Minutes of FSEC Meeting – June 30, 2004



I.                    Attending: Ted Benditt, John Smith, Pete Anderson, Warren Martin, Tim Kraft, Jeff Engler, Gary Sapp, Pat Greenup, Madelyn Coar – Alternate for Mike Wyss/FPPC Ex-Officio, Stephanie Belcher.

II.                Chair’s Report and Discussion Topics


·        Chair Benditt reported to the FSEC the completion of the Orientation session for the incoming chairs of the Senate standing committees

I.                    Attending: Ted Benditt, Warren Martin, Gary Sapp, Jeff Engler, Pete Anderson, Pat Greenup, Stephanie Belcher

II.                 Incoming chairs had received annual reports and selected sections of the Appendix D describing the roles and responsibilities for the chairs during the 2004-2005 term

III.               Secretary Greenup reviewed the developmental process for the “job descriptions” for officers and all titled positions related to the Senate (most information from the Bylaws with additions generated by Secretary and the Governance & Operations Committee during 2003-2004 as the Bylaws were reviewed and amended) and the timeline by week for the major activities needed to support the Senate’s activities and the information from Appendix D.

IV.              Activities for the coming year by each of the standing committees were discussed: FAC – (1) administrator evaluations for President and Provost, (2) Periodic Career Review/Post-Tenure and follow up with Phase II reports summaries – data summary and executive summary; C&R – appeals process related to IRB and CIRB, Governance & Operations – definition of process for Senate Liaison/Senators and development of structure for improving communications to and from Senators to constituents; Finance – Health Benefits and the issues related to the APC and the financial management process;  the Chairs will review the annual reports and determine the goals for each committee as they plan meetings with the membership of each of the committees

V.                 Secretary Greenup discussed the need for minutes/records of Standing Committee activities and decisions; the need to plan activities in advance so coordination with Stephanie Belcher can occur as feasible and in a cost effective manner; meeting schedules; use of faculty email lists and the requirements for approval for use and the need to carefully monitor the use of the distribution lists by academic units and not as a total mailing list – need to keep Chair and Secretary informed of the planned uses of the BlazerID listings

VI.              Past-Chair Smith recommended that the Senate purchase several copies of the book “Post-Tenure Faculty Review and Renewal-Experiences from the American Association for Higher Education to support the FAC activities related to periodic career review for post tenure faculty. Secretary Greenup will forward this ordering information to Stephanie Belcher.


NOTE: Ted, please insert here your recommendation for phrase that you think should be used to refer to periodic career review and to avoid using the phrase post-tenure review.




·        Chair Benditt requested a report from Past-Chair Smith and Secretary Greenup on the status of the Senate review of the Provost’s recommendations for changes to the Section 2.0 and Appendix A of the UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies.

I.                    Secretary Greenup reported that the Senate forwarded the recommendations for changes to the Provost and President in June of 2003 and the materials with recommended changes were forwarded to the Senate on April 26, 2004. The Provost indicated that Appendix B and C were still under review and that these two documents would be combined and after the final review would be forwarded to the Senate. At the May Senate meeting Chair Smith reported to the Senate that the documents had been received by the Senate and the decision by the Chair was to hold the Section 2 and Appendix A until Appendix B and C were received because all documents are interrelated and need to be addressed as a unit.

II.                Past Chair Smith and Secretary Greenup met on June 25, 2004 to review the changes made by Provost Capilouto to Section 2.0 and Appendix A. Past Chair Smith and Secretary Greenup recommended to the FSEC that (1) some of the Provost’s changes do require clarification and (2) there is a need to request a total redline document with all of the changes of the Provost’s version so that a comparison of the Senate version and the Provost’s version can more readily be reviewed by the Senators when these documents are returned to the Senate for “ A vote of concurrence or nonconcurrence with rational for nonconcurrence.”  Therefore is it recommended that the Past-Chair, Chair and Secretary meet with the Provost to obtain clarification on some of the Provost’s changes. This action is needed in order for the FSEC members to be prepared to respond to questions from Senators. A redline version with all of the changes made to the Senate version is to be requested from the Provost.

The FSEC approved a motion to “Hold the vote by the Senate on Section 2 and Appendix A until Appendix B and C are received and that a meeting with the Provost be held to seek clarification on some of the Provost’s changes and to request a total redline version with all changes in the Senate version.” Refer to the document Development of UAB-wide Policies” summary/algorithm presented to Faculty Senate at the September 2003 Senate meeting and attached to these FSEC minutes.


NOTE: This document will be scanned and an electronic version added to these minutes. Will ask Stephanie to scan and file as “Senate Policy Review Process”


·        Chair Benditt reviewed the names and topics of speakers for Senate meetings:

I.                    July – Dean Will Deal and David Hoidel

II.                 August – Virginia Gauld, Jim Garland and Jim James – review construction activities on Campus

III.               September – Interim Graduate School Dean Jim McClintock

IV.              Future topics suggestions include: Roger Marigson, Research Strategies (suggested speaker Dr. Fallon)- best practices, Research Activities in the Non-Health academic units. Other topics and speaker suggestions should be submitted to Chair Benditt.


·        Chair Benditt reported that he would communicate with Provost Capiliouto to clarify the process by which the Senate will be receiving reports from the University-wide committees.

·        Chair Benditt presented the request received concerning “Books for Baghdad” and two recommendations were made: (1) that the topic be added to the July Senate meeting agenda with the goal to seek volunteers to coordinate this activity for faculty and (2) that the Senate through the volunteers work collaboratively with the Student Government President to expand the opportunities for this activity on the UAB campus.

