Senate Minutes 5/99

UAB Faculty Senate Meeting

May 14, 1999


Officers: Janet Bronstein - Chair, Tom Jannett - Chair-Elect; Fred Trawick - Past-Chair, Secretary - Elaine Whitaker. Senators: Ball, Burns, Corliss, Davis, Farmer, Filler, Fleming, Greenup, Haeberle, Harrison, Kawai, Macaluso, Mayer, Mikan, Paul, Pfeiffer, Prince, Rigney, Roseman, Snyder, Spencer. Alternate Senators: Peel, Wheatley.


Chair of the Faculty Janet Bronstein called the meeting to order at 8:10 a.m. in the Hill University Center Great Hall.


Her chair's report included a legislative update, a report on the meeting last Friday of the University of Alabama Board of Trustees, and a reminder that President Reynolds would address the faculty on 21 May, from 4 to 5:30 p.m., in Volker Lecture Room A.


Bronstein then recognized Senator Richard Harrison who gave the school presentation for Sterne Library. Harrison summarized his remarks with the statement, "Sterne Library does a lot with very little." Harrison fielded questions concerning interlibrary loan, RLIN, and tenure for librarians. The Provost fielded the question about whether UAB should be proud that Sterne Library is so efficient or embarrassed that a Carnegie I institution has such limited resources. The Provost said that we were neither proud nor embarrassed but rather "we are concerned." Finally, Librarian Bonnie Ledbetter thanked Harrison for his presentation and also noted with pride the extension of the Senate to serve the entire university.


Standing Committees

Executive Committee:Bronstein began the Executive Committee report by recognizing Chair-Elect Tom Jannett, who described his participation in the recent Faculty Governance Conference. Jannett also presented Bronstein with a token of appreciation from the Senate for her services as Chair of the Faculty. Continuing the Executive Committee report, Bronstein observed that the new classroom building that had been previously proposed was not presently on the list of items for which donations will be sought. Bronstein has put in an inquiry on this omission. Finally, Bronstein noted that 65 people attended the Senate-sponsored forum on faculty workload under a semester calendar and also that the all-campus meeting planned for 19 May has been tabled.

Faculty Affairs Committee: Faculty Affairs Committee: Senator Colin Davis presented a resolution from the Faculty Affairs Committee The committee resolution received a friendly amendment from Senator Mayer, replacing "over a third of" by the actual figures. Resolution 99.5.1 then read as follows:

Whereas the Faculty Affairs and Curriculum and Research Committees created an alternative schedule which was unanimously adopted by the Faculty Senate.

Whereas the alternative schedule placed greater emphasis on the two day teaching schedule and provided ample opportunity for Friday classes and workshops.

Whereas the proposed Administration schedule of seven out of twenty classes in the M-W-F, 50 minute format is opposed by faculty as evidenced by the unanimous vote of the Faculty Senate in support of the daily schedule of 75 minute periods.

Whereas the proposed Administration schedule will directly threaten important educational activities such as innovative studies, faculty committee meetings, scholarly conference meetings, and faculty colloquia.

Whereas there is no evidence that students support the M-W-F schedule.

Resolved that the administration rescind the proposed schedule and adopt instead the alternative teaching schedule proposed by the Faculty Affairs and Curriculum and Research Committees, and unanimously adopted by the Faculty Senate.

Senator Andrew Ball moved to delete the clause concerning student support for a M-W-F schedule, since lack of evidence was not evidence to the contrary. The motion was seconded but failed with a vote of seven in favor and nine opposed. The question was then called on the resolution, which passed with fourteen in favor and six opposed.

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee did not meet during the month of May.

Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee: The Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee did not meet during the month of May. Bronstein noted that the letter she had sent to the committee is included in the Senate packets and should be considered at the FPPC meeting in June. Senator Mikan asked about the timeline for the publication of the new handbook. The Provost said that the document would be available Monday with the aim of making the handbook effective in September.

Curriculum and Research Committee: The Curriculum and Research Committee did not meet during the month of May.

Governance and Operations Committee: Senator Mikan noted that voting for the 1999-2000 Senate would conclude at 5 p.m. today, although ballots that had been mailed would be accepted through Monday. Counting will occur on Wednesday, 19 May, from noon to 3 p.m. with the Elections Committee meeting from 3 to 5 to certify the results. Candidates will then be notified and the results released to The Reporter.

Special Committees

Reports on searches were as follows: Bronstein reported that a candidate for chief information officer is on campus today. According to Mayer, three candidates are being invited for second visits in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics dean's search. Wittig reported that two candidates are returning in the Arts and Humanities dean's search. The Provost noted that the development officer who had bought a house in Birmingham then called off the sale and declined the university's offer. The Research Foundation search continues with a search firm involved. The main issue in this search is the nature of the tie between OADI and the Research Foundation.

Wittig reported as Senate representative to the Athletic Committee that the athletic accreditation process had gone well and that the synchronized swimming coach was in place.


Chair-Elect Jannett moved that the June meeting occur on 18 June, from 1 to 3 p.m., at the Medical Alumni Building with a reception following. Trawick seconded, and Jannett's resolution (99.5.2) passed unanimously.


There being no other new business and no issues for the open forum, Bronstein adjourned the meeting at 9:15 a.m.