Minutes – FSEC Meeting – January 28, 2004


  1. Attendees: Tim Heaven, Joseph Telfair, Beverly Mulvihill, John Wittig, John Smith, Stephanie Belcher, Mike Wyss, Pam Murray, Mark Lockhart, Gary Sapp, Ted Benditt, Pat Greenup

B.     Agenda for February 3, 2004 FSEC Meeting with President Garrison


Discussion during the meeting lead to this draft of the topics for possible discussion with the President on February 3, 2004:


  1. Diversity Training


  1. Faculty Development Program


  1. S.A.C.S Accreditation


  1. University Wide Committees


  1. Administrator Performance Evaluation


  1. Faculty involvement in Strategic Plan – In academic units


  1. Curriculum and Research recommendations concerning Strategic Plan


8.   Mechanism for recognition of faculty


9.   Elections Process – For information purposes


C.     Draft Agenda for February 10, 2004 Faculty Senate Meeting


       DRAFT AGENDA – 1-31-04 -Faculty Senate Meeting

February 10, 2004

Hill University Center Room-412-413 7:30-9:30 A. M.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Recognition of Visitors
  3. Approval of Minutes – January 13, 2004 Meeting
  4. Chair Report
  5. Presentations
    1. Ms. DeeDee Bruns, Director of Enrollment Management
    2. Dr. Sadis Matalon – Conclusions of IRB Report – Costs of Operating the UAB Research Office activities
  6. Faculty Senate Elections Process – Nominees Needed/Academic Unit – Secretary Greenup, Chair of Elections Committee
  7. Senate Standing Committee Reports
    1. Curriculum & Research – Senator Murray


    1. Faculty Affairs – Senator Telfair
    2. Governance & Operations – Senator Mulvihill
    3. Finance – Senator Linda Reed
  1. Academic Unit Reports

a. Phase I Reports – Update on Follow Up – Secretary Greenup

b. Phase III – Faculty Governance Reports

(1)   Joint Health Sciences – Senator

(2)   Arts & Humanities – Senator

(3)   Business – Senator

(4)   Dentistry – Senator

                         (5) Education – Senator

      9.    Open Forum

      10.  Announcements

a.       Board of Trustees Meeting – February 5-6, 2004 Chair Smith presentation

b.      Next Senate Meeting – March 9, 2004

c.       Academic Unit Reports – Phase III – Engineering, Health Related Professions, Lister Hill Library, Medicine, Sterne Library

d.      Faculty Senate Meeting – March 9, 2004 – President Garrison; Provost Capilouto and Patricia Raczynski

e.       Faculty Senate Meeting – April 2004 – Mr. David Fine and Dean Will Deal

f.        Faculty Senate Meeting – May 11, 2004 – Chair Smith – Year in Review and Academic Unit reports update and Elections Process for Senators at Large to Serve on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee 2004-05


D.    Discussion of Topics and Follow Up Actions


    1. Chair Smith presented the information about the Diversity Training module and that the Faculty Senate has been requested to serve as reviewers of the current version of materials. The dates of March 17 and 19 have been scheduled as times for Senate volunteers to assist with the evaluation of the current version of the training materials. Chair Smith will distribute forthcoming information and this topic will be discussed with President Garrison on February 3, 2004.
    2. The status of Faculty Development Programs was reviewed and this topic will be on the agenda February 3, 2004.
    3. The status of the Ullman building replacement was briefly discussed. The decision was not to address this topic further until the President shared information related to the planning for the new building.
    4. The Board of Trustees meeting will be held on February 5 and 6, 2004. Chair Smith encouraged FSEC members to attend if possible for the Thursday afternoon and Friday morning sessions.
    5. The SACS Accreditation Process

Chair Smith reported that the work of many of the audit teams is progressing on or ahead of schedule. The Curriculum & Research Committee has been requested to review the issues related to “test for competencies as related to the core curriculum.” The C&R and Chair Pam Murray will be working with Dr. Corliss to move this topic along the path of the needs for the accreditation process.

