FSEC Meeting – November 25, 2003



  1. Attending: John Smith, Ted Benditt, Pat Greenup, Joesph Telfair, Tim Heaven, Gary Sapp, Mike Wyss, Linda Reed, John Wittig, Pam Murray
  2. Reviewing Agenda for December 9, 2003 Faculty Senate meeting


       Faculty Senate Meeting- December 9, 2003

Hill University Center Great Hall A&B-7: 30-9:30 A.M.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Recognition of Visitors
  3. Approval of Minutes – November 11,2003
  4. Chair Report
  5. President Carol Garrison, Updates and Q&A

      6.   Derrick Green, President, UAB Student Government Association

  1. Senate Standing Committee Reports
    1. Curriculum & Research – Senator Murray
    2. Faculty Affairs – Senator Telfair
    3. Governance and Operations – Senator Mulvihill
    4. Finance – Senator Linda Reed
  2. Academic Unit Reports
    1. Health Related Professions – Senator Bill Ogard
    2. Lister Hill Library – Senator Martha Verchot
    3. Medicine – Senator Peter Anderson
    4. Mervyn Sterne Library  - Senator Heather Martin
    5. Joint Health Sciences – Senator Louis Justement
  3. Open Forum
  4. Announcements
    1. Next Senate Meeting – January 13, 2004  - HUC A&B
    2. Academic Unit Reports – January Senate Meeting – Natural Science & Math; Nursing, Optometry, Public Health, Social & Behavioral Sciences
    3. Elections Process
    4. Higher Education Day – February 26, 2004 – Montgomery
    5. Faculty Senate Meeting – March – Vice President Sadis Matalon
    6. Faculty Senate Meeting – February – Mr. David Fine and Dean Will Deal
    7. Faculty Senate Meeting – March – Provost Capilouto


     10.  Adjournment







  1. Agenda for December 3, 2003 FSEC with President and Provost meeting


DRAFT- Agenda Items

Faculty Senate Meeting with President Garrison

December 3, 2003

9:00 – 10:30 A.M.

  1. Recreation fees – follow up
  2. Salary plan
  3. Budget Outlook for 2004 –2005
  4. Strategic Planning Process – Planned meetings and the role of senators & faculty at the academic unit level
  5. University-wide committees
  6. Faculty Senate use of Blazer ID faculty listings for Senate-related activities
  7. Faculty Senate Web site – informational item
  8. Faculty Senate – new correspondence routing process – informational item


  1. Items Discussed


    1. Recommendation for faculty member to serve on search committee for HR director position. Chair Smith will contact Bettye Wilson, SHRP to determine if willing and able to serve on this search committee.
    2. Chair Smith will contact Dr. Garrison to determine if it is acceptable for the Senate Office Assistant to attend the FSEC with the President meetings.
    3. For future FSEC meetings, Stephanie Belcher will attend the meetings to assist with recording of minutes and follow up actions needed and to be better informed about issues and topics before the Senate.
    4. Chair Smith reported that he and Pat Greenup met with Dr. Scripa to discuss the process for recommendation of promotion for Senate Office Assistant I to Office Assistant II. Dr. Scripa will talk with Provost Capilouto.
    5. Senate elections process in February and March will be done by electronic process. Secretary Greenup and Stephanie Belcher will move forward to develop a process that assures faculty privacy and confidentiality in their voting designations. A report will be given to FSEC and senators as soon as a process is developed and to identify any barriers if such exist.
    6. Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics – COIA – Chair Smith’s decision is that this topic does not need to be addressed at this time.
    7. The status of the appointment of Senator Debra Laken to the Athletics Advisory committee is pending.
    8. Chair Smith reported that Provost Capilouto would present information about the Provost’s line item in the UAB budget at the March 9 senate meeting.
    9. University-wide committees – Stephanie Belcher will call specific committees on the listed of University-wide committees to learn the current status of activity, when the next meeting is scheduled and who is the current chair of each identified committee. This information will be discussed at the FSEC meeting with the President and Provost at the December 3, 2003 meeting. The FSEC is continuing the process to identify current information to support updating the Senate Bylaws and to accomplish the goal proposed at the September 4, 2003 FSEC meeting with President Garrison and Provost Capilouto to “ optimize a reporting structure for the committees” of interest to the Faculty Senate.
    10. The FSEC minutes will be reviewed by Chair Smith and Chair-Elect Benditt and then posted on the Senate web site. Senators will be notified that the FSEC minutes are posted within a week after the FSEC meetings.
    11. Secretary Greenup reported that in the future the Summary Minutes forwarded to the UAB Reporter within 48 hours following a Senate meeting would have DRAFT Summary Minutes for the title.
    12. Chair Smith reported that Provost Capilouto would present at the March Senate meeting.
    13. Chair Smith reported that John Mason, the Tuscaloosa Campus Faculty Senate Chair would speak to the Senate at the January 2004 meeting.
    14. Chair Smith reported that Lloyd Hillman, the UAH Faculty Senate Chair would speak to the Senate at the February 2004 meeting.
    15. Status of Recommendations forwarded by Faculty Senate to Provost Capilouto:

