Minutes – FSEC Meeting – December 17, 2003


  1. Attendees: John Smith, Ted Benditt, John Wittig, Pam Murray, Mark Lockhart, Gary Sapp, Pat Greenup, Beverly Mulvihill, Mike Wyss, Linda Reed and Stephanie Belcher.
  2. Agenda for January 13, 2003 Senate meeting.

Discussion of items related to the agenda:

·        Chair Smith thanked the members of the FSEC for a great 7 months and looking forward to the January to June Senate term.

·        Economic Rules Committee – Faculty/Senate members will be Chair Smith, Mike Wyss, and Henry Panion. These meetings will occur in January and February and the goal/outcomes are not yet defined. The FSEC will receive information that is not declared restricted.

·        Higher Education Day – the Senate needs to take a more active role in encouraging faculty to participate on February 26, 2004.

·        Higher Education Partnership – Chair Smith will be recruiting medical school faculty and Dean McWilliams will be recruiting faculty from academic affairs units.

·        Mike Wyss suggested that the Chair of the Auburn faculty senate be invited to speak to the UAB Senate.


The draft agenda for the meeting was reviewed and finalized as follows:

      Faculty Senate Meeting- January 13, 2004

Hill University Center Great Hall A&B-7: 30-9:30 A.M.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Recognition of Visitors
  3. Approval of Minutes – December 9, 2003
  4. Chair Report
  5. Dr. Sadis Matalon – Vice President for Research

      6.   University of Alabama Faculty Senate – Dr. John O. Mason

  1. Senate Standing Committee Reports
    1. Curriculum & Research – Senator Murray
    2. Faculty Affairs – Senator Telfair
    3. Governance and Operations – Senator Mulvihill
    4. Finance – Senator Linda Reed
    5. Faculty Policies and Procedures – Past-Chair Tim Heaven
  2. Academic Unit Reports
    1. Natural Science and Math – Senator
    2. Nursing – Senator –
    3. Public Health – Senator
    4. Optometry – Senator
    5. Social and Behavioral Sciences – Senator
  3. Open Forum
  4. Announcements
    1. Next Senate Meeting – February 10, 2004  - HUC A&B
    2. Academic Unit Reports – Phase III Questions - February Senate Meeting – Joint Health Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Business, Dentistry, Education
    3. Higher Education Day – February 26, 2004 – Montgomery
    4. Faculty Senate Meeting – February – Mr. David Fine and Dean Will Deal; Lloyd Hillman, UAH Faculty Senate Chair; March 9, 2004 – Provost Capilouto
    5. Faculty Senate Meeting – April – Deedee Bruns, Director of Enrollment Management and Dr. James McClintock, Interim Dean of Graduate School as speakers.

     10.  Adjournment



  1. Agenda for FSEC Meeting with President Garrison – January 6, 2004.


The listing of topics on the Agenda for the December 17, 2003 FSEC was discussed. Chair Smith described the “format of the expanded agenda that is to be submitted to President Garrison and Provost Capilouto after the President approves the agenda for future FSEC meetings. This expanded format includes a narrative or “cliff notes” version to share background information about each agenda item. Chair Smith will prepare the expanded agenda for the President. This will not be distributed to the members of the FSEC to avoid restricting members’ discussion. The following draft agenda was outlined by the Secretary and reviewed by Chair Smith. Chair Smith will forward this agenda to President Garrison.

DRAFT – DRAFT- Submitted to President Garrison for Approval

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting

Agenda – January 6, 2003


  1. Appreciation to Provost Capilouto for Support of Faculty and Senator Involvement in the future Strategic Planning activities in academic units
  2. Fringe Benefits Committee Meetings (Timelines, Plans, and Faculty Involvement)
  3. Update on the Search Process for the Vice President of Medicine
  4. Planning Timeline for the developing a plan for the new building for Social & Behavioral Sciences
  5. Opportunities for Faculty Research Funding from UAB resources

6.   Economic Rules Committee (Purpose, Goals)

  1. Linkage of Economic Rules to Productivity Metrics/Strategic Plan
  2. Progress on University-wide Committees Reporting
  3. Best Practices from one school to another school (Senate will address)







  1. Topics Discussed – Summary of Discussion – Action


    1. Phase III questions – the December 6, 2003 draft was reviewed and suggestions for changes were made by Secretary Greenup and reviewed by Chair Smith. The revised listing of Phase III questions is:

