Anderson, Dr. John Smith (Past Chair), Dr. Pat Greenup (Secretary)


Ex Officio Senators Present:  President Garrison, Dr. Eli Capilouto (Acting-Provost), Dr. Michael Wyss Chair of FPPC


Senators Present: Dr. James Broome, Dr.Joe Burrage, Dr. Madelyn Coar, Dr. Jeffrey Engler, Dr. Joseph Fleming,  Dr. Adam Gordon, Ms. Sara Grostick, Dr. Akhlaque Haque, Dr. Louis Justement,  Dr. Sue Kim, Ms. Debra Laken, Dr. Marisa Marques, Dr. Warren Martin, Dr. Stephen Mennemeyer, Dr. Jacqueline Moss, Dr. Holly Richter, Dr. Gary Sapp, Dr. Donald Urban


Alternate Senators Present: Dr. John Baddley, Dr. Pam Bounelis, Dr. Zoe Dwyer, Mr. Fr. Clyde Guidry, Dr. Russell Kirby, Dr. Chris Klug, Dr. Timothy Kraft, Dr. Mark Lockhart, Ms. Heather Martin, Dr. Kathleen Martin, Dr. Pam Murray, Dr. William Ogard, Dr. Kenneth Tilashaliski, and Ms. Martha Verchot


Guest: Dr. Rose Scripa, Mr. James Lowery, Dr. Virginia Gauld, Mr. Brian Cooper, Mr. Andy Marsh, Mr. Brooks Baker and Mr. James Garland


Parliamentarian: Dr. Joseph Telfair


Agenda Items


  1. Call to Order


Chair Ted Benditt called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m. A quorum was present.


  1. Recognition of Visitors-Guests


Chair Benditt recognized the guests/visitors attending the meeting (see list above.) These guests are all members of the UAB community.


  1. Adoption of Minutes of July 13, 2004 Meeting


The minutes of the July 13, 2004 Senate meeting were approved with submitted editorial changes to be added.



4.   Chair of Faculty Report – Chair Benditt presented updates: (1) Books for

       Baghdad project – Sterne Library Director will serve as coordinator and an article

       in the Reporter will encourage faculty contributions; (2) 2004 Planning

       Notebooks-Annual Report and Scorecards for Academic Units – electronic

       reports can be obtained by contacting Chair at ; (3) Provost

       quarterly report on grievances status indicated no new grievances filed; (4) Dr.

       Dale reported at Academic Programs Council meeting that issues related to

       diversity in the classroom should be reported to his office; faculty are encouraged

       to complete the diversity training and to implement Diversity Committee

       activities in each of the academic units to inform students, faculty and staff and

       monitor diversity concerns; additionally Dr. Dale reported that seminars will be

       offered through the School of Education for those interested in learning how to

       deal with racial confrontations in the classroom setting; (5) SACS – UAB Quality

       Enhancement Program (QEP) goal is to improve quality of learning experiences

       of students during core curriculum courses; the QEP group has identified general

       competencies and is developing methods of assessing student achievement of learning

       and competencies; the QEP report is to be completed in January 2005; (6)

       Section 2.0 Faculty Handbook – Executive Committee of the Senate is currently

       reviewing the Provost’s recommended changes to the Senate proposed revisions;

       this review will prepare the Senate’s response to the Provost’s recommendations

       to be presented to the Senate.


5.    President Garrison Update – President Garrison reported the current status of

       the search processes: (1) David Hoidal has been appointed at CEO for the UAB

       Health System; (2) Dean of School of Medicine search is ongoing; (3) Internal

       search processes will be implemented for the Vice President of Information

       Technology and the Vice President of Research; (4) a decision will be made soon

       about the type of search process for the positions of Dean of the Graduate School

       and the Provost. President Garrison recognized faculty and programs that have

       recently received grants and external recognition for contributions to UAB.


6.        Presentations – UAB Facilities Planning Updates – James Garland reviewed

        ongoing and planned projects of the UAB Health System; Brooks Baker

        reviewed new and renovation projects for some of the 66 ongoing non-hospital

        projects on campus; and Virginia Gauld reviewed the progress on the recreation

        center. These presentations will be posted at the Senate site –       
 see presentations pull down.


7.        Senate Standing Committee Reports


A.     Curriculum & Research Committee - Senator Jeff Engler reported that the committee has completed the review process for the Faculty Development Grant Awards and the recipients will be announced soon. The committee is continuing work on the Senate’s recommendations concerning scorecard metrics for workplace environment and met with the President, Acting Provost, and John Lyons recently to review the Senate’s recommendations. Chair Engler submitted the following written report.