·        President Garrison has forwarded “Approval” for the recommendation concerning Archival of the Handbook process. This recommendation was approved on November 14, 2003.

·        The Section 2.0 and Appendices A, B and C are still under review by the Subcommittee appointed by Provost Capilouto.

·        The Senate recommendation concerning the faculty resources icon has been made moot by the implementation of the new icon on the UAB homepage.

·        The two recommendations concerning a timeline and template for academic unit handbooks to be brought into compliance with the revised Section 2 and Appendices A, B, and C is pending until the final decisions are made for the proposed revisions.

·        Policy Review Guideline – It is the understanding of Secretary Greenup that the recommended policy review guideline has been implemented. The Senate has not received a written response to the notification.


    1. Phase I reports – Chair Smith will review the summary document (attached to the minutes) and determine which issues are to be assigned to the Senate standing committees for further discussion and possible recommendations to be submitted to the Senate.
    2. Phase III questions – The attached draft was discussed and suggestions submitted for revisions. Secretary Greenup will revise the proposed questions and forward to Chair Smith, Chair-elect Benditt, Joseph Telfair and Mike Wyss for further review and refinement. These questions must be ready for distribution to Senators at the January 2004 meeting so as to begin the Phase III reports at the February meeting.
    3. Phase II reports form academic units will be summarized and presented to the FSEC when all units have completed their reports to the Senate. This summary of information will be used to support a Senate goal identified at the July 1, 2003 FSEC meeting with President Garrison and Provost Capilouto to support an annual evaluation system for all faculty across all academic units.
    4. Addendum Report from Chair Smith concerning IDEA reporting to Deans


 Dr. Smith summarized the Faculty Senate’s current performance survey of Deans and Library Directors for all academic units, except Joint Health Sciences, School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, and Natural Sciences and Mathematics.  He indicated that the Faculty Senate has conducted administrative surveys previously.  These paper based surveys were problematic because of low response rates and considerable time expended to assemble a complete faculty list, mail the surveys, summarize the results, and distribute the findings.  An electronic means of survey was chosen, and the Individual Development and Educational Assessment (IDEA) Center at Kansas State University was chosen as the coordinating agency.  President Garrision sent a letter to each member of the faculties engaged in the survey of their Deans and Library Directors stating the purpose of the survey and encouraging faculty participation.  A survey was distributed by IDEA to each faculty member on October 18, and the surveys were to be completed by November 15.  These surveys are aggregated and summarized by IDEA. 
The summaries will be returned to the Faculty Senate by mid-December.  Each summary will be reviewed by the Faculty Senate Chair, Chair-Elect, and Secretary, as well as the Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee.  This review assures that there are no breeches of faculty confidentiality and no reporting ambiguities.  The surveys will then be sent by IDEA to each Dean and Library Director for their review.  Any reporting problems detected must be reported to the Chair of the UAB Faculty Senate within two weeks.  Following this time, the survey results will be distributed by IDEA to the faculty members of the various academic units.  At that time, the materials will be also sent to the Provost and the President.


Secretary Greenup prepared these minutes November 26, 2003.