FSEC Minutes – October 29, 2003 Meeting


  1. Call to Order by Chair John Smith at 12:10 pm. A quorum was present.
  2. Attendees: John Smith, Ted Benditt, Tim Heaven, Mark Lockhart, Linda Reed, Beverly Mulvihill, John Wittig, Pam Murray, Gary Sapp, Mike Wyss, Pat Greenup
  3. Setting Agenda for November 11, 2003 Faculty Senate Meeting


    Faculty Senate Meeting

November 11, 2003

Hill University Center Great Hall A&B

7:30-9:30 A.M.


  1. Call to Order


  1. Recognition of Visitors


  1. Approval of Minutes – October 14,2003


  1. Chair Report


  1. UAB Budgeting Process – Dr. Capilouto and Richard Margison


  1. Senate Standing Committee Reports
    1. Curriculum & Research – Senator Murray
    2. Faculty Affairs – Senator Telfair – Request Senators to Evaluate IDEA Process
    3. Faculty Policies and Procedures – Past-Chair Heaven
    4. Governance and Operations – Senator Mulvihill
  2. Academic Unit Reports
    1. Arts & Humanities -
    2. Business -
    3. Dentistry -
    4. Education -
    5. Engineering -
    6. Joint Health Sciences -
  3. Open Forum


  1. Announcements
    1. Next Senate Meeting – December 9, 2003
    2. Academic Unit Reports – December Senate Meeting – Health Related Professions; Lister Hill Library; Medicine; Mervyn Sterne Library
    3. Elections Process – Letters-Nominations Process


     10.  Adjournment


Action Items Related to Setting the November 11, 2003 meeting agenda:

·        Secretary Greenup – request written and electronic reports from Chairs of Standing Committees; request annual report for committee activities to be submitted in May; these files are needed for the Senate Archives

·        The Senate standing rules will be copied and distributed on November 11.

·        Secretary Greenup will send a memo to FAC Chair Joseph Telfair to request that a process be implemented to evaluate the IDEA process and to determine if the items on the evaluation were appropriate or what was missing



  1. Setting the Agenda for the November 4, 2003 FSEC Meeting with President Garrison


Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Meeting with President Garrison

November 4, 2003

Agenda Items


  1. Update on Budget
    1. Faculty and Staff Salary Plan
    2. All funds budget presentation – how funds are allocated in School of Medicine
    3. To what extent are state dollars used for physical facilities in comparison with salaries and benefits for faculty and staff?


  1. Dean Evaluation Process
    1. How to assure faculty that UAB technical support personnel will not give access to any Deans for any of the information faculty members might include in the response to the I.D.E.A. forms?
    2. How to respond to the trust issue so that faculty will participate with the evaluation process?


  1. Recreation Center fees and projected rates for faculty and staff


  1. University-wide Committees
    1. Chair of committees
    2. Membership of committees
    3. Committee activities


  1. Status of linkage of the strategic plans for academic units with the UAB Strategic Plan


  1. Interaction of the Senate with the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs


  1. Faculty Senate Constitution – Article V. Purposes and Powers of the Senate
    1. “Providing advice about new or revised degree programs, academic requirements for degrees, or admission policies”
    2. What is the current process for review of these activities?


  1. Follow up – FSEC – October 7, 2003 – Faculty Senate Review Subcommittee for periodic review of faculty- subcommittee formation planning


     Topics discussed but not placed on the agenda for November 4, 2003 meeting:


·        Sick Leave Policy – Linda Reed will communicate with Susan McWilliams and obtain clarification of the Senate request denial.

·        Enrollment Management Plan – the goal is to increase the quality of new students and the number of new graduate students; the concern is the goal to increase scholarships and the question is what will be the source of these required funds. The Curriculum & Research Committee will continue to review these issues.

·        Research and scholarship indicators for strategic plan – this is currently under review by the Curriculum & Research Committee


E.  Action Items


1.      Request Stephanie to order the HUC A&B rooms to be arranged for November 11 meeting with aisle on both sides and that fewer tables be in the room. This is to encourage senators to sit closer to front and to allow easier flow of traffic in the room during the meeting.

2.      Request a follow up on the appointment of Debra Laken to the Athletics Advisory Committee.

3.      Stephanie Belcher – poll the FSEC to determine if November 24 or 25 is a better date than November 26 for next FSEC.

4.      Stephanie Belcher – poll the FSEC to obtain comments about support or non-support for moving the Senate elections process including balloting to an electronic process rather than paper ballot. Need info before November 11.

5.      Stephanie Belcher and Pat Greenup will review and the senate web page and will bring proposals for changes to the FSEC.

6.      Stephanie Belcher will post the officer duties on the senate web page just below the current officers names/position. To be posted by November 6.

7.      Stephanie Belcher and Pat Greenup will prepare the section of the October 14 senate meeting minutes for forwarding to Chair of Curriculum & Research. The sections including the reference to possible recommendations by the Senate will be highlighted for Chair Murray. If the current membership of the committee does not have senators involved with the types of research that are associated with the CIRB issues then the Chair of the Senate may need to appoint faculty to an Ad Hoc group of the C&R to address the issues of concern.

8.      Stephanie Belcher and Pat Greenup will review the Senate minutes from July through October and cut and paste the Academic Unit reports to a new file. This information will be reviewed by Pat Greenup to attempt to prepare a draft of assignment of the identified issues to the appropriate Senate committee for additional review. This will be prepared for the November FSEC.

9.      Stephanie Belcher will contact Derrick Green to invite as a speaker for the December Senate meeting.


  1. Items Not Discussed – Need to be on November FSEC Agenda
    1. FSEC needs to discuss the fate of the administrator evaluation files in the Senate office.
    2. What will be required of Academic Units for Phase III Reports?

Possible topics/questions:

·        Faculty governance practices in academic units

·        Evaluation feedback on the Dean evaluation process

·        What is the role of Senate at the academic unit level?

    1. Should the FSEC approve the Senate minutes before sent to senators?
    2. Should the FSEC minutes be sent to senators or posted on web site?
    3. Should Senate Office Associate attend the FSEC/President meetings?


  1. Items Pending Response from Senate Recommendations Forwarded to Provost


    1. Faculty Handbook – Section 2, Appendix A, B and C
    2. Faculty Handbook – Timeline and template for academic units to revise unit handbooks
    3. Policy Review Guideline revision and review process
    4. Faculty Resources icon on UAB homepage
    5. Faculty Handbook – archives process



Minutes Prepared by Pat Greenup, Secretary of Senate/Faculty