1.  No committee meetings were held due to summer vacation.  I plan to call a meeting of the committee within the next month, to review activities that have occurred over the summer.


2.  Faculty Development Grant Awards:  The ten-member review panel for the Faculty Development Grants Program consisted of members of the Curriculum and Research Committee of the Faculty Senate (Chaired by Dr. Joe March, Department of Chemistry).  The panel represented seven schools and made their recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate School who advanced them to the Provost.  A total of 25 proposals were received and 16 were funded within the constructs of the $60,000 allocation from the Provost with an additional $60,000 in matching from the schools.  Thus the total allocation was $120,000 across the 16 faculty.  Individual awards ranged from $1800 to $10,000 (when including both the Provost allocation and School match).


3.  Meeting on July 28 to discuss scorecard metrics:  The C&R Committee last year prepared a list of recommendations regarding the UAB Strategic Plan and the scorecard metrics and these recommendations were sent to President Garrison and the Interim Provost Capiluoto.  The past chair of the C&R Committee, Dr. Pam Murray, and Dr. Benditt and Dr. Engler met with Dr. Garrison, Dr. Capiluoto and John Lyons this month to discuss these recommendations.  We spent about 90 minutes discussing the various proposed changes in the metrics.  Some of the suggested changes were discarded after discussion (for example, we agreed that the “% of faculty who undergo a regular review process whose results are considered for promotion and raises should be 100%, so there is no need to include this metric in the scorecards.  Another metric that was discussed was how to quantitate the amount of faculty development support, since there were many potential sources of such support.  Dr. Garrison will poll the deans to try to obtain information about this topic, before we attempt to devise a metric for it.  Similarly, Dr. Garrison will seek more information from the deans in order to determine how we might consider “% of academic departments in which faculty salaries (according to rand stand at or above the SUG and national averages)” as a scorecard benchmark.



B.     Faculty Affairs Committee – Senator Gary Sapp reported that a draft proposal for the administrator evaluation of the President and Acting Provost was presented to the President on August 3 and described the following draft timeline distributed to Senators.


August 9, 2004




I.                    By August 10, 2004 – distribute via campus mail the BlazerID letter from Chair Benditt to the 37 faculty members who do not have BlazerID. Due date August 31, 2004 for responses from 37 faculty members.


II.                 During August – obtain information from IDEA to respond to Senate questions and to the questions identified by the President and Acting Provost during the August 3, 2004 FSEC meeting.


III.               The Executive Committee of the Senate will review the IDEA responses to the questions referred to in item II.


IV.               By September 1, 2004 – Chair Benditt and FAC Chair Sapp prepare an article for the Synopsis.


V.                 By September 10, 2004 – obtain updated BlazerID listing.


VI.               By September 10, 2004 – Senate Chair and FAC Chair prepare an article for the UAB Reporter.


VII.            By September 25, 2004 – send the completed forms to IDEA for administering President and Acting Provost feedback process.


VIII.          By October 10, 2004 – IDEA will send AIF to President and Acting Provost.


IX.               By October 12, 2004 – Senate Chair and FAC Chair letter (email message) to be sent to all faculty with BlazerID to encourage participation and explain process.


X.                 By October 13, 2004 – First Alert Message to all faculty members by academic unit from Senate.


XI.               By October 15, 2004 – Second Alert Message to all faculty members by academic unit.


XII.            By October 22, 2004 – Senators sent a reminder by Secretary encouraging talking with colleagues and the importance of having a > 65% response rate for the President and Acting Provost.


XIII.          By November 10, 2004 – IDEA completed data collection.


XIV.          By December 10, 2004 – Senate will receive reports from IDEA.



XV.            By December 15, 2004 – Senate officers and FAC Chair will have reviewed the IDEA reports.


XVI.          By December 17, 2004 – reports delivered to President and Acting Provost using the Senate tracking/log system. Cover-letter addressing the two week period for review of the reports.


XVII.       By January 14, 2005 - summary table reports to be distributed to faculty by academic units.


NOTE: This is a draft and the projected dates need to be examined very carefully. It would be optimum if this total process could be completed before December 15, 2004. This would avoid the holiday timeline; however, it may be better to wait until January to distribute the results. This will need to be discussed by the FSEC as the process evolves.

