University of Alabama at Birmingham

The Faculty Senate

Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting

 June 14, 2005

Location: Penthouse CR1

7:30 – 9:30 a.m.


Officers: Dr. Theodore Benditt (Chair), Dr. Peter Anderson (Chair-Elect), Dr. John A. Smith (Past Chair), Dr. Pat Greenup (Secretary)


Ex-officio senators – President and Provost- President Carol Garrison, Dr. Eli Capilouto


Senators: Dr. Joe Burrage, Dr. Robert Carter, Dr. Madelyn Coar, Dr. Seine Chiang, Dr. Jeffrey Engler, Dr. Joseph Fleming, Dr. Roger Gilchrist, Dr. Adam Gordon, Dr. Sue Kim, Ms. Debra Laken, Ms. Jennifer Long, Dr. Joe March, Dr. Marisa Marques, Dr. Warren Martin, Dr. Stephen Mennemeyer, Ms. Martha Verchot, Dr. Joe Walker


Alternates: Dr. John Baddley, Dr. Chris Coffey, Dr. Zoe Dwyer (Dr. Alan Eberhardt), Dr. Russell Kirby (Dr. Beverly Mulvihill), Dr. Mark Lockhart (Dr. Holly Richter), Dr. Kathleen Martin, Dr. Bradley Newcomer (Ms. Sara Grostick), Dr. William Ogard


Guests: Gary Sapp; James Lowery


Agenda Items


1.      Call to Order


Chair Ted Benditt called the meeting to order at 7:35 a.m. A quorum was present.


2.      Recognition of Visitors-Guests


Attending guests are members of the UAB University community.


3.      Adoption of Minutes of May 10, 2005 Senate Meeting


No changes to the minutes as distributed electronically to the Senators.







4.   Chair Report:


            Past-Chair Ted Benditt officially transferred the gavel to Chair Pete Anderson for

            the 2005-2006 term of the Faculty Senate. Chair Anderson conducted the

            introductions of the Senators and Alternates and the officers (refer to the Senate

            homepage for this information.) Chair Anderson presented a resolution  

            recognizing the service of Dr. Ted Benditt as Chair of the Faculty for 2004-2005

            and a resolution recognizing the service of Mr. James Lowery for his assistance to

            the Faculty Senate. These resolutions will be posted on the Senate web page under

            the Resolutions tab.

            Chair Anderson presented an orientation for the Senators outlining the structure

            and function of the Senate officers and the Standing Committees. The roles and

            responsibilities are defined in the Bylaws for the Senate (posted on the Senate

            homepage.) The working groups of the Senate are the Faculty Senate Executive

            Committee (FSEC) and the Standing Committees (Faculty Affairs, Curriculum &

            Research, Finance, and Governance and Operations. Chair Anderson extended

            congratulations to Provost Capilouto on behalf of the Faculty Senate.


4.      President Report:  


      President Carol Garrison presented updates on the following topics: (1) search

      committee activities for leadership positions for UAB (Science & Technology

      Honors program director; QEP director; Chief of Police, Dean of Nursing, and

      Department Chairs in School of Medicine); (2) progress on construction around

      the new Recreation Center; (3) book selection for incoming freshmen will be The

      Spirit Catches You. This book will be the focus of a variety of student, faculty and

      staff activities during the fall term and faculty are encouraged to volunteer as

      small group seminar leaders for discussion of the book; (4) alumni activities

      focused on increasing the alumni network; (5) Board of Trustee meeting

      scheduled for June 16-17 with decisions on tuition and budget planning to follow

      this meeting; (6) impact of Conference USA decisions for UAB athletics; and (7)

      planning process for compensation plans for this coming year. Provost Capilouto

      presented an overview of UAB support of the AIDS Relief Program in


5.   Elections of Senators at Large to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee:


Nominees for the two at large positions on the Executive committee were: Jean Bodon, Madelyn Coar, William Cockerham, Tim Kraft, and Bill Ogard.


Election Results - Madelyn Coar (Senator – Dentistry) and Tim Kraft (Alternate Senator – Optometry) were elected to serve for one year on the Executive Committee.




6.   Standing Committee Reports:


A.      Faculty Affairs Committee – Senator and Chair Mark Lockhart reported that the committee is planning the process for evaluation of department chairs which is scheduled to occur this fall and that the committee will be working on other issues before the committee.

B.      Curriculum & Research Committee – Senator and Chair Jeff Engler presented a summary of activities by the committee for this past year and outlined several topics (monitoring of academic unit investments in faculty development; grading policy; QEP; and class scheduling as part of the academic calendar concerns.)

C.      Finance Committee – Senator and Chair Warren Martin summarized past year activities (fringe benefits survey and service on the UAB Fringe Benefits Committee; review of distribution indices and salary issues.) The committee will continue to address these topics and plan to conduct a benefits survey in spring of 2006.

