Senate Minutes 9/99

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Faculty Senate
Minutes of the Meeting of 10 September 1999

The Faculty Senate met on 10 September 1999 in Rooms 412 and 413 of the Hill University. The chair called the meeting to order at 8:10 A.M.

Those present were: Officers: Thomas Jannett, Chair; Michael Wyss, Chair-Elect, Janet Bronstein - Past Chair, John M. Schnorrenberg, Secretary. Senators: Alexander, Ball, Elias, Brown, Burns, Capper, Dempsey, Farmer, Fleming, Fullard, Greenup, Gunther-Canada, Haeberle, Harris, Hutchison, Kawai, Knowles, Macaluso, Mikan, Paul, Pfeiffer, Rigney, Rostand, Sapp, Smith, Snyder, Spencer. Alternates: Barnes, Hardin, Hogan-Smith, Jackson, Lacefield, Lemons, Pollard.

The chair asked if there were corrections or additions to the minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of 13 August 1999. Hearing none, he ordered the minutes approved.

The chair reported the organization of the University of Alabama System Strategic Task Forces. There are to be three, each with twelve members. Our Faculty Senate was able to submit nominees for membership on the task forces and several of them were appointed.

Senator Pfeiffer introduced Scott Plutchak, Director of Lister Hill Library, who delivered a report on the library.

The chair recognized Senator Wyss to deliver the report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Tenure Policy.

Senator Knowles moved to accept the report, the motion was seconded, the question put, and the motion carried.

Senator Mikan moved that the Senate accept the committee substitute for Section and parts of Section 2.7 and Appendix C in the Faculty Handbook.

The chair put the question, asking a vote by show of hands. There were 28 ayes and no noes. The motion carried.

The chair asked the provost if there were any news about new administrative appointments. The provost said there was not.

The chair recognized Senator Bronstein who moved the following resolution which she had posted on the senate listserv. The motion was seconded.

Whereas faculty salaries in the University of Alabama System continue to trail regional averages by 10 to 15 percent, and

Whereas the State of Alabama has fallen well below regional and national norms in its support of higher education, and

Whereas these problems are not likely to be remedied in the foreseeable future without major efforts on the part of the University of Alabama System,

Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate of The University of Alabama at Birmingham joins the Faculty Senate at The University of Alabama in requesting that the administration of The University of Alabama System and its Board of Trustees develop a strategic plan for securing necessary financial resources from public and private sources to bring faculty salaries at least to the regional average and that development and implementation of this plan be made the top priority of the System and its Board of Trustees for the coming academic year.

Senator Alexander moved the following amendment to the resolution and Senator Bronstein agreed to accept the amendment as part of her resolution.

Be it further resolved that the Faculty Senate of The University of Alabama at Birmingham requests that the university president advise the senate regarding the creation, implementation, and status of all efforts made by the university, the university system, and the Board of Trustees to address this critical issue.

The chair put the question on the motion as amended and asked for a vote by show of hands. There were 25 ayes and 3 noes. The motion carried.

Following a brief open forum and announcements, the chair announced the resignation from the senate of Senator Mikan, formerly Secretary of the Faculty. She is retiring. He expressed the thanks of the senate for her services.

There being no further business, the chair adjourned the senate at 10:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

John M. Schnorrenberg
Secretary of the Faculty