University of Alabama at Birmingham

The Faculty Senate Meeting

August 9, 2005

Location: Penthouse CR1

7:30 – 9:30 a.m.


Officers Present: Dr. Peter Anderson (Chair), Dr. Theodore Benditt (Past Chair), Dr. Pat Greenup (Secretary)


Senators Present: Dr. Pamela Autrey, Dr. Shannon Bailey, Dr. Theodore Bos, Dr. Louis Bridges, Dr. Joe Burrage, Dr. John Classe, Dr. Karen Dahle, Dr. Joseph Fleming, Dr. Akhlaque Haque, Dr. Jonathan Harwell, Dr. Yung Tsung Hsu, Dr. Bob Kesterson, Ms. Debra Laken, Dr. Mark Lockhart, Dr. Tondra Loder, Dr. Marisa Marques, Dr. Warren Martin, Dr. Stephen Mennemeyer, Ms. Martha Verchot


Alternates Present: Dr. Jeffrey Edberg (Dr. Holly Richter), Ms. Jennifer Long, Dr. Lillian Mitchell, Dr. William Ogard (Dr. Cecil Graham), Dr. Robert Peters, Ms. Sondra Pfeiffer, Dr. Lucas Pozzo Miller (Dr. Jeffrey Engler)


Guest Present: Dr. Rose Scripa


 Parliamentarian: Dr. Joseph Telfair



Agenda Items


1. Call to Order


Chair Peter Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:35 a.m. A quorum was achieved by 8:10 am.


2. Recognition of Visitors-Guests


Attending guests are members of the UAB University community.


3. Adoption of Minutes of July 12, 2005 Senate Meeting


The distributed minutes were approved with minor typing corrections.


4. Chair Report:


    Chair Peter Anderson summarized topics the Senate Executive Committee discussed

     with President Carol Garrison and Provost Eli Capilouto at the June 22, 2005 meeting:


  (1) student evaluation of teaching faculty and need for a web-based system to support

  documentation within academic units and to accomplish University-wide goals; the

  Senate will develop a recommendation for a process through the Curriculum and

  Research Committee; (2) faculty development opportunities such as the August 16-17

  Master Teacher Program and future planning for increasing faculty development

  activities in each of the academic units and for the campus level; (3) Provost

  Capilouto support of the “2 for 1” opportunity to academic units for the American

  Council on Education workshops for deans, associate/assistant deans and department

  chairs. Chair Anderson reported Dr. Diane Tucker has been appointed as the Director

  of the Science and Technology Honors Program and that the Graduate School Dean

  search process is pending announcement of the selection offer.



5. Standing Committee Reports:


A.     Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) – Senator and Chair Mark Lockhart

      reviewed the administrator evaluation proposal; Senators were requested to review

      the distributed proposal and be prepared to vote on the proposal at the September

      Senate meeting. Plans are in progress for constituent faculty to evaluate their

      department chairs (excluding academic administrators in the office less than 2

      years and departments with fewer than 6 faculty members) during fall term. The

      Senate is working with I.D.E.A. to conduct the evaluations with the numerical

      reports to be distributed to faculty in each department and the chair’s dean. The

      FAC will consider options for faculty to evaluate chairs in those departments with

      fewer than 6 faculty members. Chair Lockhart updated the Senate on periodic

      career review for tenured faculty and the goal to develop a faculty-driven proposal

      for Senate recommendation to the President Garrison. Senators were encouraged

      to submit current faculty evaluation practices (annual and peer review) and to

      identify other institutions known to have periodic career review programs in

      operations for tenured faculty. The goal is to develop a lexicon of common

      language related to a development and peer review process and guiding principles

      supportive of faculty and the UAB Strategic Plan and SACS expectations for

      faculty development and evaluation.



