Minutes of FSEC Meeting – May 26, 2004


I.                    Attending: Ted Benditt, Tim Heaven, Mark Lockhart, Joseph Telfair, Beverly Mulvihill, Pat Greenup, Pete Anderson, Mike Wyss, Linda Reed, and Stephanie Belcher.

II.                 Organization of the New Senate for 2004-2005 term


Chair-Elect Ted Benditt announced the following:

·        Beverly Mulvihill will continue as Chair of the Governance & Operations Committee

·        Joseph Telfair will serve as the Parliamentarian

·        Linda Reed will continue to serve as the Senate representative to the UAB Fringe Benefits Committee

·        The Chairs for the Faculty Affairs, Curriculum & Research, and Finance are not yet confirmed. Possible Senators will be called and asked to consider serving in one of these roles. These Chairs will be identified by the June 8 meeting.

·        Ted Benditt is the Senate representative to the QEP working group.


III.               Unfinished Business Before the FSEC/Senate


·        Status of Phase I follow up by the Senate’s Standing Committees – Chair-elect Benditt requested the Chairs of the Standing Committees to submit a bullet points listing of work that is yet to be completed and/or the submission of recommendations to the Senate

·        Phase II – the two summary reports will be assigned to the Faculty Affairs Committee for further study during the coming months

·        Identification of duties for Senior Senator – The FSEC reviewed the description developed at the April FSEC meeting and decided to change the title to Senate Liaison for Academic Unit. This description of the Senate Liaison and duties will appear in Appendix C of the Bylaws along with the job descriptions for other Senator related positions. The job description now reads as follows:


Senate Liaison for Academic Unit


                   At the June meeting of the Senate, the representatives for each academic unit

                   will be asked to identify a Senate Liaison (a Senator or Alternate Senator who

                   should have experience with the Senate) to serve his/her unit and the Senate

                   in the following ways:


A.     Serve as point of contact for the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC) in communications with representatives from each academic unit.

B.     Serve as point of contact with the Dean of the academic unit to support collaboration, shared governance and any activities of the Senate that require input from a Dean. This activity is intended to encourage the Senators to meet periodically with their Dean to discuss issues relevant to the Faculty in the specific unit and especially any issues or topics that may be relevant to Faculty in any academic units as represented by the Faculty Senate.

C.     Serve as the point of contact for the Senate Elections Process and the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee (FPPC) representative for soliciting nominations for Senators for the unit, FPPC representatives, and Chair-elect and Secretary positions.

D.     Serve as the point of contact for communications with the Faculty in his/her academic unit to solicit information requested by the Senate and/or to distribute Senate information to the Faculty in the academic unit.



·        Review of the You & UAB Handbook – Secretary Greenup and Chair of Faculty Affairs Committee Joseph Telfair reviewed the document and submitted comments by the due date. The time period for review was less than 3 weeks so that individual reviews were submitted. This topic requires no further action by the FSEC or Senate at this time.


IV.              The draft agenda for the June 8, 2004 Faculty Senate meeting was reviewed and revised as follows:



UAB Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda

June 8, 2004

Penthouse CR1 7:30-9:30 A. M.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Recognition of Visitors – Please Sign Attendance Roster
  3. Approval of Minutes – May 11, 2004 Meeting
  4. Introduction of In-coming Chair Ted Benditt – Past-Chair John Smith
  5. Election of Senators-at-Large – Call for Nominations from Floor – Add to Ballot
  6. President Garrison – Update (June 1, 2004 – this item deleted)
  7. Senate Standing Committees – Membership and Chair appointments
    1. Curriculum & Research
    2. Faculty Affairs
    3. Governance & Operations
    4. Finance
    5. Faculty Policies and Procedures – FPPC
  8. New Business
    1. Senate Liaison
    2. Appendix A-F for Senate Bylaws – Location on Senate Web Page
    3. Suggestions for Presentations During Senate Year


      10.  Announcements

a.       Next Senate Meeting – July 13, 2004 – Penthouse CR1

b.      Orientation of Chairs of Standing Committees – Chair Benditt


V.                 Possible Topics for Presentations During the 2004-05 Senate Term


1.      SACS report – summary of audit process

2.      Research panel – share best practices

3.      Establish list of speakers who would give periodic updates such as President, Provost, Chancellor, Legislative views on Higher Education

4.      Health Savings Accounts

5.      Fringe Benefits Committee – consider expansion of role of faculty

6.      Dean Jim McClintock – Graduate fellowships, assistantships, teaching assistants


                  Topics will be solicited from Senators at the June 8 meeting.


VI.              Draft Agenda for June 1, 2004 FSEC Meeting with President Garrison




Administration Building 1070

Tuesday, June 1, 2004









  1. Economic Rules Committee


  1. University –Wide Committee – Openness of Committee Processes – Request Identification of Committees that are not subject to Sunshine Laws


  1. Research Plan – Definition of Action Plan and University Response to OHRP and the process for selection of VP for Research to fill position when Dr. Matalon steps down from the position


  1. Definition of Appeal Process for CIRB/IRB/IACUC activities – request for clarification of the formal appeal process and the ramifications of process to investigators


  1. Bell-Wallace building plans


  1. UAB Scorecard Metrics


  1. State of the University Address by President – Setting a Date


  1. Follow Up for Dean Evaluations – Feedback Levels


  1. FYI – Plans for Designation of Senate Liaison for Senators with Faculty in Academic Unit



VII.            Items for Future Discussion by FSEC


·        Encourage the use of administrator evaluations at the academic unit levels to be administered by the faculty in the units

·        Encourage evaluations of administrators who are may not have academic administrator titles in future meetings with President and Provost

·        Section 2 and Appendix A – UAB Faculty Handbook – FSEC is awaiting the receipt of the revised Appendix B and C or BC combined before taking action on Section 2 and Appendix A

·        Phase IV Survey – Communications and Best Practices – this topic will be addressed later to allow time to determine if the designation of a Senate Liaison for each of the academic units improves communications within the Senate and within each of the academic units at the faculty level. This tactic does not address the concerns for the need to improve communications from Deans and Chairs to Faculty members.





VIII.         Handouts – FSEC Meeting May 26, 2004


1.      Agenda for May 26 meeting of FSEC

2.      Minutes of May 11, 2004 Senate meeting

3.      Appendix C – duties of Senator positions within Senate


IX.              Minutes Prepared by Secretary Greenup – May 27, 2004