Senate Minutes 1/00

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Faculty Senate
Minutes of the Meeting of 14 January 2000

The UAB Faculty Senate met on 14 January 2000 in the Great Hall of the Hill University Center. The agenda for the meeting adopted by the Executive Committee was distributed (Document 1).

Those present were: Officers: Jannett (Chair), Wyss (Chair-Elect), Bronstein (Past-Chair). Senators: Alexander, Ball, Brown, Burns, Eberhardt, Filler, Farmer, Fleming, Fullard, Greenup, Gunther-Canada, Haeberle, Hutchison, Johnson, Kawai, Paul, Rigney, Rostand, Sapp, Smith, Snyder, Spencer. Alternates: Barnes, Beard, Hogan-Smith, Jackson, Lacefield, Peel, Telfair.

The chair called the meeting to order at 8:08 a.m. He asked whether there were corrections to the minutes of the meeting of 10 December. There being none, the chair ordered these minutes approved as distributed (Document 2). A copy of the corrected minutes of the meeting of 12 November was distributed (Document 3).

The chair made his report. In it he discussed and provided information about UAB faculty salaries. There were questions and comments following his report.

The chair recognized President Reynolds to address the senate. The president reminded the senate that UAB now has its first Rhodes Scholar, Neel Varshney. She announced that grants received by UAB in 1999 were $300 million. She reported on and addressed a 2% decline in UAB enrollment in winter 2000 from the level of winter 1999. She discussed the stages in the development of the state budget for this year and urged senators and all faculty to write the governor and their legislators urging that one-third of new money in the Education Trust Fund be appropriated to higher education and that universities, including UAB, receive the share of this increase recommended by the Council of Presidents. In connection with her remarks she distributed a graph "State Appropriations to Higher Education compared to ACHE Standard FY 1999-2000." (Document 4) and "State Governmental Affairs Alert" (Document 5).

There were questions and comments following the remarks by the president.

The chair recognized Senator Greenup to give the report of the Faculty Affairs Committee. The text of this report is attached as Document 4.

Senator Greenup moved the following resolution:

Whereas, the senate's Faculty Affairs committee was charged by the senate's Executive Committee to review a deferred senate resolution concerning "A university-wide faculty forum for presentation's by each schools' dean," and

Whereas, the Faculty Affairs Committee solicited suggestions from senators and the Executive Committee's members, and

Whereas, the Faculty Affairs Committee considered possible alternatives to a "Dean's Forum,"

Therefore, be it resolved that the senate adopt the policy recommended by the Faculty Affairs Committee:

"That any presentations by schools in the future sessions of the senate be focused on faculty perspectives, issues and concerns interrelated to the activities of the senate.

"That if senators/faculty within a school desire to have "Presentation Time" on the agenda of a senate meeting, that the senators make a request in advance to the executive committee.

"It is further recommended that the senators of the school collaborate with their school's dean to present information that focuses on faculty issues/concerns that inform and/or seek the assistance of the senate to address the issues/concerns of faculty.

"Furthermore, the Faculty Affairs Committee recommends that should such requests be made that

  1. Any school's presentation not be a "Dean's Presentation";
  2. Issues presented be directly related to senate activities and goals;
  3. School presentations by senators not be scheduled on a rotating basis;
  4. That schools post information about their school that might be of interest to all UAB faculty on the school's web page.

After discussion, the chair put the question and the resolution carried.

Senator Greenup moved the following resolution on behalf of the committee:

Whereas, the UAB Faculty Senate's Faculty Affairs Committee is responsible for supervising periodic evaluations of academic administrators (chairs, dean, and library directors), vice-presidents, the provost, and the president by their constituents, and

Whereas, the goals and intended outcomes of the administrator evaluation process (AEP) have not been previously defined, and

Whereas, there is a need to address the interdependencies of faculty and administrators to achieve strategic goals at department, school and university-wide levels,

Therefore, be it resolved that the senate adopt the AEP goals statement as presented by the senate's Faculty Affairs Committee:

"To provide faculty members with administrative responsibilities and those to whom they report, with objective and constructive feedback from the faculty members who are most affected by their administrative decisions and performance. And to provide the academic administrators of UAB with information that can be used to improve their overall performance, the services of their operational unit and their interactions with the faculty members in their operational unit."

After discussion, the chair put the question and the motion carried.

Senate Greenup moved on behalf of the Faculty Affairs Committee the following resolution as an alternative to Senate Resolution 99.2.2:

Whereas, currently the FAC has extensively reviewed the logistics of the 1998 AEP in preparation for the Spring 2000 AEP, and

Whereas, the possible response rates are so different for the Deans and Library Directors, and

Whereas, the mission of each school or library is so diverse,

Be it resolved, that a summary review be compiled biannually in which:

  1. Faculty participation rates for each school's dean and each library director be reported;
  2. Faculty participation rates by school and library for university administrators be reported;
  3. The FAC chair prepare a summary report of the AEP activities with dates, specific tasks and specific suggestions for future AEP and that this written report be submitted to the senate's Executive Committee, placed in the FAC files, and an oral report presented to the senate;
  4. Results of a summary review with the materials for items 1, 2, and 3 will be posted on the senate web page.

After discussion, the chair put the question and called for a division by show of hands. The resolution carried, ayes 17, noes 3.

At the request of the chair it was moved and seconded that the time for adjournment be extended. The motion carried.

The chair asked Senate Hutchison whether the report of the Arts and Sciences Council could be deferred. She agreed it could.

The chair announced that Ms. McKinnon had asked to delay delivery of her report on enrollment until a later meeting of the senate. Her request was made because she felt that there would be insufficient time for presentation and any questions or discussion.

The chair adjourned the meeting at 10:05 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

John M. Schnorrenberg
Secretary of the Faculty

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