Senate Minutes 4/99

UAB Faculty Senate Meeting

April 9, 1999


Officers: Janet Bronstein - Chair; Tom Jannett - Chair-Elect; Secretary - Elaine Whitaker. Senators: Alexander, Ball, Burns, Corliss, Elias, Filler, Greenup, Kawai, Macaluso, Mayer, Mikan, Paul, Pfeiffer, Prince, Rigney, Smith, Snyder, Spencer. Alternate Senators: Barnes, Beard (for Harrison), Lacefield (for Farmer), Kirkpatrick (for Dimick), Lawson, McCarl (for Van Matre), Slovensky, Wheatley.


Chair Janet Bronstein called the meeting to order at 8:08 a.m. in the Hill University Center Great Hall.


The minutes stood as presented.


Bronstein furnished updates on the Higher Education Day held in Montgomery in 8 April and on the UAB capital campaign. Bronstein then introduced Enrollment Manager Sue McKinnon, who explained the nature of her position and fielded numerous questions. Bronstein then recognized Alternate Senator Chris Lawson, who gave the scheduled school presentation for Natural Sciences and Mathematics.


Standing Committees

Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee: Bronstein presented on behalf of the FPPC the policy for indirect cost recovery. This policy, given to the Senate for an initial reading, puts UAB in compliance with Federal rules. The FPPC expressed some concerns about changes in indirect cost recovery rates between the submission and the awarding of a grant. Guest Trish Raczynski affirmed that the indirect rate would be the rate at the time of the award. Following comments by Senators and attempts to frame amendments, Senator Mikan moved to refer the matter to the FPPC. Senators Kirkpatrick and Paul seconded. The matter was unanimously returned to the FPPC. Bronstein also presented as information a statement from FPPC Chair Dave Connor concerning computer software policy.

Governance and Operations Committee:Faculty Secretary Elaine Whitaker presented the nominees for Senate offices: for chair-elect, Pat Greenup and Michael Wyss, and for secretary of the faculty, Richard Harrison and John Schnorrenberg. Whitaker also thanked Senator Mikan and Carol Ray for their contributions to the elections process.

Mikan presented two additional issues discussed by the Governance and Operations Committee: (1) a proposal to archive earlier handbooks for faculty consultation and (2) the need to monitor and enforce standing committee attendance. On this last matter, the committee recommended that any standing committee can exercise its freedom to form its own rules.

Faculty Affairs Committee: Senator Elias presented a statement from the Faculty Affairs Committee summarizing the committee's concerns with regard to faculty teaching and workload under the new semester calendar announced on 2 March 1999. This statement led to considerable discussion and to a statement by the Provost. Various alternatives for an open forum on this topic were being considered at 10:35 a.m., when attendance dropped to seventeen Senate members, excluding ex-officio members and guests. There no longer being a quorum of eighteen, the meeting was adjourned. Subsequently, reflecting the sense of the Senate, Chair Bronstein scheduled a forum open to all faculty on Friday, 23 April, from 1 to 3 p.m., for the purpose of discussing faculty teaching and workload under the new semester calendar.


The meeting was adjourned at 10 AM.