Prepared by Secretary Greenup – August 9, 2004.



        The Faculty Affairs Committee is reviewing the current questions about

        sharing student grades distribution data related to a memorandum from

        John Lyons.


C.     Faculty Policies and Procedures – Past-Chair John Smith presented a recommendation for revisions to the proposed draft of the UAB Nonsmoking Policy. The proposed Nonsmoking Policy with the FPPC recommended additions is attached to the official paper version of these minutes and maintained in the Senate Office. The revised Nonsmoking Policy including the FPPC recommendation was approved by the Senate. The Nonsmoking Policy will move forward in the review process for University-wide policies by action of James Lowery. The Senate does not need to send a recommendation to the Acting Provost as a Senate recommendation. A second recommendation concerning Section 2.1 of the Faculty Handbook will be reviewed by the Executive Committee as review proceeds of the Provost’s recommendations.



8.        Senate Representative to University-wide committees – Senator Debra Laken

       submitted the following report:


Report for the Faculty Athletic Committee-Academic Standards Subcommittee


            The Academic Standards Subcommittee stopped meeting in October 2000.  It was requested that the committee be reestablished during the Conference USA Compliance Review.  Following the last Conference USA NCAA Compliance Review several items for improvement were noted and some of these items are the responsibility of this committee.

The committee was reestablished and the first meeting occurred in January of this year.  The committee was charged to do the following: 

1.  To review the academic progress of student athletes to assure NCAA compliance.

2.  Progress reports are to be provided to the committee by the Director of Compliance and the Director of Athletics Academic Advising at the end of every term.

Specific responsibilities are:

·        Review of overall academic progress of all student athletes at the end of every term

·        Develop policies and procedures to be used by the committee in the periodic review of the academic support services

·        Review of specific plans for improvement of the overall academic progress and graduation rates of black student-athletes

·        Review of the institution’s policy/statement related to minimizing conflicts between scheduling of athletic competitions and missed class time

Basically the purpose of the Academic Standards Subcommittee is to provide support to student-athletes and those individuals that work with them.


At the first meeting the mission statement was drafted and will need to be approved by the Faculty Athletic Committee when it meets.  The mission of the committee is to promote academic excellence in UAB student-athletes and to facilitate their inclusion in the academic and urban communities and their full conformity to NCAA and UAB academic rules and guidelines.


The committee has met three times and at each meeting Judy Sackfield, Director of Academics Athletics gave a progress report on the athletes. There were no major problems and the athletes are doing very well.

The committee is now working on the development of policies, procedures and goals.  The issue of athletes missing classes was discussed and Judy Sackfield is going to look at other conference schools for policies regarding team travel with athletics and missing classes.



9.        Announcements


a.       September 14, 2004 – Next Senate meeting at 7:30 in HUC – A & B

b.      President Garrison will deliver the State of the University Address on September 14, 2004 in HUC Auditorium at 3:30 p.m.

c.       The Senate’s draft summary minutes of meetings will now appear one week later than previously in the UAB Reporter due to changes in the Reporter deadline schedule.







10.    Review of Action Items from August 10, 2004 Meeting


a.      The slide presentations on facilities planning and update will be posted on the Senate web site.

b.      The Executive Committee will review the FPPC recommendation concerning a revision to Section 2.1 of the Faculty Handbook. This is to be addressed in conjunction with the ongoing review of the Provost’s recommendations for changes to the Senate approved version of Section 2.0 of the Faculty Handbook.

c.       Chair Benditt will prepare an article for the UAB Reporter to announce the guidelines for the Books for Baghdad project.


11.    Review of Action Items from July 13, 2004 Meeting


All action items were completed as outlined with the exception that the Executive Committee is continuing review of the Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C Provost’s recommendations.


12.    Written Materials Distributed to Senators at Meeting


a.      Agenda – August 10, 2004 Senate meeting.

b.      Draft Minutes – July 13, 2004 Senate meeting.

c.       FPPC recommendations for Nonsmoking Policy

d.      FPPC recommendation for revision of Section 2.1

e.      Updated membership roster of Senate Standing Committees

f.        IDEA Timeline for Evaluation of President and Acting Provost during fall term.


13.    Adjournment


The meeting adjourned at 9:30 a.m.



Secretary Greenup prepared this expanded DRAFT of the minutes on August 14, 2004. After approval at the September Senate meeting these minutes will be posted on the Senate Web page at