Senate Minutes 7/00

University of Alabama at Birmingham
The Faculty Senate
Minutes of the Faculty Senate Meeting of 14 July 2000

The UAB Faculty Senate met on 14 July 2000 in Rooms 412 - 413 of the Hill University Center. The agenda adopted by the Executive Committee for this meeting was distributed (Document 1).

Those present were: Officers: Hickson (Chair-Elect, presiding), Jannett (Past-Chair), Schnorrenberg (Secretary). Senators: Brown, Cheung, Filler, Fullard, Greenup, Harris, Heaven, Hutchison, Knowles, Paul, Pfeiffer, Price, Reed, Rostand, Scripa, Smith, Telfair, Ward. Alternates: Bodon, Givan, Grigsby (for Sapp), Lemons, Tyson, Vincent. Ex-Officio: O'Neil, Wittig.

The chair called the meeting to order at 8:07 a.m. He announced the deaths in a recent automobile accident of Gloria Wyss and Renata Gardels, the wife and mother-in-law of Michael Wyss, Chair of the Faculty, and the serious injuries of Steven Wyss, son of the chair. Mr. Steven Wyss is now recovering. The chair asked the senate to observe a moment of silence in memory of Mrs. Wyss and Mrs. Gardels.

The senate observed a moment of silence.

The chair announced that there will be a memorial service for Mrs. Wyss and Mrs. Gardels on Saturday, 15 July, at 2:00 P.M. at Trinity Lutheran Church, Birmingham.

The chair announced that donations in memory of Gloria Wyss and Renata Gardels may be made to The Gardels/Wyss Fund for the Creators Classroom at Concordia Lutheran High School, Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

The chair announced Senator Wyss's home address, 1925 Old Creek Trail, Birmingham, Alabama 35211.

The chair thanked Carol Ray, Roxie Speed, and Diane Moxley for the work they did to keep senators and others informed of the deaths and the events subsequent upon these.

The chair asked if there were any visitors. None announced themselves.

The chair asked if there were corrections to the minutes as distributed. Hearing none, he directed them approved as distributed (Document 2).

The chair recognized Senator Hutchison to give the report of the Arts and Sciences Council (Document 3). The council is working on projects in the categories of visibility, activities, and facilities and programs.

The chair announced that a resolution referred to the Executive Committee and to be considered at this meeting of the senate was now the order of business, as follows:

The Arts and Sciences Council shall be abolished.

Following debate on the resolution in which Senators Price, Schnorrenberg, Knowles, Hutchison, and Ward spoke, Senator Price moved that it be referred to the committee on Governance and Operations. The question was put and the motion carried.

The chair recognized Senator Greenup to give the report of the Committee on Faculty Affairs. Senator Greenup summarized its distributed report (Document 4). Senator Greenup referred to a draft letter to Faculty Affairs committees and other appropriate bodies at each school. (Document 5). Senator Greenup moved the following resolution:

WHEREAS, The UAB Faculty Senate's Faculty Affairs Committee has as one goal for the AEP Year 2000 the incorporation of a developmental phase for use of the data following the distribution of the administrator evaluation reports for all administrators who have been evaluated to the appropriate faculty and administrators; and

WHEREAS, The Faculty Affairs Committee has evaluated possible actions to achieve a collaborative feedback and development of recommendations for action process between a school's faculty and the Dean of a school, and between the Senate's executive committee and university-wide administrators; and

WHEREAS, The Faculty Affairs Committee recognizes the variances in the operations and governance practices between faculty and administrators across UAB's thirteen schools and two libraries, and the possible structural paths for interaction between the UAB Faculty Senate and university-wide administrators concerning the administrator evaluation process results; and

WHEREAS, The Faculty Affairs Committee recognizes the lack of formal linkages between the Senate's Faculty Affairs Committee and each the faculty affairs committee of each school or library, Faculty Council (SOM) or the Basic Sciences Advisory Committee (JHS), and that the decision to participate with the developmental phase of the Faculty Senate's administrator evaluation process resides in each school or library's faculty governance structure,