       Phase III Questions – Academic Unit Reports to Faculty Senate

Faculty Governance Practices

  1. List the faculty governance-related standing committees in the academic unit.
  2. Which faculty group(s) in your academic unit formally reviews:

                  a.  Faculty Policies and Procedures

                  b.   Faculty Promotion and Tenure

c.       Financial Management of Your Academic Unit

d.   Curriculum & Teaching

e.   Research Development and Associated Costs

  1. Does the academic unit/school have a Faculty Handbook? Yes___No___
  2. Do departments in your academic unit/school have a faculty

handbook?  Yes___ No___

  1. What is the procedure for the formal faculty review of Policies and Procedures by your academic unit/school and departments?
  2. With what frequency does your academic unit committee review the academic unit’s faculty handbooks and policies?
  3. What is the role of your elected senators in the governance structure of your academic unit?
  4. What is the role of the faculty in the strategic planning process in the academic unit?
  5. Does a faculty group in the academic unit periodically review updated changes for the currently approved UAB Faculty Handbook and Policies posted at http://main.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=29493
  6. Does a faculty group in the academic unit periodically review the updated changes for the currently approved You & UAB Handbook posted at



    1. University – wide committees – Chair Smith reported that he and the Provost have discussed the plans for monitoring the activities of these committees. Provost Capilouto will review this topic at the January 6, 2003 FSEC meeting. Chair Smith reported that he has suggested the following data elements as important to the Senate: purpose, chair, membership, current activities/goals, who the chair reports to, when are reports submitted, and how is follow up tracked

Discussion of this item indicated that the Senate should also request the “charge” to each of the committees. Additionally, the Senate is concerned with the process by which the Senate will receive reports relevant to the duties described in the Senate bylaws.





    1. Curriculum & Research Committee recommendations will be discussed at the January 28, 2004 FSEC meeting. Chair Murray will prepare the recommendations to be distributed to the members of the FSEC prior to the January 28 meeting.


    1. IDEA Reports – Chair Smith indicated that the reports have been received for the deans. Chair Smith, Chair-elect Benditt, Secretary Greenup, and Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee Telfair will meet on December 22, 2003 to complete the review process and prepare the plan for distribution of information about process and the release of the reports to the deans, the President, Provost and then to the faculty in the appropriate academic units. Chair Smith reviewed with the FSEC the rationale for the review process by the Chair, chair-elect, secretary and chair of FAC.


    1. Attendance of Senate office associate at the FSEC meetings with the President. Chair Smith will discuss this with President Garrison.



  1. Informational Items


·        The Senate has received notification of the appointment of Senator Debra Laken to the Athletic Advisory Committee and the Academic Standards Subcommittee.

·        Phase III Reporting Dates for Academic Units – Revised Schedule

A.     February Senate meeting – JHS; AH; Bus; Dent; Edu

B.     March Senate meeting – Eng; HRP; LHL; Med; MSL

C.     April Senate meeting – NSM; Nursing; Opt; PH; SBS

D.     May Senate meeting – Phase I, II, and III status reports


        F.  Items Not Discussed – Items For January 28, 2004 FSEC meeting


·        Sick Leave Policy – what is to be the follow up for the discussion at the December 9, 2003 Senate meeting? Will this topic be addressed by the Finance Committee or referred to the FPPC?

·        Status of Phase I –academic unit concerns – which items are under review by the C&R, FAC, and Finance committees?

·        What is the approval process required for Senate to get permission for use of BlazerID email listing for faculty? Can the Finance Committee obtain the list to do a faculty survey related to health benefits?

·        Does the Senate plan to do any follow up related to Derrick Green’s report to the Senate on December 9, 2003?

·        What is to be the election process for “senators-at-large” in May? Will the FSEC propose a process or what action is needed prior to May? What are to be the duties of the senators at large?

·        Is the Senate concerned about the topic – “term limits for academic administrators?”

·        Linda Reed’s term as a senator is ending in May. Will the FSEC plan to ask Linda Reed to continue to serve as the senate representative to the Fringe Benefits Committee?

·        Topic of “tenure time out” was raised at the December 9, 2003 senate meeting. Does the FSEC wish to refer this topic to the FPPC? This was a suggestion by Dr. Scripa because the Section 2.0 of the Faculty Handbook does not currently address this topic.

·        Does the FSEC wish to recommend to the HRM director that the enrollment period for the flexible spending accounts be reopened for current subscribers in order to receive the newly approved benefits?



Minutes Prepared by Secretary Greenup, December 18, 2003