·        Chair Benditt reported that the FSEC should follow up on the metrics question addressed at the June 1, 2004 meeting with the President and Provost. This topic will be added to the agenda for the July 6, 2004 FSEC meeting with the President. The scorecard metrics for the strategic plan are posted at the UAB homepage for all of the goals. These metrics should be reviewed by the Senators and copies of these scorecards will be prepared as handouts for the July 13, 2004 Senate meeting.

·        Chair Benditt reported to the FSEC that the implementation process for the Senate Liaison activities will be forwarded to the Governance & Operations committee for definition of the process and presentation to the Senate no later than fall term. Governance and Operations will prepare a recommendation for actions needed to improve communications and to identify best practices in academic units that can enhance communications among Senators, constituents and between administrations and faculty within academic units.

·        Chair Benditt referred to the summary report of the Phase I issues/reports from the academic units. This summary report needs to be reviewed by the FSEC and any issues that are still pending need to be identified and referred to the appropriate Standing Committee. After this action, then a report to the Senate should be made to notify Senators of the status of the Phase I issues and follow up actions by the Senate. The June 30, 2004 summary of the Phase I status report is attached to these minutes.


III.  Agenda for July 6, 2004 FSEC Meeting with President Garrison

  Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Meeting With President Carol Garrison

Tuesday July 6, 2004

9-10:30 a.m. AB1070



  1. Processes to Address Appeals (Acting Provost memo of June 24, 2004)


  1. Diversity Training Sessions


  1. Metrics – Work environment – Status of percentage of classes taught


  1. IDEA – Fall President and Provost evaluations


NOTE: In the future when preparing the agenda for the FSEC meeting with President Garrison there should be an FYI section included if the Senate has forwarded/delivered via the Senate tracking process any official requests to the President/Provost. There have been no “Senate requests for actions” submitted to the President/Provost since May 27, 2004-request for President approval of Bylaws amendments from May Senate meeting. On June 15, 2004 Kris Doyle from the Provost’s office did request copies of the Deans evaluations completed in 2003 by the Faculty Senate. These paper copies of the reports were hand delivered by Stephanie Belcher on June 21, 2004.






IV. Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting – July 13, 2004


UAB Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda

July 13, 2004

Penthouse CR1 7:30-9:30 A. M.


  1. Call to Order


  1. Recognition of Visitors – Please Sign Attendance Roster


  1. Approval of Minutes – June 8, 2004 Meeting


  1. Chair Ted Benditt Report


  1. President Garrison Update


  1. Speaker – Presentations – Dean Will Deal and David Hoidel


  1. Senate Standing Committees


    1. Curriculum & Research – Senator Jeff Engler
    2. Faculty Affairs – Senator Gary Sapp
    3. Governance & Operations  - Senator Beverly Mulvihill
    4. Finance – Senator Warren Martin
    5. Faculty Policies and Procedures – FPPC


  1. New Business
    1. Books for Baghdad
    2. Senate Representatives to University-wide Committees Updates


      8.  Announcements

a.       Next Senate Meeting – August 10, 2004 – Penthouse CR1


b.      State of the University Address – President Garrison – September 14, 20043:30 p.m. – HUC Auditorium


c.       Diversity Awareness Education – requirement of all UAB employees to begin in August


d.      Faculty Senate now is the official host for the Faculty Resources web site – access via the Senate and the UAB.EDU main page – submit suggestions to Stephanie Belcher



V. Handouts – FSEC Meeting June 30, 2004


a.       Agenda for June 30, 2004 meeting

b.      Draft Minutes of the June 8, 2004 Senate meeting

c.       Phase I Reports Summary – Update June 30, 2004

d.      Memo from Provost Capilouto – June 24, 2004 concerning “Processes to Address Appeals”

e.       Letter from Dr. Kelly Gregg concerning Jacksonville State University Books for Baghdad project


VI. Action Items for June 30, 2004 FSEC meeting


a.       Secretary Greenup will forward book- ordering information to Stephanie Belcher.

b.      Secretary Greenup will forward the links for I.D.E.A. so that copies of the administrator evaluation process and sample can be distributed at the July 6, 2004 FSEC meeting.

c.       Chair Benditt will request a meeting with the Provost to discuss the Provost’s changes in Section 2 and Appendix A. Attendees to include Past- Chair Smith and Secretary Greenup.

d.      Chair Benditt will request a total redline version of Section 2 and Appendix A from Provost.

e.       Chair Benditt will request information from Provost concerning the process for the Senate to receive University-wide committee reports.

f.        The topic “books for Baghdad” is to be placed on the July 13 Senate meeting agenda.

g.       The topic “metrics – work environment” is to be placed on the agenda for the July 6, 2004 FSEC meeting with President Garrison.

h.       Copies of the University-wide scorecards are to be distributed to all Senators at the July 13, 2004 Faculty Senate meeting. Senators will be asked to review and give feedback.

i.         The Senate Liaison implementation process is assigned to the Governance & Operations Committee and the committee is requested to prepare this plan and discuss actions to identify best practices of communications within and across academic units to enhance shared governance and the flow of information among faculty and between faculty and administrators.

j.        The FSEC members are to review Phase I summary report – June 30, 2004 and submit any further actions needed to address these issues identified by academic units during July-October 2003.


Minutes prepared by Secretary Greenup – July 3, 2004