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the UAB Faculty Senate adopt the following proposed developmental phase actions for implementation and evaluation following the administrator evaluation results distribution during the AEP YEAR 2000,

FIRST, That the Senate Faculty Affairs Committee invite and encourage the participation of each school or library with a structured and operational Faculty Affairs Committee or comparable faculty committee structure for that defined faculty committee structure to function as a reviewer of the School's Dean or Library Director's evaluation results from the AEP report,

SECOND, That the School or Library faculty committee prepare an executive summary including recommendations for action concerning the Dean's report,

THIRD, That the School or Library faculty committee identify representatives to meet with the Dean in an advisory capacity for discussion of the executive summary and recommendations for periodic progress reports to all faculty members in the operational unit,

FOURTH, That the interaction between the Dean or Library Director function to achieve dialogue supportive of shared assumptions to achieve the goals of the operational unit,

FIFTH, That the Senate adopt this resolution to include the invitation and encouragement for similar actions within the School of Medicine's Faculty Council and the Joint Health Sciences's Basic Sciences Advisory Committee,

SIXTH, That the Senators and Alternate Senators of each school or library and the members of the school or library's faculty advisory group or committee encourage their Dean to act to support the Department Chairs to interact with faculty representatives in their Departments to have dialogue between the faculty and the Department Chair for the purpose of review of the administrator evaluation results and to develop collaborative actions that will address those areas identified by the evaluation that are opportunities for improving performance of the Department and the Chair,

SEVENTH, That the members of the Senate's Executive Committee prepare an executive summary and recommendations for action, and select representatives for an advisory meeting and dialogue with the President, Provost, Vice-President for Student Affairs and the Dean of the Graduate School,

EIGHTH, That for those faculty structures that do interact with their Dean, Chair or university wide administrator that an evaluation of the developmental process be submitted to the Senate's Faculty Affairs Committee within three months of the distribution of the administrator evaluation reports with the intended purpose to be able to determine the effectiveness of the developmental phase of the AEP YEAR 2000 in preparation for the AEP YEAR 2002 evaluation of UAB administrators.

A debate on the resolution followed. Senators Smith, Telfair, Jannett, Greenup, Knowles, and Price spoke, some more than once.

The question was put and the motion carried.

The chair recognized Senator Reed to give a report of the Finance Committee (Document 6). Senator Reed raised certain questions in her report and asked for advice from the senate. The chair indicated that the Executive Committee would address the questions.

The chair announced that there were no reports from the Curriculum and Research Committee, the Child Care committee, or the Parking Committee.

The chair recognized Senator Schnorrenberg who moved on behalf of the Executive Committee the following resolution:

Be it resolved by the Faculty Senate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham;

The Senate congratulates Rosalia N. Scripa, Professor of Materials and Mechanical Engineering and Professor of Biomedical Engineering and former member of the Senate, on her appointment as Associate Provost for Undergraduate Programs. The Senate wishes her success in this important new responsibility.

The question was put and the motion carried.

The chair recognized Senator Jannett. He delivered an extensive report on healthcare fringe benefits at UAB and in comparison to select other universities in and out of Alabama.

Senator Jannett serves as the senate representative on the University Fringe Benefits Committee. Senator Jannett distributed Table 3 of the various documents he projected (Document 7). This shows cost increases projected for 2001 for single persons and families in each of the three healthcare plans available to UAB employees. These costs will increase substantially for United Health Care and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Two years ago, the Fringe Benefits Committee had recommended funding the cost of each of the plans at 75% of total cost. This recommendation was not accepted.

There were questions and discussions during the report.

The chair asked if there were open forum issues for the limited time remaining. Hearing none, he announced that the new Faculty Handbook had been published and would eventually be mailed to every faculty member. Copies are also now available in the office of each dean.

The chair announced the reception on Friday 21 July in honor of retiring Associate Provost Michael Neilson.

There being no further business, the chair adjourned the meeting at 9:59 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,

John M. Schnorrenberg
Secretary of the Faculty

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