Minutes of FSEC Meeting – July 28, 2004

I. Attending: Ted Benditt, John Smith, Warren Martin, Beverly Mulvihill, Tim Kraft, Bill Ogard, Jeff Engler, Gary Sapp, Madelyn Coar (alternate for Mike Wyss-FPPC), Pat Greenup, Joseph Telfair, and Stephanie Belcher

II. Review of Expanded Minutes for July 13, 2004 Meeting

Chair Benditt will submit additional information concerning the Economic Rules materials for inclusion in the minutes.

III. DRAFT of Agenda for August 10, 2004 Faculty Senate Meeting
UAB Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda
August 10, 2004
Penthouse CR1 7:30-9:30 A. M.

1. Call to Order
2. Recognition of Visitors – Please Sign Attendance Roster
3. Approval of Minutes – July 13, 2004 Meeting
4. Chair Report
5. Presentation – Facilities Planning Update – Dr. Virginia Gauld; Jim James, James Garland, and Brooks Baker
6. Senate Standing Committees
a. Curriculum & Research – Senator Jeff Engler
b. Faculty Affairs – Senator Gary Sapp
c. Governance & Operations Senator Beverly Mulvihill
d. Finance – Senator Warren Martin
e. Faculty Policies and Procedures – Past-Chair Smith – Non-Smoking Policy

7. New Business
a. Faculty Senate Representatives to University-wide Committees

8. Open Forum
9. Announcements
a. Next Senate Meeting – September 14, 2004 – Hill University Center A&B
b. State of the University Address – President Garrison – September 14, 2004 – 3:30 p.m. – HUC Auditorium

IV. DRAFT Agenda for August 3, 2004 FSEC Meeting with President Garrison



1. Salary Plan 2004 – Dr. John Smith

2. Draft Proposal for IDEA administration of evaluations – President/Provost

3. List of Senate recommendations/requests – pending items with President/Provost

V. Chair’s Report and Discussion

a. Chair Benditt reported on the July 28 meeting of the Chair, Chair of C&R Jeff Engler, Past-Chair of C&R Pam Murray, President Garrison, Acting Provost Capilouto and John Lyons to discuss the Senate recommendations from the C&R committee. These recommendations addressed suggestions for metrics for the workplace environment. Chair Engler will submit a summary of this information to be included in the minutes.
b. Chair Benditt requested feedback from the FSEC concerning the search process for the Provost position. President Garrison had requested feedback as to the inclusion of an external national search along with an internal search process. The FSEC recommended that Chair Benditt respond to President Garrison that a national external search process be initiated.
c. Chair Benditt requested input on the topics for presentations at the September and October meeting. Current topics are teaching assistantships for graduate students and report to Senate on the peer-review processes of the IRB, IBC and the C.I.R.B.
d. Plans for the Standing Committees of the Senate: (a) Governance & Operations – Chair Beverly Mulvihill will discuss with Chair Benditt the recommendations for development and implementation of Senate Liaison activities to focus on Senator roles in the respective academic units. A September meeting is planned for the Governance & Operations Committee. (b) Faculty Affairs Chair Gary Sapp reported that he is collecting information about post-tenure review and wanted to know what resources are available for purchase of materials. Chair Sapp will identify the types of resources then the Chair will consider the budget for purchasing decisions. The Faculty Affairs Committee will be involved in the IDEA administration of the evaluation of the President and the Acting Provost during fall 2004. The specific actions by the members of the FAC will need to be defined. The Chair will be involved with the process assisting the Chair, Chair-elect, Secretary and the Office Associate. (c) Finance Committee Chair Warren Martin reported that the committee would be reviewing SUG salary averages. (d) FPPC – Chair Mike Wyss submitted a written request to the Senate for consideration of the FPPC approved version of the Non-Smoking Policy (this policy has been revised by administration and is moving through the UAB Policy Review Process for University-wide policies related to faculty (see process outline attached to these minutes). This policy has been placed on the August 10, 2004 Senate meeting for discussion.
e. Chair Benditt reported to the FSEC that no Senators had volunteered to coordinate the books for Baghdad project. The FSEC recommendations are for Chair Benditt to communicate with Director Stephens at the Sterne Library to determine if there is interest for the libraries to coordinate this activity. The second suggestion was to contact the President of the Student Government
f. Chair Benditt reported that the new student information system is being reviewed and requested if FSEC members are aware of potential problems or concerns about the system under review. The only concern presented related to faculty schedules to be included in the system. The question related to does this mean time in the classroom and/or time for office hours.
g. Secretary Greenup requested information about the “marketing” of the President’s Address scheduled for September 14, 2004. Chair Benditt will contact Kirsten Nelson to determine if Dale Turnbough will prepare an article for the Reporter. Stephanie Belcher will discuss with Chair Benditt the decision to send an announcement to all faculty members using the BlazerID as was done in 2003.
h. Secretary Greenup reported to the FSEC that a Status Report of all Requests to the President and Provost during 2003 to present was available in the materials distributed at this meeting. The Status Report identifies the requests that are still pending. This report will be on the agenda for the August 3, 2004 FSEC meeting with President Garrison. The current concern is for the Senate Bylaws amendments and the need for the President’s approval.
i. Secretary Greenup described the distributed proposal for the IDEA evaluation process for the President and Acting Provost for fall term. This proposal will be on the agenda for the August 3, 2004 FSEC meeting with President Garrison.

