Senate Minutes 2/00

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Faculty Senate
Minutes of the Meeting of 11 February 2000

The UAB Faculty Senate met on 11 February 2000 in the Great Hall of the Hill University Center. The agenda adopted for the meeting by the Executive Committee was distributed (Document 1).

Those present were: Officers: Jannett (Chair), Wyss (Chair-Elect), Bronstein (Past-Chair). Senators: Alexander, Ball, Burns, Brown, Eberhardt, Farmer, Filler, Fleming, Greenup, Gunther-Canada, Haeberle, Harris, Hutchison, Macaluso, Paul, Pfeiffer, Rigney, Rostand, Sapp, Smith, Snyder, Spencer, Vincent. Ex-Officio: O'Neil, Wittig. Alternates: Barnes, Hogan-Smith, Lacefield, Lemons, Norton, Peel (for Knowles), Telfair (for Capper).

The chair called the meeting to order at 8:11 a.m. He asked whether there were corrections to the minutes of the meeting of 14 January. There being none, the chair ordered these minutes approved as distributed (Document 2).

The chair introduced the Chancellor of The University of Alabama System, Thomas Meredith. Chancellor Meredith addressed the senate. Following his remarks he responded to questions from several senators.

The chair recognized Senator Snyder to give the report of the Curriculum and Research Committee. He reported that the senate is represented on the Retention Task Force established by the provost and chaired by Associate Provost Neilson. The goal of the task force is to have a complete report to the provost by late March or early April.

The chair announced that the resolution postponed by the senate in its December meeting to be considered in January and not considered in January because the hour of automatic adjournment was reached was now on the floor. The resolution was that

The UAB Faculty Senate endorses a resolution adopted by the Alabama College and University Presidents on 12 November 1999.

A copy of this resolution was distributed to senators (Document 3). After discussion the chair put the question and the motion to endorse was carried.

The chair recognized Senator Greenup to give the report of the Faculty Affairs Committee, which had been distributed to senators (Document 4) with an attachment on the Administrator Evaluation Process - 2000 (Document 5). Senator Greenup stressed that the committee wanted to increase the number of faculty taking part in administrative evaluations.

The chair recognized Senator Hutchison to give the report of the Committee on Governance and Operations. Senator Hutchison announced that the committee had asked that the parenthetical material in Bylaw II.7.e was exemplary, not prescriptive. She announced that the committee would present an amendment to the bylaws concerning open meetings at the next meeting of the senate.

The chair recognized Senator Hutchison to present a report from the Arts and Sciences Council. She reported on the recent meetings of the council and the concern for renovation of Arts and Sciences classrooms. The chair asked for comment from the provost. The provost announced that in the renovation of Volker Hall improvements to lecture rooms are very being carefully considered and that Sheila Chaffin, Director of Campus Planning will be looking carefully at the six large lecture rooms on the west end of campus to consider how they can be improved so that they will function better.

The chair recognized Senator Bronstein to give the report of the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee. She announced that the new edition of the Faculty Handbook is in press. It will take effect on 1 June 2000.

Senator Bronstein moved approval of the draft "Equipment Accountability Policy" (Document 6) for its first review by the senate. After brief discussion, the chair put the question and the motion carried.

The chair made his report to the senate. He announced that Senator McKenna had agreed to serve as chair of an ad hoc committee on parking. Members of the committee will shortly be appointed.

The chair will shortly distribute the summary of faculty responses to the question what the priorities of the university should be.

The chair stressed that the Constitution of the Faculty created the senate to represent the views of the faculty and to advise the president.

The chair said that the senate might wish to explore the issue of faculty salaries.

The chair announced the open forum. Senator Alexander raised the issue of faculty salaries. Senator Alexander moved that the senate invite people to talk about faculty salaries. The chair asked whether it would be satisfactory to have the executive committee consider that.

The chair announced that the time for automatic adjournment had been reached. There being no motion to extend the time, the senate adjourned at 10:01 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

John M. Schnorrenberg
Secretary of the Faculty

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