B.     Governance and Operations (Gov & Ops) – Senator and Chair Jennifer Long

       reported the implementation of the Senate Liaison Program to improve

       communication among Senators in an academic unit and with constituent faculty

       members and Deans in each academic unit. The following units have identified

       liaisons: Arts & Humanities – Sue Kim; Education – Karen Dahle; Health Related

       Profession – Debra Laken; Lister Hill Library – Martha Verchot; Mervyn Sterne

       Library – Jonathan Harwell, Nursing – Joe Burrage and the goal is completion of

       identification of a Senate Liaison for all units by the September Senate meeting.






C.     Finance Committee (FC) – Senator and Chair Warren Martin updated the

      Senate on the UAB Fringe Benefits Committee’s ongoing negotiations (not able to

      release the details at this time) related to health insurance benefits for the coming

      year. The FC will begin meetings in September to continue work on Senate

      related topics of financial concern.


D.    Curriculum & Research Committee (C&R) – Chair Anderson reported that the committee is meeting August 26 with Provost Capilouto, Dr. Glenna Brown and Dr. Rose Scripa to initiate planning of a proposal and recommendations concerning student evaluations and the linking of this activity with faculty development infrastructure. The C&R will continue work on copyright and fair use issues.


E.     Faculty Policies and Procedures (FPPC) – Past-Chair Ted Benditt reported there were no recommendations to the Senate based on the July 15, 2005 FPPC meeting. The next meeting is August 19, 2005 and discussions will address committee operating rules, UAB family friendly policies and copyright and ownership rules and policies.


6.  University-wide Committee – Senate Representative Reports:

 Senator Debra Laken, Senate representative to the Athletic Advising Committee and the Athletic Standards Subcommittee reported the groups are continuing development of a policy for student absences related to UAB sponsored activities and Senators were encouraged to submit questions and concerns related to the athletics activities to Dr. David Jenkins at biojenks@uab.edu


7.   New Business:


No new business items were introduced.


8. Open forum:


     No topics were introduced during the open forum.


9.  Announcements:


   (1) Next Senate meeting is September 13, 2005 – Penthouse CR1;

   (2) President Garrison’s State of the University address – September 20, 2005 at 3:30

         pm in the Spain Cameron Auditorium;

   (3) With the new UAB homepage, the Faculty and Staff resources icon is no longer

         visible but can be found on the Faculty Senate page (open the Faculty link from

         new front page);

   (4) Provost Capilouto has informed the Senate that the Section 2.0 and Appendices A,   

        B and C of the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies have been approved by the

       Chancellor and plans are being developed for the implementation and identification

        of the effective date for the revised policies and procedures.


10. Review of Action Items from August 9, 2005 Senate Meeting


  1. Secretary Greenup and Office Associate Belcher will follow up on a request to have the Faculty and Staff Resources link reestablished as a distinct link.
  2. Senators should communicate with Deans to determine each units participation in the American Council on Education Workshops
  3. Senators interested in serving as the Senate representative to the CAA should contact Chair Anderson, Stephanie Belcher or Secretary Greenup
  4. The FAC will consider possible opportunities for faculty in departments with fewer than 5 faculty to have the option to evaluate their department chair (these faculty will not be able to participate in the IDEA process)
  5. Senators are to forward currently peer review based faculty evaluations so the FAC has awareness of current practices; to also identify other institutions that have an ongoing periodic career review process
  6. Governance & Operations will continue the implementation of the Senate Liaison processes
  7. The Finance and Curriculum & Research committees have meetings scheduled during August


11. Review of Action Items from July 12, 2005 Senate Meeting


            The action item from the July meeting was completed.


12.  Written Materials Distributed



a.       Agenda for Senate meeting – August 9, 2005

b.      DRAFT Expanded Minutes of July 12, 2005 Senate meeting

c.       DRAFT – IDEA Timeline – Chair Evaluations

d.      DRAFT – FAC Proposal Administrator Evaluations – chairs, deans, President and Provost cycles


13.   Adjournment


        The Senate meeting adjourned at 8:45 a.m.



Secretary Greenup prepared this expanded DRAFT of the minutes on August 13, 2005. After approval at the September Senate meeting these minutes will appear on the Senate page