D.      Governance & Operations Committee – Senator and Chair Jennifer Long reviewed a written report as follows:  

Governance & Operations Committee Report to the Faculty Senate

June 14, 2005

Governance & Operations Committee   (bylaws – page 13)


The responsibilities of the Governance & Operations Committee include:

A.     Reviewing the senate’s organization and procedures and recommending changes in either the constitution or the bylaws.

B.Considering the reasonableness of excess absences by a senator from senate meetings and recommending to the senate whether the position should or should not be declared vacant.

C.     Overseeing the nomination and election of senators and faculty officers and all elections and votes called for in the UAB Faculty Handbook.

D.     Interpreting the constitution and bylaws.

E.   Determining the constitutionality of the bylaws and proposed amendments.


Attendance at Senate Meetings   (bylaws – pages 8 and 10)

The Governance & Operations Committee periodically reviews senate meeting attendance by academic unit.  The purpose of this review is to assure that all academic units are fully represented on a consistent basis.


Senators unable to attend a meeting must select an alternate senator from their constituent unit to take their place.  Alternate senators should notify the Senate Office that they will be attending and must sign in on the meeting attendance roster for the senator who is not able to attend a meeting.  When a senator has been absent from three regularly scheduled meetings during one senate year and has not sent an alternate senator, the Secretary will notify the Chair of the Governance & Operations Committee.



Senate Liaison for Academic Unit   (appendix C – pages 32 and 33)

At the June meeting of the senate, the representatives for each academic unit will be asked to identify a Senate Liaison (a Senator or Alternate Senator who should have experience with the senate) to serve their unit and the senate in the following ways:

A.     Serve as point of contact for the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC) in communications with representatives from each academic unit.

B.Serve as point of contact with the dean of the academic unit to support collaboration, shared governance, and any activities of the senate that require input from a dean.  This activity is intended to encourage the senators to meet periodically with their dean to discuss issues relevant to the faculty in the specific unit and especially any issues or topics that may be relevant to faculty in any academic units as represented by the Faculty Senate.

C.     Serve as point of contact for the senate elections process and the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee (FPPC) representative for soliciting nominations for senators for the unit, FPPC representatives, and Chair-elect and Secretary positions.

D.     Serve as point of contact for communications with the faculty in the academic unit to solicit information requested by the senate and/or distribute senate information to the faculty in the academic unit.

If you are interested in serving as the Senate Liaison for your academic unit, please contact Jennifer Long, Chair of the Governance & Operations Committee, at jmlong@uab.edu or 934-6364.


Activities for the Upcoming Senate Year

·      Continue to develop the senate liaison position and establish policies and procedures for implementation.

·      Determine if reviews of the constitution or bylaws or any organizational or procedural issues need to be conducted.

·      Monitor senate meeting attendance to assure equal and fair representation for all academic units.

·      Review and update process and procedures for elections, conduct elections, and report election results in conjunction with the Senate Office.

·      Develop written procedures for senator-at-large nomination and election process and add to bylaws.

·      Research and document history of the senate.

Submitted by Jennifer M. Long

Chair of the Governance & Operations Committee

jmlong@uab.edu / 934-6364



7.      New Business:


No new items of business were introduced.





8.      University-wide committees – Senate representative reports:

  No reports were presented.


9.      Open Forum:

  No new items were presented.


10.  Announcements:


a.      The next Senate meeting is July 12, 2005 in the Penthouse CR1

b.      President’s State of the University is being planned for September – the date, time and location to be announced soon

c.       The next FSEC meeting with the President and Provost is June 29, 2005.

d.       The Senate representatives to the Diversity Council and the Faculty Athletics Advisory Committee will have reports for the July Senate meeting.


10.  Review of Action Items from June 14, 2005 Senate Meeting


a.       Stephanie Belcher will complete the preparation of the framed resolutions to be delivered to Ted Benditt and to James Lowery.

b.      Senate to encourage faculty to volunteer as small group seminar leaders for the sessions planned related to the reading of the book/events associated with The Spirit Catches You.


11.  Review of Action Items from May 10, 2005 Senate Meeting

         No follow up actions were identified at the May 10 meeting.


12.  Written Materials Distributed

a.       Agenda for June 14, 2005 Senate meeting.

b.      Faculty Senate meeting schedule for 2005.

c.       Senate Roster – dated 3-22-05

d.      Senate members email listing – dated 4-15-05

e.       Standing Committees – membership – dated 5-3-05

f.        Governance & Operations Committee report.


13.  Adjournment


Chair Pete Anderson adjourned the meeting at 8:55 a.m.


Secretary Greenup prepared this expanded DRAFT of the minutes on June 18, 2005. After approval at the July Senate meeting these minutes will appear on the Senate web page.