Senate Minutes 3/02

University of Alabama at Birmingham
The Faculty Senate
Minutes of the Faculty Senate Meeting of 12 March 2002

The UAB Faculty Senate met on 12 March 2002 in Great Hall A and B, Hill University Center. The agenda adopted by the Executive Committee was distributed (Document 1).

Those present were: Officers: Hickson (Chair); Heaven (Chair Elect); Wyss (Past Chair); Schnorrenberg (Secretary). Senators: Anderson, Beard, Brown, Cheung, Eleftherious, Givan, Greenup, Hutchison, Justement, Lemons, Liber, Mercado, Mulvihill, Pfeiffer, Rigney, Telfair, Than, Sapp, Waites, Ward, Weaver, Wilson. Alternates: Bodon (for Basilico); Dahle, Griffin, Laken, Martin. Ex officio: Augsburger (Provost); Wittig (Parliamentarian). Guests: Rose Scripa.

The Chair of the Faculty called the meeting to order at 7:35 a.m.

The chair asked if there were any corrections to the minutes of the meeting of 12 February 2002, as distributed (Document 2). Hearing none, he ordered the minutes approved as distributed.

The Chair gave his report. He said that there are over 70 candidates for the presidency of UAB. All have been discussed in the committee. The field has now been narrowed to 17 to 20. The committee anticipates a decision by the end of April.

Senator Heaven asked if there had been any interviews yet. The Chair said that there had not. A senator asked how many candidates would be brought to campus. The chair said that seven to twelve would be brought for a first interview.

The chair asked Dr. Scripa to give a report on progress toward the proposed 120 hour degree for the B.A. and B.S. She said that there have been ongoing discussions about this. It was considered in relation to semester conversion, but we still have a 128 hour degree. The university in Tuscaloosa has gone to 120 hours as of Fall 2001. Some programs, for example music, are 123. Auburn went to 120 hours total degree with semester conversion. Most liberal arts degrees are 120 hours, except Graphic Design, which is 128. Some are 123 hours. Most education programs are 122 or 123 hours. The engineering program is 128 hours. Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering are 131 and 134 hours. Computer Science is only 120 hours.

The UAB timeline for full implementation of the 120 hour degree is with the catalogue to be published for 2003-05, that is, the new requirements would take effect in Fall 2003. The deadline for sending catalogue changes to the Provost is 1 December 2002. Copy must go to the printer by 1 February 2003.

As soon as new curricula are approved they can be put on line, so that students can plan to take account of the proposed changes.

Senator Hutchison asked whether students scheduled to graduate in December could graduate faster if this change were approved. Dr. Scripa said that this would be possible with approval.

Senator Wilson asked whether there is a mandate for all schools to follow this guideline. Dr. Scripa said a school proposing a degree of more than 120 hours would need approval. Senator Wilson asked about prerequisite courses, which could not be fitted into the state-mandated core. Dr. Scripa said that if the same program exists elsewhere in the state, the UAB program should find out what it is doing.

Senator Ward said that he had urged this change be made a year ago. The Senate should discuss it.

Dr. Scripa said that the state-mandated articulation program was not in conflict with the 120 hour degree because it required less than 60 hours.

The Chair continued his report. He asked the Provost to speak on Grievance and Termination for Cause proceedings.

Provost Augsburger referred to his memorandum to the Chair of the Faculty, dated 1 March 2002, a copy of which had been distributed to senators. (Document 3). A grievance procedure had been completed. One termination for cause procedure had been completed; another was still in process, as described in the report he had sent to the Chair of the Faculty.

The Chair said that since Senator Reed was not present, there could be no report of the Fringe Benefits Committee. He said that it is almost time to begin to settle new contracts for health care for next year.

The Chair recognized Senator Rigney to give the report of the Curriculum and Research Committee. Senator Rigney said that the committee study of enrollment and scheduling trends is in progress.

The Chair asked the Secretary to report on elections. Senator Schnorrenberg said that the faculty elections were in progress and he urged faculty to vote.

The Chair recognized Senator Wyss, who moved for the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee that

The Senate approves the change proposed by the Committee to Page 35, Section 3.10, Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights (Patent Policy), as follows:

Delete the second sentence of the fourth paragraph and replace it with the following sentence:

Any such invention or discovery (1) which is the result of research carried on by or under the direction of any employee of the University and/or having the costs thereof paid from University funds or from funds under the control of or administered by the University, or (2) which is made by an employee of the University and which relates to the inventor's field of work at the University, or (3) which has been developed in whole or in part by the utilization of resources or facilities belonging to the University, shall be assigned to the University.

Senator Wyss observed that this was the second presentation to the Senate of this change, first considered at the last meeting of the Senate.

Senator Liber asked how this made an impact on the Arts and Sciences campus. What about books? Senator Wyss said the issue of copyright had been discussed.

Senator Telfair asked about consulting. What if there is development of the product resulting from consulting? The rules for consultation are not clear. Policies and Procedures should be asked to address the issues of consultation. Senator Wyss said that they agreed this should be done.

Senator Wilson said that her school's form about consulting asks how much money we make.

The Provost said the form referred to is not used.

Senator Telfair said that the issue of resources of the University is complicated. He made a number of remarks about this.

The chair put the question upon the motion and the motion carried.

Senator Wyss made comments on the Faculty Handbook. Since we have portions of the Handbook ready to present, it is possible to permit these changes to go into effect, for example the revised grievance policy. The committee will present some parts of the new faculty policy. The Senate could vote these out. The Handbook is on line. The on line Handbook is the official book.

Senator Greenup said that she would ask the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee to deal with questions about consulting, looking at Section 3.5.

The Chair asked for new business

Senator Liber said that he found when soliciting colleagues to be candidates for senate, they did not know what it was doing. The minutes do not appear in the UAB Reporter. Senator Telfair said that he distributed senate information by departmental listserv. Senator Givan requested that the minutes be on the Senate web page and the Reporter be asked to publish them.

The chair reminded the senate of the April 12 State of the University report by the President.

Dr. Scripa reminded the senate of the April 4 Faculty Awards Convocation and the April 13 Honors Convocation.

There being no further business, the Chair adjourned the meeting at 8:19 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

John M. Schnorrenberg
Secretary of the Faculty

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