VI. FSEC Discussion of the Section 2.0 of the Faculty Handbook

a. Secretary Greenup indicated that the FSEC members were receiving a chronology that outlines all of the steps for the review of the Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B and C. Timeline for 2000 – current status.
b. Secretary Greenup submitted to the FSEC a copy of her review of the Senate and Provost versions of the Section 2.0 of the Faculty Handbook.
c. Discussions were initiated with the review of the Section 2.0.
d. Due to the time it was decided that the FSEC would need to call a special meeting to discuss the Section 2 document. Stephanie Belcher will poll the FSEC members to determine date. Due to the air conditioning constraints in the Senate office a room will be booked in the Ryals Building with Beverly Mulvihill assistance. NOTE: This meeting has been scheduled for August 4, 2004 in Ryals 234 for noon-2 pm.

VII. Handouts – FSEC Meeting – July 28, 2004

a. Agenda for the FSEC July 28, 2004 meeting
b. DRAFT Expanded minutes of the July 13, 2004 Senate meeting
c. DRAFT –As Recommended by FPPC July 23, 2004 the UAB
NonSmoking Policy for Senate review.
d. Senate Requests to Provost-President – Status of Request Responses May
2003-May 2004.
e. DRAFT – Faculty Senate Proposal for Administration of the IDEA
Feedback Survey for Fall 2004 – President and Acting Provost Review
f. Secretary Greenup’s Review of Provost’s Recommendations for Changes to the Senate Approved Recommendations for Section 2.0 that were Submitted to Provost on May 30, 2003.
g. Chronology of the FPPC, Senate and Provost review of Section 2.0 and Appendix A, B, and C from May 2000 to present.

VIII. Action Items for July 28, 2004 FSEC Meeting
a. Secretary Greenup and Stephanie Belcher draft the agenda for the August 3, 2004 meeting and submit to Chair Benditt.
b. Secretary Greenup will revise the agenda for the August 10, 2004 Senate meeting and submit to Chair Benditt for review and then to Stephanie Belcher for submission to the Reporter. The Reporter has changed the due time for items to be published. The deadline now is Monday at 10 am.
c. A called meeting of the FSEC will be scheduled to continue discussion on Section 2.0 of the Handbook.
d. Secretary Greenup will revise the IDEA proposal to address the suggestions/decisions by the FSEC. This will be prepared for the August 3, 2004 meeting. The letter to go to faculty currently without BlazerID will be drafted and reviewed by Chair Benditt. This letter must be sent out by August 10, 2004. This paper mailing to faculty without BlazerID is to encourage obtaining a BlazerID by August 30, 2004.
e. Secretary Greenup will communicate with Chair Benditt to determine the process for approval of the FSEC meeting minutes. Should we continue with only Chair and Chair-elect review before distribution and consider the minutes approved? Should the full FSEC members vote on the minutes before these minutes are posted on the Senate web page?
f. Secretary Greenup will communicate with Chair Benditt concerning the Provost’s quarterly report on grievances. This report needs to be shared with the Senate.
g. Stephanie Belcher will follow up on the “marketing” planned for the September 14, 2004 President’s State of the University address.

IX. Review of the Action Items from the June 30, 2004 FSEC meeting

a. The following items listed in the FSEC minutes (page 6, VI) – a and b, and f-i were completed. Items c and d are pending related to the FSEC review of the Section 2.0. Item j has not been addressed.
b. Chair Benditt addressed item e by communication with Acting Provost Capilouto and a memorandum/reminder was sent to the Vice-Presidents with over site for the specific University-wide committees. This memo encouraged the administrators to continue to keep the Senate informed of committee activities and to submit reports to the Senate.

X. Adjournment

Minutes prepared by Secretary Greenup – July 31, 2004