Senate Minutes 3/99

UAB Faculty Senate Meeting

March 12, 1999


Officers: Janet Bronstein - Chair, Tom Jannett - Chair-Elect. Ex-Officio: John Wittig - Parliamentarian; Peter O'Neil - Provost; Ann Reynolds - President. Senators: Alexander, Baker, Ball, Corliss, Dempsey, Elias, Farmer, Fleming, Greenup, Haeberle, Harrison, Kawai, Macaluso, Mikan, Paul, Prince, Roseman, Spencer. Alternate Senators: Barnes, Cook, McCarl (for Burns), Olowokere (for Rigney), Peel, Richardson (for Van Matre), Wheatley.


Chair of the Faculty Janet Bronstein called the meeting to order at 8:06 a.m. in the Hill University Center Great Hall.


The minutes of the February 10, 1999 meeting [Attachment 1] stood approved as distributed.


Dr. Bronstein distributed a newly produced UAB recruitment brochure [Attachment 2] which will be distributed to every high school junior in Alabama and the surrounding states with an ACT score over 20 and an SAT score over 960. The Chair also distributed a letter from Brad Rollow, President and CEO of VIVA Health, to Susan McWilliams, Associate Vice President, Human Resources Management, regarding an update on VIVA [Attachment 3]. Bronstein informed the Senate that it had received a copy a letter from the current President of the UAB Alumni to members of the Board of Trustees, requesting that UAB alumni be given representation on the Board.

Bronstein asked Dr. Reynolds to comment on the progress of the state budget. Dr. Reynolds noted that UAB is on the same track as last year. UAB is currently asking for coverage of 2.4% for a retirement increase as well as a salary increase. She and Wayne Echols are already talking with the delegates from Jefferson County. Senators were reminded that Higher Education Day is scheduled for April 8, in Montgomery, and were encouraged to attend if possible.


Ms. Jeanne Alexander, Director of Administrator Computer Services. A handout regarding an overview of Administration Computing was distributed [Attachment 4]. She noted that the number of employees has almost doubled since 1980. Grant funding has gone from $49 million to $248 million. Hospital revenues have gone from $19 million to $562 million. The overall UAB revenues have gone from $261 million to $1.1 billion. All of this has impacted administrative processes. Changes have occurred so quickly that the computing center can no longer support faculty in the way to which they were accustomed to in the past. Early last year, Dr. Reynolds appointed an Administrative Computing Task Force to look at the existing computing applications, to identify computing needs for doing business in the future, and to make recommendations. The task force was led by Dr. Eli Capiluto and Doug Edgeton and included representatives from all areas of the University and the Health System. Dr. Charlotte Borst represented the Faculty Senate. The task force built on the strategic planning retreats held in 1995 and 1996. Recommendations were based on the best practices of the late 1970's. The task force interviewed people from all over campus when preparing the report for the President. Systems will be implemented to address needed changes. The task force also recommended that the Health System and the University work very closely as these changes are initiated. Dr. Reynolds has endorsed the task force recommendations and forwarded them Dr. Meredith who presented them at the Board of Trustees meeting.


Dr. Charles Prince presented a report about the School of Health-Related Professions. The presentation included a discussion of the School's history, faculty, students, budget, funding, degrees, and faculty issues. [Attachment 5].


Standing Committees

Executive Committee: Bronstein discussed [Attachment 6], a letter from the Executive Committee to Dr. Reynolds and Dr. O'Neil regarding the Semester Class Schedule. This issue was discussed further in the Executive Committee's meeting with President Reynolds.

Finance Committee: No report.

Faculty Affairs Committee: No report.

Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee: Bronstein discussed the first review of Computer Software Copying and Use Policy that had been forwarded from the FPPC committee to the Senate for approval. The Policy was approved and will be sent back to the FPPC.

Governance and Operations Committee: Mikan reminded senators that nominations for faculty elections are due March 30. Additional names are being solicited for Chair-elect and Secretary. Also, selected Schools are being asked to submit names for representation to the FPPC.

Curriculum and Research Committee: No report.

Special Committees

Arts and Sciences Committee: No report.

Search Committees: Bronstein reported that the search for the Chief Information Officer is progressing with the second round of interviews set for today. The Chair reported that consideration is being given to hiring an architect for the west end of campus. The senate has been invited to provide input through the Executive Committee.


Jannett offered a resolution [Attachment 7] asking the Board of Trustees to consider graduates of UAB and UAH for positions on the Board. Following minor editorial changes, the amendment passed.

Dr. O'Neil discussed plans to change the allocation of tuition money effective Fall 1999. He plans to tie tuition money reimbursement to individual schools (on the west end of campus) to productivity. This is currently being done on the east end of campus. The number used to determine the amount of tuition money that would go to each school would be based on the school's enrollment. The number used in the formula for calculating tuition reimbursement to the schools would change, not the formula. This means that the amount of tuition money returned to each school would vary from year-to-year. The number to be used will be determined in the Fall.


During open discussion, questions and issues were raised about the shortness of the summer session in the proposed class schedule and what constitutes a normal teaching load in terms of credit hours per semester. The Provost indicated that the Deans have the prerogative to adjust the expected teaching load within their individual schools.

A motion to extend the meeting by 10 minutes was adopted by consensus.

After further discussion, the topic of faculty workload was referred to the Faculty Affairs Committee.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Mikan, PhD, RN, FAAN
Secretary, Pro tem