Minutes FSEC Meeting February 25, 2004


  1. Attendees John Smith, Ted Benditt, Pat Greenup, Tim Heaven, Mark Lockhart, Linda Reed, Pam Murray, Mike Wyss, Stephanie Belcher.
  2. Agenda for March 2, 2004 FSEC meeting with President Garrison


Note: Chair Smith will communicate with President Garrison to determine if the scheduled meeting should be cancelled due to probable low attendance by the FSEC (Chair and Secretary out of town and others not able to attend)


These items were identified for the agenda if a meeting is held:


1.      S.T.E.P.S.

2.      Fringe Benefits Committee Update

3.      Faculty Development Grants guidelines and review process

4.      Faculty Recognition recommendations

5.      UAB Trainings Equity & Diversity

6.      Research Plan Five Year Plan Status


Note: Chair Smith did communicate the above concerns to President Garrison via

email. A decision was made on February 25, 2004 to cancel the meeting.


  1. Agenda for the March 9, 2004 Faculty Senate Meeting


  1. Call to Order
  2. Recognition of Visitors
  3. Approval of Minutes February 10, 2004 Meeting
  4. Chair Report
  5. Presentations
    1. President Garrison
    2. Provost Capilouto and Patricia Raczynski
  6. Senate Standing Committee Reports
    1. Curriculum & Research Senator Murray
    2. Faculty Affairs Senator Telfair
    3. Governance & Operations Senator Mulvihill
    4. Finance Senator Linda Reed Draft of Survey on Health Benefits was discussed.
  7. Academic Unit Reports

a. Phase I Reports Update on Follow Up Secretary Greenup

b. Phase III Faculty Governance Reports

(1)   Joint Health Sciences Senator

(2)   Arts & Humanities Senator Alison Chapman

(3)   Business Senator Warren Martin

(4)   Dentistry Senator Dan Givan

(5)   Education Senator Gary Sapp

(6)   Engineering Senator

(7)   Health Related Professions Senator

(8)   Lister Hill Library Senator

(9)   Medicine Senator

(10)         Sterne Library - Senator


9. Open Forum

10. Announcements

a.       Next Senate Meeting April 13, 2004

b.      Academic Unit Reports Phase III NSM, Nursing, Opt, Public Health, and SBS

c.       Faculty Senate Meeting April 2004 Mr. David Fine and Dean Will Deal

d.      Faculty Senate Meeting May 11, 2004 Chair Smith Year in Review and Academic Unit reports update and Elections Process for Senators at Large to Serve on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee 2004-05


Note: There was discussion to change the order of the schedule to assure that the

Phase III reports would be covered. This was not done.


  1. Items for Discussion None of these items were discussed.

        Items for Discussion by the FSEC

    1. Policy for dollar transfer for faculty serving on IRB and CIRB
    2. FSEC recommendations for IRB appeals process what is current practice
    3. Phase I reports issues being addressed by each of the Senate Standing Committees
    4. Senate status with IDEA costs of surveys
    5. FSEC position on staff senate on the UAB campus
    6. What is to be posted on Senate site for Phase I and Phase II reports?

Possible Items for Discussion by the FSEC if time permits

Tenure time out status of transfer of information to FPPC

    1. Phase IV Best Practices and Communication Channels how to address this for 2004-05
    2. Senior-Lead Senator duties definitions
    3. Senators at large election process and duties must plan by April meeting
    4. University-wide Committee reports location on Senate page and mechanism to know update of most recent reports
    5. UAB Policy review process consultation with James Lowery when Senate has questions
    6. Phase II reports status


These minutes have been prepared by Pat Greenup, Secretary of the Faculty.