    1. Programs Eliminated at UAB – Handout at the January 13, 2004 Senate meeting. This document was distributed FYI that programs do come and go. This document was distributed at the APC initially with no specific directives other than awareness that programs should always be aware that ongoing evaluation and assessment are part of the norm for the operations of the University. Discussion about the role of the Senate in the review of programs to be terminated occurred but the decision was to not take any action until a “potential problem was apparent to the Senate.”
    2. University-wide Committees status were discussed and this item is on the agenda for the February 3, 2004 meeting with President Garrison.
    3. The status of progress by the Senate Standing Committees to review the issues presented by academic units in the Phase I reports was discussed and this topic is before the FAC, Finance and C&R with reports to be presented to the FSEC in the future. The Chair and Secretary will work with the Chairs of the Standing Committees to prepare recommendations that are to be presented to the Senate. The FSEC must follow this carefully to assure that cynicism does not emerge based on lack of follow up by the FSEC and the Senate.
    4. The response rates for the IDEA Dean evaluations draft report was presented by FAC Chair Telfair. This report will be revised and distributed at the February 10, 2004 meeting.
    5. The elections process status was reviewed. All testing by FSEC and Governance & Operations Committee members has been productive and the feedback will be used to make revisions in the process. All electronic materials must be ready to distribute by March 1, 2004. This target date seems feasible.
    6. The topic of “tenure time out” was initially presented at the December Senate meeting during the Open Forum. The Secretary recommended that the FSEC officially forward a request to the FPPC for review and recommendations to revisions in Section 2.0 of the Faculty Handbook. The FSEC agreed with this recommendation Secretary Greenup will draft a letter and submit to Chair Smith.
    7. Chair Smith reported that he met with CIRB Chair Hook and Leslie Early concerning the revision of the Conflicts of Interest Policy and the role of the Senate in this process. The Senate will refer the proposed revisions to the FPPC when received. There was discussion about the links between the FPPC and the Senate and the Secretary recommended that this topic be held open until the Bylaws revisions are presented to the FSEC within the next month.
    8. The role of faculty in the Strategic Planning process at the level of the academic units was discussed and this is a topic for February 3, 2004.
    9. Chair Pam Murray presented a report from the C&R committee. The recommendations related to the Strategic Plan will be presented to the FSEC with President Garrison on February 3, 2004.


E.     Action Items From this Meeting


    1. The Secretary and Office Associate will prepare the Draft Agenda for February 3, 2004 and send to Chair Smith.
    2. The Secretary will revise the Draft Agenda for the February 10, 2004 Senate meeting and forward to Chair Smith.
    3. Secretary Greenup will present a brief summary of the status of Phase I issues for the February 10, 2004 Senate meeting.
    4. Secretary Greenup will present a status report for the implementation of the electronic voting process for Senate elections at the February 10, 2004 meeting.
    5. Secretary Greenup will draft a letter for Chair Smith pertaining to the request for the FPPC to review the issue of “tenure time out” and possible recommendations to be forwarded to the Senate.
    6. Pam Murray, Chair of the C&R will continue to work with Dr. Corliss concerning the accreditation requirements for evaluation of competencies of students as related to the core curriculum.
    7. Chair Smith will distribute information about the Diversity Training plans.
    8. Stephanie Belcher will work with the Secretary to send a nominee reminder to all Faculty members in the units that have not submitted nominations.
    9. Stephanie Belcher will place an ad in the Reporter to remind faculty members that nominations are due February 20, 2004.


F.      Topics Not Discussed and Possible Topics for the February FSEC meeting


    1. Review and update of all job descriptions for officers, senators, FPPC members and chairs of standing committees. The secretary needs assistance to complete this task.
    2. Linda Reed and the follow up concerning the Sick Leave Policy.
    3. Status of in-house research funding opportunities for faculty.
    4. Senior-Lead Senator duties need to be defined.
    5. What is the current UAB organizational chart?
    6. The elections process and job description for senators at large who serve on the FSEC.


G.    Handouts Distributed


    1. Agenda for February 28, 2004 FSEC meeting.
    2. Draft Agenda for February 10, 2004 Senate meeting.
    3. Report on the Elections Process for 2004.
    4. Draft of the Expanded Minutes of the January 13, 2004 Faculty Senate Meeting.
    5. Response Rate – Draft Report – UAB Administrator Reviews 2003.



Minutes Prepared by Secretary Greenup, January 31, 2004.